5 of The Best CBD Creams for Pain

Now that the CBD industry is growing, we’re seeing an increase in the number of unconventional CBD products, ranging from CBD toothpaste to face masks. 

Among all other CBD products, CBD creams for pain seem to have quickly made their ranks in the consumer’s top picks. That explains why every CBD company is hurrying to introduce an ointment, salve, or balm for pain. 

Another reason for this increased interest in CBD creams for pain could be sufficient evidence in favor of the compound’s pain-relieving effects. 

Scientific studies report that CBD can effectively treat pains that are typically difficult to manage using conventional therapy and medications. 

Besides minor everyday pains, CBD may also help against pain stemming from multiple sclerosis, cancer, arthritis, and other severe conditions. 

Although more research is the need of the hour, consumers are already all worked up by the current evidence as there’s a rising trend of using holistic treatment methods. 

Below, we discuss the best CBD creams for pain that you can use daily or occasionally, depending on your condition. 

How To Choose The Best CBD Cream For Pain?

It’s no surprise that the CBD industry is destined to become bigger than it is today. The statistics point towards the market’s substantial growth. As always, the capitalist companies are introducing new CBD creams every other day without proper research or effective formulation. 

That’s why it’s important to be vigilant in your CBD cream purchases. 

CBD Source 

Generally, there are three types of CBD creams: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. If you’re trying to avoid THC usage – although there’s no hazard associated with using less than 0.3% – you can opt for isolate or broad-spectrum CBD creams. 

But if you want to experience the potency effects of CBD – only possible when it works with THC plus other cannabinoids – purchase a full-spectrum CBD cream. 

Although full-spectrum CBD creams have THC, the compound is present in trace amounts and won’t make you high. 

Third-Party Testing 

Third-party testing is one of the few ways to determine a product’s safety and quality as the FDA hasn’t taken on this responsibility yet. Although they can send warnings to fraudulent companies, the FDA isn’t regulating every CBD cream you see online. 

Third-party testing comes at a close second to FDA’S regulatory parameters since it tells you about the following things; terpene profile, cannabinoid profile, heavy metals’ presence, microbial contaminations, and quality. 

When reading the lab test reports, make sure that information on the Certificate of Analysis matches the product description on the company’s website. 

5 Best CBD Creams for Pain

After extensive research and reading multiple customer reviews, we’ve found these five CBD creams for pain to be quite effective and reliable. 

  1. Cheef Botanicals Relief Salve

CBD Type: Full Spectrum 

CBD Potency: 500mg 

Amount: 2oz

Price: $$

The Cheef Botanicals formula is easily among the best CBD creams for pain since it has maximum strength for offering instant pain relief. 

Moreover, the full-spectrum hemp extract allows CBD to function to its full potential while the naturally moisturizing formulation keeps your skin irritation-free. 

Although Cheef Botanicals has advertised this product towards athletes, people with occasional back and neck pain can also use it. 

Ingredients other than full-spectrum hemp extract include CBD oil, vitamin E, frankincense essential oil, calendula flowers, coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil.

  1. cbdMD CBD Freeze Pain Relief

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum 

CBD Potency: 300mg 

Amount: 3oz

Price: $$

The cbdMD Freeze is made using broad-spectrum hemp extract to deliver the wholesome qualities of hemp to the users. Besides alleviating pain, the formula is also designed for reducing inflammation, owing to the presence of arnica montana and aloe vera. 

While arnica is a potent anti-inflammatory herb, aloe vera minimizes skin irritation and burns. 

Another notable ingredient in this pain relief formulation is menthol, providing a cooling sensation at the site of pain. 

Here’s something that strengthens this formulation’s case: the Freeze formulation was voted the Product of the Year in a 40,000 customer survey. 

  1. Spruce Topical CBD Cream

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum 

CBD Potency: 300mg 

Amount: 2oz

Price: $$

The Spruce CBD topical is a US-formulated, lab-grade cream for pain that is free of pesticides, parabens, and sulfates. Since it contains only plant-derived scents, it won’t trigger most people’s allergies. 

As for the application, the company recommends applying as many times as needed. 

The ingredient list includes citric acid, hemp-extracted CBD, Lanolin Alcohol, mineral oil, glycerin wax, aluminum stearates, and Decyl Oleate. 

  1. Koi CBD Pain Relieving

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum 

CBD Potency: 500mg 

Amount: 3oz

Price: $$

Available in a 3oz bottle, the Koi CBD topical contains 500mg of broad-spectrum hemp for effective pain relief against muscle pain, tension headaches, and other minor aches. 

To amplify the effect of CBD, the topical also has 10% menthol that aids pain alleviation with its cooling effect. Most importantly, the topical boasts a fusion of 19 essential oils – a dream fest for your skin. 

Owing to the roll-on applicator, the topical offers a no-fuss application, making it easy for you to use it even on your way to work or lying in bed. 

Koi claims the topical to be effective against muscle and joint pains, minor aches, backache, bruises, sprains, and arthritis pain. 

  1. Aspen Green Body Balm

CBD Type: Full Spectrum 

CBD Potency: 1000mg 

Amount: 2oz

Price: $$

Being the most potent CBD cream for pain on this list, the Aspen Green body balm is an ideal choice for athletes or arthritis patients who need a regular pain relief agent. 

The balm contains a unique fusion of therapeutic botanicals, hemp extract, and essential oils to make you feel better with every application. 


Since the FDA isn’t on board with cannabis regulation at the moment, consumers have to bear the responsibility of choosing the best CBD creams for pain. 

And at times, it’s good to have help. That’s why we’ve listed some of the best CBD creams for pain we could find online in this guide. 

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