cbdMD or Level Select CBD?

Since the CBD industry is growing, the competition between different brands is getting fiercer. To score the better deal, many CBD companies collaborate with media celebrities – Kourtney Kardashian and Martha Stewart, to name a few – while others work with sportspersons. 

cbdMD and Level Select CBD are two companies taking the latter approach. While Level Select CBD particularly advertises its collections as a ‘breakthrough line of CBD products,’ cbdMD prides itself in being the ‘company you can trust.’

Although manufacturing similar products, both companies are different in their ideologies, best-selling blends, and product range. In this comparison of cbdMD and Level Select CBD, we help you decide which of the two is worth your money. 

cbdMD vs. Level Select CBD: Process and Transparency 

Level Select CBD claims buyers should select their products due to the high quality of their hemp seeds. The company has been following a proprietary hemp formula for the past 25 years, and it bagged the Growers Of The Year award in 2018.

Moreover, Level Select CBD sources its hemp from greenhouses and farms in Minnesota, California, Maryland, Colorado, and West Virginia. Since they have scaleable greenhouses, the company can research new techniques to accentuate the hemp’s quality. 

More importantly, all Level Select CBD products are non-GMO, cruelty-free, made in the US, and third-party tested. Plus, the company uses a superior extraction method, removing the traces of THC from the final product. 

On the other hand, cbdMD also values quality, potency, and customer satisfaction. But they look beyond product manufacturing. In fact, the company has a vision of creating a CBD culture that’s rich and accessible enough for everyone who prefers alternative holistic ways for healing.

For creating this culture, cbdMD works with renowned brands and popular athletes from all over the world. All products from the brand are THC-free and go through testing from an ISO-certified lab. You can read the Certificate of Analysis for each product on its description page. 

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In this regard, both brands seem to be vigilant in terms of quality and transparency. 

cbdMD vs. Level Select CBD: Product Selection 

Level Select CBD’s primary focus is on sports-centered CBD products. However, the company also makes oils, CBD teas, and pet products. On the contrary, cbdMD has a much larger product solution, ranging from gummies and topicals to pet products and bath bombs. 

Level Select CBD Products 

Level Select CBD claims that potency and quality are the two highlighting factors of CBD oils. They have a variety of CBD oils, including: 

  • Level C Immune Support with 2400mg of CBD for enhancing your immune response and ensuring overall wellness. 
  • Level Zzz CBD oil with melatonin and 2400mg of CBD oil, suitable for putting you to a restful sleep at night. 
  • Level 1 CBD oil with 1200mg of CBD for pain relief, inflammation, insomnia, or any other condition. 
  • Level 3 CBD oil with 5000mg of CBD for more serious ailments, like depression and anxiety. 

As for the pet products, they’re categorized according to the dogs’ sizes. For instance, the company’s Calming Drops for dogs weighing 41 to 60 lbs have 600mg of CBD, while the tincture for dogs weighing above 60 lbs has 900mg of CBD. 

Along with Calming Tinctures, Level Select CBD also sells Hip & Joint Drops for dogs with arthritis or related conditions. 

A popular product from Level Select CBD is the Sports Roll-On, available in 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg concentrations. Besides offering relief from muscle tension after extensive sports, the roll-on also soothes your skin.

Alternatively, the Level Sports Cream offers the same advantages and is available in the same potencies. 

cbdMD CBD Products 

Looking at the cbdMD product range, we can comfortably say that the company has been in business long enough to understand the customers’ needs. cbdMD’s CBD topicals are among their best-selling products as they’re designed for specific purposes. 

  • Lidocaine CBD topicals are available in different potencies – 500mg, 1500mg, 3000mg – and come as sprays and roll-ons. Along with pain relief, they also help lower inflammation resulting from exercise or free radical production in the body. 
  • CBD Freeze Rollers, combining the effect of CBD and menthol, are specifically made for pain relief. 
  • CBD Recover airless pumps and creams – 300mg to 3000mg – are suitable for muscle recovery after a workout. 
  • CBD Body Balm has a grapefruit bergamot scent and 300mg of CBD to offer general wellness while nourishing your skin. 

Unlike Level Select CBD, cbdMD also sells gummies in 300mg, 750mg, and 1500mg concentrations. Plus, the company’s tincture selection is also much broader, available in different potencies and flavors, including mint, orange, and berry. 

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Moreover, cbdMD offers CBD oil capsules – 450mg to 3000mg – for people who’re not exactly excited about the taste of CBD tinctures. The company’s PM Sleep capsules with 1000mg of CBD are particularly famous among customers for their effect on sleep. 

For nighttime recreation, cbdMD sells CBD bath bombs in different scents, including lavender and eucalyptus. Just like their topicals, the CBD bath bombs are also suited for certain purposes, like Romance, Resist, Rejuvenate, etc. 

Last but certainly not least, cbdMD has a wide pet product range, including hard chews, oil tinctures, calming drops, soft chews, peanut butter products, and topicals. 

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cbdMD or Level Select CBD: Which Is Better?

While both companies pass the test for being reliable, cbdMD takes the win for being the better option. First off, the company has a comprehensive range of CBD products and that too for different conditions, including sleep troubles, muscle recovery, and pain relief. 

On the other hand, Level Select CBD’s products are more inclined towards post-sport recovery only. Moreover, Level Select CBD offers a 30-day return policy, while cbdMD lets you return your products for up to 60 days of the purchase. 

Even better, cbdMD has a Rewards Program and offers discounts for military personnel and people with disabilities. Level Select CBD doesn’t seem to have any such incentive in place. 

Therefore, the cbdMD surely has the upper hand when it comes to customer satisfaction, prices, product selection, and unique formulations.

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