The 11 Best Natural and Organic Foot Creams for Cracked, Dry Feet

If there is one skincare item that doesn’t get enough limelight, it’s the foot cream. While there are so many tonics and serums to rejuvenate skin tones, we often ignore how foot creams help us in the shadow.

These creams may not be glamorous, but they help you walk confidently. They are silent pedicure providers that we often don’t give much consideration to.

So, what foot cream options are available in the market? Let’s find out some of the best organic foot cream options for cracked heels.     

Hauschka Hydrating Foot Cream

This foot cream can nourish and rejuvenate your skin, thanks to its all-natural tri-element formula. It’s a combination of zinc oxides for skin smoothening, horse chestnut for sensitivity, and St. John’s wort for refreshing dead skin cells.

Moreover, there are no artificial dyes or preservatives, so there will be no side effects. Furthermore, it’s a formula for every skin, hydrating rough and cracked heels to restore their real softness.

At $14 price, it’s an economic foot cream for cracked heels.

Susanne Kaufmann Warming Foot Balm

The Susanne Kauffmann formula treats your heels like flowers, combining the evergreen soothing agents into one. With a mixture of rosemary, sage, thyme, and menthol, this foot balm smoothes cracked heels.

Additionally, the anti-bacterial agents fight away the fungus to keep the skin young and bright. Its marigold extracts also prevent inflammation in irritated skin.

The balm is simple to use. Simply massage your cracked heels before sleeping, and it will keep your feet warm throughout the night. It’s available for $65.

Violets are Blue Foot Salve

Just a thin layer of this foot salve can bring back your soft and smooth heels. If you walk around most of the time and want a relaxing night for your feet, the Violets are Blue Foot Salve can be a great option.

Featuring a combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, it soothes and nourishes the skin with new cells. Therefore, it’s excellent for callus toes and skin underneath.

It’s a cheap option for instant foot care, starting at just $15.

Weleda Skin Food

If you like thick creams, you will love the classic Weleda Skin Food. As its name suggests, it knows what your skin wants, so there are some excellent natural ingredients for pampering rough heels.

In this formula, you will find beeswax for extra softness, calendula, chamomile that nourishes the skin, and viola tricolor extracts.

With many success stories on its back, the Weleda Skin Food is a highly preferred foot cream for cracked heels, and it’s available for just $19.

Khus + Khus Premo Hand, Nail, Foot Treatment

Khus + Khus Premo may have all the answers for those who prefer all-in-one solutions for their manicures and pedicures. The thick formula creates a heavy buffer that protects your heels and prevents any fungal growth.

Moreover, the hemp oil can gently soothe your skin and kick away dead cells to give your heels an extra glow. Additionally, it also relaxes the skin thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties.

A $50 price seems quite economical for a comprehensive hand and foot care solution.

Eu’Genia Unscented Shea Butter

There is no competition to Shea butter when it comes to skincare. It’s the unprecedented king of creams. Shea butter can create a thick barrier on the skin as its nutritious agents soothe and nourish the skin.

Because it contains the essential vitamins, the skin rejuvenates from within, coming out all smooth and glowing. Hence, it’s a perfect solution for all skin types. Moreover, it’s unscented, so there are no chances of skin irritation.

At $12 per bottle, it’s a relatively cheap option for a foot cream.

Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream

Coconut is one of the most loved skin-nourishing agents. Therefore, it comes across as such a natural product for your cracked heel problems. Whether it’s softening, soothing, or nourishing the skin, Coconut oil can do it all.

A pinch of peppermint adds some refreshing scent and energizes the skin cells. So, a quick massage after a long day can also help you sleep better as the coconut oil refreshes your skin in the meantime.

Burt Bee’s Coconut foot cream for cracked heels costs just $10, so it’s a cheap yet promising option for treating any skin.

Composition with coconut oil in a bottle and fresh coconut on a light background, spa therapy concept

Cowshed Heel Foot Cream

Talking of oils, here is another excellent option for treating cracked heels. The Cowshed Heal Foot Cream features a combo of shea nut butter, coconut- and avocado oil. So, you can expect smooth and ultra-soft heels as the output.

Additionally, rosemary and grapefruit add scent and additional nutrients that refresh skin cells and help them grow. It’s an all-natural product available at $20.

Nucifera The Balm

Let’s talk balm. The Nucifera Balm features a blend of coconut oil, moringa oil, butter, mango, and kokum butter that deep cleanses your skin to fight away the tiniest fungus in your skin.

It’s a comprehensive heel care solution that enriches rough-textured skin bringing out a new glow and softness.

So, Nucifera Balm can be your next skincare solution for just $40.

First Honey Foot Rescue Cream

How can we ever miss honey when talking about skincare? Whether it’s nourishment, protection, and skin-soothing, honey can do it all. Because of the anti-inflammatory properties, manuka honey works perfectly with irritated skin.

Moreover, it’s ideal for eczema skin, providing deep-layer hydration to the skin cells. As your skin retains more moisture, it stays new and fresh and doesn’t crack frequently.

First Honey is a foot cream for all skin types and ages, and it’s available for $13 only.

SpaRitual Citrus Cardamon Foot Balm

We end our list with the citrus-rich foot balm that promises fresher and younger-looking skin. Its aloe vera extracts calm irritated skin and helps it to soften. Ultimately, it results in reduced cracks and smoother heels.

The foot balm also features shea butter for extra moisturization, while the papaya extract exfoliates dead skin to give it a new and refreshing look. The SpaRitual Citrus Cardamon Foot Balm is priced at $20.


Whether you prefer balms, oils, or foot cream for cracked heels, you will find all the answers in this list. Try out one of these products, and you will feel the difference straight away. Perfectly smooth and soft heels don’t seem too far away anymore.

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