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The FDA does not strictly regulate CBD products yet, nor is there enough research about the cannabinoid. Therefore, personal wariness is crucial when shopping for CBD oils or topicals.

Today, a lot of brands and products have swarmed the CBD market. If you ever searched for the best CBD oils, you must have come across Fab CBD products too.

The company is one of the top CBD product manufacturers and is highly recommended.

Curious to know more about Fab CBD?

In this review, we will discuss the brand’s background and its most famous CBD products.

About the Brand

Fab CBD is a small yet reliable company established in Tampa, Florida, catering to customers since 2014. 

Despite not being as big as some other brands, Fab CBD reviews show the company a dependable and popular option among CBD buyers.

Although the Fab CBD is a comparatively newer brand, its product quality leaves many behind. This has become possible only because of the company’s extensive 25 years of experience in the health, pharmaceutical, and supplemental industry.

The company shows no compromise on the transparency of its products. A third-party lab test of each product is available on their official website.

Also, positive customer reviews add to the reliability of the company.

Why Buy Fab CBD Products?

Before exploring the company’s product list, let’s talk about the features that make it safe for you to purchase CBD from Fab CBD.

No FDA Warnings 

Although the FDA hasn’t approved CBD products for general or ailment-specific administration, they regulate them to some extent. 

If a company is found making false or unproven claims, the FDA sends them a warning letter. Many CBD companies have received a warning from the FDA for misleading customers. 

However, Fab CBD has never received such a letter. Plus, no lawsuits have been filed against the company based on poor quality regulation or misleading content. 

Furthermore, the authority has specified Good Manufacturing Practices for companies that make CBD products. Fab CBD does follow the regulations but hasn’t gotten certified by the FDA for it yet. 

Although it’s not much of a concern regarding quality, having a cGMP certification reflects well on a company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

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CO2 Extraction

Unlike some other brands, Fab CBD is fully transparent about the manufacturing process for their products. 

They source hemp from trusted suppliers in Colorado. Then, they use CO2 extraction to retrieve terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant. 

Since this extraction method does not involve solvents, there’s no risk of chemical contamination.

Third-party Testing 

Most CBD companies specify that their products are third-party tested. But many of them do not specifically mention the lab name or discuss its ISO accreditation. 

However, Fab CBD is transparent in this regard too. 

All their products are tested in ProVerde Labs with an ISO 17025 accreditation. The results show the safety profile and potency of the products. 

Although the company sells a comprehensive range of CBD products, they only have the CBD oil test reports on their website.

Prompt Customer Service

Their products aren’t the only lovable thing about them. The brand’s friendly customer service is also equally appreciable.

Their sole purpose is “ to leave no stone unturned for customers.”  And they have been pretty successful in delivering it till now.

Many favorable customer reviews are available on the brand’s official website. It’s rating on a third-party platform such as Trustpilot is not bad either. 

Due to their quick response mechanism, you get your queries resolved within no time. You may leave your questions in a dedicated section on their website.

Informative and Easy-to-Navigate Website

A well-designed website is the core of a brands’ marketing strategy. If the brand facilitates customers with an easy-to-use website, the customer will be encouraged to buy the products.

Fab CBD has enclosed everything about CBD on a website. You can find informative articles, guidelines on consuming CBD, and the health benefits of CBD in their educational section of the website.

Moreover, the articles also teach you about full-spectrum CBD, CBD isolates, and broad-spectrum CBD.

Excitingly, the website includes a dedicated section for each product where you can find that product’s ingredients, recommended usage, and potency ranges.

The company ensures that you know A-Z about the product before buying it. This certifies that the brand is quite open about its products and quality.

Affordable Price

Although its products are not cheap, they still are more affordable as compared to other CBD brands. Usually, the prices range from 39$-129$.

Moreover, it also has a loyalty program that allows its loyal customers to shop for new arrivals before everyone else.

Also, the low prices of products do not confer that they are low on quality too.


Best Fab CBD Products

Fab CBD product reviews hail the company as one of the best CBD providers in the market. Keeping that in mind, we hand-picked five of the best products from the brand.

1. Fab CBD Disposable Vape Pens

The Fab CBD vape pens are available in two options: Active and Calm. 

By its name, the Active formulation makes you more alert and increases focus. Meanwhile, the Calm formula contains nerol terpenes that help make you feel calm.

If you suffer from social anxiety or have trouble sleeping, the Calm vape oil promises to fix that. 

Each pen has 125 servings of CBD, and every serving contains 2mg of the cannabinoid. Depending on your need or liking, you can take two to three draws from the pen every day.

2. Fab CBD Chews

Fab CBD gummies are made using CBD isolate, so they’re 100% THC-free. 

Each chew contains 25mg of CBD, and there are 30 of them in a container. Besides being THC-free, the chews are also free of gluten and GMOs. 

Since they’re vegan, they sit well with most people’s dietary preferences. Every ingredient used in Fab CBD is natural, even the sweeteners. 

Fab CBD uses cane sugar to sweeten the gummies with a slight addition of tapioca syrup.

3. Fab CBD Salve

A salve is a plant-based infusion that you apply to your skin just like a cream or lotion. 

The Fab CBD reviews indicate this Salve to be a lifesaver for people who suffer from minor pains. Along with CBD, the Salve also contains terpenes and essential oils for extra benefits. 

Whether you lift heavy weights or have a tough job with physical requirements, Fab CBD Salve can help ease your chronic pains

The ingredient list includes eucalyptus oil, ginger oil, vitamin E, lavender oil, and golden jojoba oil. Moreover, the manufacturers have added menthol crystals to cool the formulation.

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4. Fab CBD Oil

The main product of any CBD company is its oil or tincture. 

Reviews on Fab CBD oil show that the brand’s full-spectrum product effectively provides pain relief and a general sense of calmness. 

Each bottle has a 30-ml capacity and contains 1200mg of CBD. 

Moreover, you can buy the Fab CBD oil in different flavors, including natural, mint, citrus, vanilla, and berry. 

Fortunately, there are different ways to use oil. Thus, people who can’t stand the taste of CBD can use it too. The carrier oil in this blend is MCT oil. So, you can add CBD tincture to your food or daily beverages.

5. Fab CBD Topical Cream

The Fab CBD cream is made using full-spectrum CBD, unlike the other products in their collection.

Each jar contains 600mg of CBD. 

To mask the smell of CBD, the company has added a blood orange fragrance to the mix. You can use the cream for your morning or night skincare routine, like a lotion. 

Additionally, the mixture contains coconut oil, cocoa butter, and aloe vera. Together, these ingredients soothe skin irritation and hydrate the dermal layers to give your face a fresh appearance. 

Bonus Product: Fab CBD Pet Treats

Although not a part of our main list, we had to mention Fab CBD’s dog treats since they improve your puppy’s skin and coat’s appearance. 

Made from broad-spectrum CBD, these dog treats have 3mg of CBD in every chew. 

Depending on your pet’s needs, you can buy the treats in three formulas, including Calm & Cool, Active Immune, and Skin & Coat.

Fab CBD Products: How to Select

There’s no doubt about Fab CBD’s transparency and quality. Every product’s third-party report is available on their website.

However, a CBD buyer must consider certain things before buying a CBD product.

Hemp Source

A CBD product must contain full-spectrum hemp. It is not only originally grown but also verified and tested by an FDA authority.

Mode of Consumption

How you like to consume CBD is a pertinent question that you must ask yourself before buying a product. CBD oil is the most versatile option available for taking CBD. You may consume it sublingually or may also mix them with your meal or drink.

Targeted Condition

You must also be aware of the ailment you want to take CBD for. For instance, if you want to reduce inflammation, CBD topicals by Fab CBD are the best choice.

However, CBD oils or gummies treat the symptoms of insomnia or anxiety better than others. 

Final Words

Any company can claim to be the best in the market, but the customers decide if the brand is worth their money or not. Fab CBD product reviews promise the company’s reliability since most people have praised their products. 

Using this article as a guide, you now know what to purchase from Fab CBD on your next CBD shopping spree.

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