Top 10 Cannabis Beverages On The Market Right Now

Cannabis and its products have spread like wildfire worldwide from day one of their introduction. Products like CBD oil and hemp-based vapes have been around for quite a while now. On the contrary, marijuana beverages have recently gained prevalence.

Cannabis beverages come in all sorts and sizes. We can get our daily dose of cannabis from several instant drinks, from cannabis-based soda to cannabis-induced instant coffee. The possibilities have no boundaries.

As cannabis enthusiasts, people want to dive into the vast ocean of cannabis-infused beverages. However, they must be careful in choosing the right cannabis beverage.

So, to get you out of this misery, we have prepared a detailed list of the top ten products you can buy in 2021.

But before jumping onto the list, let’s analyze the rapidly growing predominance and acceptance of cannabis products, especially cannabis beverages.

Cannabis-Infused Beverages The New Sensation

On 2nd April the past year, Headset released a report that the sales of cannabis beverages increased by fourteen percent. Because they only accounted for one percent of sales earlier, 14 is a long hop.

A significant reason for this popularity has been the coronavirus. Since the advent of the pandemic, people have become more conscious of using any smoking devices.

Therefore, to get their daily dose of cannabis, they prefer edibles and marijuana beverages over vapes and joints.

Besides, an edible refers to both food and drink. However, we specifically refer to a drink as liquid edibles/drink edibles when it comes to cannabis-based products. But, are CBD drink effects that different from smoking? Here’s all you need to know about the new sensation.

10 Best Cannabis Beverages Available In 2021

Whenever any product’s sales begin to skyrocket, the market fills with fakes and low-quality products that claim to be the best. Hence there is a big chance that you might select a beverage that is below par.

So, to make things easier for you, we have devised a list of the best-tasting cannabis beverages that you can buy online in 2021. Here it goes.

1. Dixie Elixirs

Dixie is a name that is accompanied by quality and accuracy. The production facilities are state-of-the-art with high-end equipment. Experts test every batch via three lab tests to ensure that every product is top-notch.

Marijuana beverages come in many different flavors. However, the most popular ones are Berry Lemonade and Cherry Limeade. The taste is robust and fruity, with a slight herbal note.

A National Association of Cannabis Businesses produces these cannabis-infused beverages. Hence we can expect drinks of the highest quality.

2. Matt’s High Soda

This cannabis beverage is perhaps the most potent one available in the market. It contains a whopping 100mg of THC per bottle. Therefore, if you are looking for the strongest effects, this drink is perfect for you.

The fan-favorite flavor is the iced tea lemonade. It has a fresh, natural taste with a zing from the lemons. Besides, the company produces only a limited amount of this drink. Hence get it before it runs out.

3. Mad Lily Spritzers

Mad Lily Spritzers come in the most attractive packaging, with the most flavorful drink inside. All the flavor combinations, including ginger pear and raspberry hibiscus, are made from one hundred percent natural fruit juices.

Ultimately, the drink has an irresistible fruity taste. Furthermore, it has equal amounts of THC and CBD(5mg each) that make it optimum for newbies interested in trying marijuana beverages for the first time.

Hence, if you want to try these cannabis-infused beverages, head over to the website and order it now.

4. Dro Drink – CBD Beverage

Dro Drink is a CBD-based drink with a bold, refreshing taste. It has smooth THC levels that are flattering for everyone who enjoys the recreational and social use of marijuana. All variants of the beverage are vegan, made from all-natural elements only.

Moreover, this marijuana beverage has no preservatives. Hence we should keep it refrigerated, or it will go rancid. Besides, it provides a healthy therapeutic experience due to induced cannabis, which is preferred by medicinal marijuana users worldwide.

5. Canna Cola

Canna Cola is a prominent name associated with cannabis-infused beverages, and it has been around for a long time. It comes in a wide variety of flavor combinations. From classic cola to orange kush to sour diesel, every person can find his/her favorite flavor.

Medicinal marijuana users purchase these carbonated marijuana beverages as a straightforward alternative to take their daily dose of cannabis.

Does Canna Cola get you high? Yes, all marijuana beverages with THC generate a high effect. However, this effect is controlled as perfect quantities of cannabis are infused in the drinks.

6. Nectar – Sparkling Water

If you are looking for a beverage with zero calories and zero calories, this cannabis beverage is perfect. The Nectar sparkling water comes in a classic lemon-lime flavor with a refreshing citrusy kick.

Each bottle contains 10mg of THC. The low dose is perfect for daily use. Besides, one can also use it to get his/her regular medicinal marijuana dose. The low-dose sparkling is best-suited for newcomers because of the same reason.

7. Artet Drink – Aperitif

Artet cannabis aperitif is one of the most popular non-alcoholic marijuana beverages with a cocktail vibe. The blend features a premium blend consisting of seven different varieties of cannabis.

It has a flavor profile that gives a fresh, herbal, and floral feel that adds to the experience. Each Artet bottle hosts fifteen servings, each containing 37.5mg CBD and 2.5mg THC. Therefore, both beginners and old users can enjoy this beverage.

To get further intel on the product, visit the Artet shop online for both, Artet drink price and Artet drink review.

8. Recess CBD Sparkling Water

Recess is an established brand having a knack for serving premium quality products. The sparkling water is also one of those, coming in six flavor combinations, each more unique and eventful than the previous one.

The flavored water has a mere 25 calories and only five grams of sugar per can. Therefore, if you are on a diet and want to enjoy a cannabis beverage simultaneously, go for the Recess sparkling water.

9. Cann –  CBD Soda

Cann was the first CBD drink company to package the beverage in a can. It has low, managed amounts of CBD and THC. The low amounts make it ideal for those looking for a refined effect that is subtle, not overpowering.

It consists of only five ingredients, with agave leading the pack. The natural sweetness makes this drink lighter, and the Californian cannabis extract makes it impactful.

10. Legal Beverages

This array of cannabis-infused drinks is by far the best buy. The mix features high amounts of cannabis to give one the classic high. The all-natural sparkling marijuana beverages are manufactured from cannabis strains of the highest quality.

Legal marijuana beverages come in five exciting flavors. They feature raw, fruity flavors that give the drink a distinct taste.

As you now know the best products, you must also be aware of their usage. Strict regulations make it a must for any cannabis user to be over the legal age.

Furthermore, adults should keep the drinks they buy for themselves away from children’s reach to not consume them by mistake.

With that said, it’s time to look at the cannabis beverages market. We shall analyze what the investors are doing to keep up with the increasing demand.

CBD Beverage Market

The numbers second that there has been a significant increment in the sales and experts expect them to increase even more over the next few years.

As per a recent report, the alcoholic cannabis beverages’ market is estimated to increase by $155 million during 2020-2024.

Furthermore, recently the Cannabis Beverage Association (CBA) for marijuana beverages was formed. The organization plans to establish strict quality control standards to ensure that no unsafe product reaches the supermarket shelves.

CBD Beverage Companies Stock

Over a short span of two years, investors made multiple huge investments—the most prominent being a $4 billion investment into a company called Canopy Growth.

Besides, other products in the line don’t produce a high effect.

Besides, investors plan to fund CBD-infused marijuana beverages in the stock market. It will provide an alternative to people who don’t want the high caused by THC.

So, we can expect the cannabis beverage industry to go off the charts over the next few years. 

CBD Infused Drinks – The Bottom Line

Marijuana beverages are the future of cannabis-based products. Many reasons back the claim. For instance, taking a precise dosage has become reasonably straightforward with cannabis-infused beverages.

Apart from that, people can get the desired effect more efficiently when they intake cannabis beverages instead of edibles. It is due to the formation of a novel compound that is more potent.

So, it is fair to say that a cannabis beverage will top the charts quickly. It is also your responsibility to choose the best marijuana beverages on the market. It will ensure that you avoid any side effects with low-quality products.

Prevent such undesirable outcomes. Select cannabis-infused beverages featured in our top ten list, and enjoy this innovation to the fullest.

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