5 New Cannabis Trends You Need To Know

CBD is having a moment. Its legalization is sweeping the country and the world in general. Its veritable enthusiasts are always hunting for new avenues. And there is always something great coming ahead. 

But you are bored. Bored with the monotonous way of consumption. The typical ages-old extracts, powders, capsules, and tinctures. How about taking the game to another level and trying CBD-infused shampoos, dog food, toothpaste, brownies, beddings, or toothpicks? Yes, these are all the real things introduced in the past year! 

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Thankfully, the global CBD industry is undergoing a phenomenal transition. The business dynamics are changing. The trends are evolving. New talent is entering and challenging the established vendors. This ultimately leads to an oasis of innovative products storming the market. 

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Now, what if we were to tell you that in 2021, the market will take an unbelievable leap forward and beyond. The coming year has in-stored more thrill, more fun, more adventures, and more surprises than ever- to take your CBD game to a whole new level. 

Escaping the four-walled confines of specialty shops and the limited exposure of online vendor sites, it is popping up among the legions of big stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, drug stores, and so on.

They are now being infused into your everyday health products, snacks, desserts, meals, or beverages- from CBD Burgers to CBD water bottles. What an exciting time to live in.

The upcoming trends will prove to be extraordinarily inclusive while, for connoisseurs, it will be revolutionary. And, one thing is sure, the industry will swell at the most rapid pace ever. Here are the top 5 trends you will witness to dominate the market in 2021.

1. CBD-Infused Food Items

Home-made CBD-infused recipes are pretty much the norm for the past two years- as any google search will tell you. However, 2021 will witness a commercial boom in the CBD food sector as more and more food companies will jump into the bandwagon. 

Do you know that adding CBD to certain foods may increase its bioavailability and concentration before it reaches the bloodstream? 

Producers will turn their attention to roll out interesting CBD innovations blended into everyday eatables. The routine items like butter, brownies, yogurts to the more tempting ones such as condiments and lollipops hitting the market. 

Wait. What? Lollipops? Yup.  These will be the new-in to imbibe CBD while satisfying your sweet cravings. And honestly, what is better than pairing pleasure with healing? In addition, condiments such as mustard sauce, hot sauce, marinara sauce, and peri-peri sauce are a great way to add your daily dose of CBD to all your favorite recipes. Also, gear up for your favorite restaurant chains to present a classic CBD-infused menu. For instance, Carl’s Jr. only recently launched their exclusive CBD burgers in Colorado. And, then to wrap up this list is the new CBD frozen yogurt flavor. The Yogland Café in London is a trailblazer to offer the world’s first vegan CBD-infused frozen yogurt. 

2. CBD Combined Alcohol Beverages

If you are an ardent cannabis follower, you must have tried or perhaps grown accustomed to having your daily CBD teas, kombucha, or coffee. But have you ever given thought to a mesmerizing glass of a CBD-alcohol beverage? The combo sounds divine. No, this isn’t a wild claim to entice readers.

Recent studies have proved the beneficial aspects of combining CBD with alcohol.  Therefore, these will be all the rage in 2021. The findings of a recent report revealed that cannabis beverage sales are expected to grow more than 10-fold compared to last year’s $30 million in sales.

Then it was just a matter of time when the giant international alcohol firms too joined the league. For instance, the international alcohol conglomerate Constellation Brands in partnership with a Canadian cannabis company, Canopy Growth Corporation, was the first to step into the field. Next, it was Molson Coors in collaboration with Canopy Growth to dice out non-boozy cannabis beverages. Soon, other brands followed suits, such as Coca-Cola and Diageo (the parent company of brands like Ketel One vodka and Bailey’s Irish Cream) dipping into the arena. 

Besides, experts believe that the year will also witness the surge of CBD-bottled water- yet another combination promising the best of both worlds and so definitely worth trying in 2021. 

3. Nutraceuticals

As is evident by the name, Nutraceuticals are the nutrition-based, alternative remedies to pharmaceuticals. Boasting a tremendous set of psychological benefits, they are a level above the conventional supplements. Keep your eyes on the Mighty Self’s BALANCE blend to be launched this year. Meticulously made of CBD and other plant-derived chemicals, these will work wonders to combat stress and concentration issues.

More companies will jump on board to launch affordable, holistic healing using vitamins and antioxidants to strengthen immunity and relax minds. For instance, Sunday Scaries announced to focus on the natural relaxation element of CBD, while the Botanist recently launched its Herbalist Series– comprising of CBD tinctures combined with essential botanical oils and rooted in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom.

4. CBD Facials

Are you drooling over your favorite celebrities’ faces radiating unparalleled glow, glam, and glamour? Or envious of your friend’s striking facial look? 

Well, CBD facials are the ultimate secret. Watch out for this new trend to become the beauty industry darling.  Customers are simply in awe of the results, and a lot of aesthetic businesses have already taken over. For instance, a well-known celebrity facialist and skin guru, Ildi Pekar, has invented a new CBD facial that’s meant to “vibe you out,” she says.

Similarly, in 2019, both CVS and Walgreens announced that they would begin to sell CBD products in a number of their stores. Notable spas such as the GLO Spa in New York City and Alexandra Wagner in Los Angeles are too full of action. So, what’s the wait for? Head out to your favorite salon, drugstore, or cosmetics shop and get that spectacular glow. 

5. A Rise In The Social Consumption Of CBD

With the legalization of cannabis at the federal level, enthusiasts are shunning the idea of having it privately and discreetly in their houses. They are stepping out of their comfort zone to normalize their consumption in public spaces.

Backed by a 2019 Survey by BDSA that concluded almost 71% of CBD consumers ingest it for social and recreational reasons. It further went on to state that almost one-third of the users prefer taking it before important meetings and interactions, and roughly 41% consume it as part of their date nights. With this growing obsession, CBD drinks and mocktails will be the next major thing in all the pubs and parties. 

In addition, to the above list of five, the following two immensely sparked our interest- and so, we can’t help sharing with you too:

CBD Diffusers 

By now, you must have munched on a delectable CBD brownie, devoured a CBD smoothie, have masked it on your face, or have smoked one. But what about diffusion? 2021 will be the year Inhaling CBD will be made more comfortable than ever. 

Diffusers work through a stream of pressured air, which causes the oil to turn into a fine mist into the air. As such, they are way better and safer than vaping. Watch as more and more vapers catch on to this exciting new field.

CBD Active-Wear

Active-wear that releases CBD into the body is the new talk amongst gymnasts and athletes. In 2019, a company named Acabada released their stunning CBD Active-wear collection, the first of its kind, and now more and more companies are striving to launch such thoughtful products.

This will release CBD directly into your system as you work-out and the fabric bonds to the skin. Woah. What a mind-blowing idea!

The Bottom-line

CBD has emerged as the greatest wellness fad of the century. It is the so-called “new avocado on toast.” Despite the industry being infancy, it is expanding exponentially in the coming months and years- probably hitting the highest numbers ever.

According to Brightfield Group, the industry is projected to hit $22 billion by 2022 in the U.S. alone. Given that the entire U.S. organic food market is estimated to reach $70.4 billion by 2025, that’s a jaw-dropping figure accounting for roughly 32% of the total. 

Just a few years back, many people have never heard of it. And those who had didn’t have the very best image or reputation. In 2018, the U.S. Farm Bill was overwhelmingly passed. A lot has changed since then.

The commercial cultivation and private use of cannabis were legalized. A trail of rigorous research and mass studies followed. Medical science is proving a lot of benefits, and with that, the FDA is also considering molding its policies and loosening its control to regulate the distribution of CBD products.      

CBD has invaded industry after industry- from beverage and food to health, beauty, fitness, skin-care, and many more. There seems no stopping to manufacturers innovating with this miraculous substance. And with the increased competition, companies are striving to offer better price structures that appeal to consumers. Because, in the end, nobody will prefer spending a massive $100 or $120 on a new product.

In a nutshell, with all of these latest developments on the horizon, 2021 will emerge as an exciting year.  This article examines the upcoming trends for the year and gives readers reasons enough to hop on the train if they haven’t as yet. 

Stay tuned for the latest news, exciting inventions, deals, and offers.

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