I Tried a CBD Topical For Chronic Pain. Here’s What Happened.

Chronic pain can affect the quality of your life. It brings about drastic changes in your lifestyle, affecting every corner of your life. Although there are several treatments available, you will probably prefer one with the most potent pain-relieving properties.

When you are suffering from chronic pain, your primary objective is to get rid of it quickly to get instant relief. For that reason, several topical ointments and lotions are renowned for doing the job.

Recently, CBD ointment and CBD cream for back pain have been selling like crazy due to their potency in the instant pain relief department. But are their properties as good as they sound?

Many people suffering from chronic pain have tried CBD for pain. Therefore, it would be best if we considered their first-hand experience and see whether CBD ointment is worth the hype or not.

What are CBD Topicals and How Do They Help With Pain Relief?

CBD topicals include a wide variety of healthcare products that you apply over your skin. You always use topical substances on your skin and prevent them from contacting your eyes, nasal membrane, and oral cavity.

Although there are several topicals, the most prevalent are CBD ointment and lotion, and CBD creams are the most pervasive for back pain.

These CBD topicals cut the first-pass route and directly enter your bloodstream without having to go through the digestive system.

For that reason, topicals generate a localized, strong, and instant effect. And as far as chronic pain relief is concerned, this is the ideal trifecta you need.

The bioavailability of such creams is the highest, and that’s why people suffering from chronic pain prefer it over other medications. The greater the amount of CBD there is in the drug, the faster it will relieve pain.

Therefore, the wisest choice is to refer to a doctor and ask them to prescribe a dose ideal for your symptoms and their intensity. Speaking of doctors, let’s hear what the medical personnel had to say about CBD topicals and their effectiveness in chronic pain relief.

What do The Healthcare Professionals Say?

Dr. Michelle Ross, a senior neurologist, and CBD expert has put light on the matter. She suggested CBD ointments to chronic pain sufferers to provide instant relief in pain over a localized area.

Furthermore, she added that people who use CBD for pain relief over an extended period have better pain management. Such people also develop a higher pain threshold. As cannabidiol metabolizes rapidly, it is perfect for chronic pain.

CBD-based topicals are ideal for managing joint pain, arthritis inflammation pain, severe back pain, fibromyalgia, and chronic neck pain. However, it has some limitations, and not everyone benefits from it.

Dr. Ross stated that there are chances that CBD topicals won’t work for you. Whether it’s because of the low dosage or your insensitivity towards the active ingredients, sometimes the ointment might not relieve your pain.

Besides, there is also a strong chance that your pain is too severe, and CBD alone cannot bring it down. If that’s the case, you can use it in combination with other drugs, as per your doctor’s prescription.

A Chronic Pain Sufferer Tries CBD Ointment – Does it Work?

Perhaps the best person to tell you whether this works or not is someone who has tried it themselves. In that regard, let’s see what Veronica, a fibromyalgia patient, has to say about CBD’s effectiveness in chronic pain relief.

She has this condition for over a decade. Veronica struggled with pain management throughout her life. She tried multiple creams and medications, but none of them were as per her expectations.

Recently, she tried something for the first time, CBD topicals. “I’ve tried over-the-counter topicals like Bengay and Biofreeze, but never one with CBD in it” she stated. She planned to use CBD ointment every time her fibromyalgia pain got worse and to see whether it neutralizes it instantly or not.

Usage Regimen

Veronica used it constantly for a week. As she has fibromyalgia, there are frequent outbreaks of pain in her neck, back, and abdomen.

So, she kept the ointment with her at all times and applied it to the pain area as soon as possible.

For proper control, she applied the same quantity mentioned on the ointment packaging every time.

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She applied a fixed quantity of the ointment directly over the pain area. The goal is to massage the drug over the skin until all of it gets absorbed.

She also stresses to keep the drug away from your eyes and mouth at all times as it can produce a burning sensation upon contact.

It Works Like a Charm!

After using the product for a week, she was convinced that CBD topicals were precisely what she needed in her life. “I really like CBD topicals. It benefits me a lot. I can say that with some confidence now” she added.

Therefore, if you suffer from chronic pain of any sort, do give CBD topicals a try after consulting with your doctor. If it works for Veronica, someone who has fibromyalgia for ages, the likelihood of it working for you is pretty high!

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Best CBD Cream for Pain

After seeing the positive reviews about these topicals, you must be like: What’s the best CBD lotion for pain near me? In that regard, here is a list of some of the most renowned CBD products for pain relief, starting from the product Veronica used herself!

  1. CBD Topical Ointment by Kushly
  2. Medterra CBD Pain Cream
  3. Muscle Relief Cooling Cream by Aspen
  4. CBD Warming Cream by CBDistillery

All four of these products contain variable doses of CBD. So, pick one according to your requirements.

CBD for Pain – The Final Verdict

Without proper pain management, chronic pain can be a nightmare. Moreover, as it sticks around for an extended period spanning over decades, you need to find a solution that proves to be viable in your daily life.

In that regard, CBD ointments are perhaps your best bargain. Doctors also recommend them as they provide you with instant localized pain relief.

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