Top 8 Natural Dog Treats

Similar to humans, dogs also love to savor snacks and treats. Although some may be “junk food,” there are plenty of natural CBD dog treats available too.

You can spoil your home-buddy by presenting him with such delicious and healthy treats. After all, they offer you sincere company all the time.

This guide will review some of the best organic dog treats and how to find one.

Should You Give Your Dog Natural Plant-based Pet Treats?

Natural Remedies are increasingly finding their way into a lot of things. These range from lotions to edibles, and this is not unexpected. 

These remedies have many beneficial medical benefits. Moreover, when creatively flavored, they can be an excellent treat. 

So, it’s no wonder there is a high demand for CBD-infused products as treats. These include CBD soft chews for dogs, among others.

This demand is mainly fueled by human consumption. Also, because your dogs can get in on the fun too. The benefits of tasty CBD dog treats, for example, CBD soft chews for dogs, are immediately apparent. 

On one paw, you are giving your beloved pet delicious CBD pet treats. On the other paw, you are also looking out for their health. It is an absolute win.

Top Natural Dog Treats

Now, we recognize that your dog deserves the best CBD dog treats. Here are some of the best organic dog treats you can consider getting for your four-pawed friend.

1. Honest Paws Roasted Peanut Butter “Calming Bites” 

Everyone gets stressed up at some point. Yeah, your dog can get stressed and irritable too. 

So, you have a dog who tends to be nervous or anxious? What better way to spoil them some crunchy treats to calm them. No, not normal bones. Something like best CBD dog treats for anxiety management

That’s what honest paws offer with their roast peanut butter treat. 


So, what’s in it for your doggie? 

The product itself contains organic full-spectrum hemp oil. That’s the calming agent infused into the delicious treat. 

CBD has well-known calming effects and is safe for dogs.  The next is organic barley (some excellent bit of fiber for your dog’s heart health in there. 

Now we move on to the delicious part of it all, roasted peanut butter. 

The last bit here is that Honest Paws is a brand you can trust to be safe for your dog. This is based on the brand’s meticulous and transparent approach to production. 

This approach has earned them a sterling reputation and the trust of a lot of pet owners.  So, your pet is in safe and delicious hands here.

2. Cbd Soft Chews For Dogs – Holistic Hound

Holistic hound treats try to live up to their name and go the whole distance to offer your dog a treat. A holistic treat, being at once healthy as well as delicious. 

Your dog is a lucky one here, especially if they are a fan of soft chews. 

So what’s in it for your pet? The company lists a lengthy list of reported benefits of the ingredients of their treat. 

The main components are broad-spectrum CBD oil. However, it also contains ashwagandha, an Indian herb reported to promote calming effects and other health effects. 

Furthermore, it also includes five medicinal mushrooms. The whole mixture meshes into something soft for your dog to chew calmly on. 

The last bit here is that the brand has gone a bit extra for your dog here. Their treats utilize water-soluble technology to enhance absorption. This means your dog will be able to get more of the CBD oil into their systems, improving the treats effectiveness.

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3. HolistaPet CBD Pet Treats

It does seem like the treat makers are rolling over themselves to make something holistic for your dog. Or at any rate, to make your dog holistic. Either way, your dog can expect to be spoilt for a choice of treats. 

This brand makes not one kind but three kinds of CBD dog treats. The three are all differently flavored.  

Moreover, they are targeted towards different aims for your dog—all beneficial and healthy targets, of course. 

Let’s take a look at the three different categories their dog treats come in.

  • CBD Dog Treats + Stress and Anxiety Relief.

The health targets of this category are stress and anxiety relief. The unique recipe to achieve this is peanut butter plus apple. Well, that’s not all, that’s just the delicious part. 

They are fortified with L-theanine and chamomile. These latter two are involved in increasing alpha wave generation, which lowers anxiety levels. 

Another addition to the mix is hemp seed oil and pure CBD oil. The recipe relies on the calming effects of these ingredients and their deliciousness.

  • CBD Dog Treats + Joints and Mobility Care

This particular category sounds like it’d be perfect for that doggie that’s been family for a while now. Also, for the one that always seems to hurt their limbs while moving around. 

Overall, it’s a perfect and caring treat for your dog. Either to keep them resilient against bone and joint issues or to help them recover from one.

So, what’s the particular recipe for these CBD pet treats?

The primary flavors here are pumpkin spice and cinnamon. These are fortified with Turmeric root and Bosweilla. The turmeric root has anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. 

The Bosweilla repairs damaged tissues. Other essential ingredients here are helm seed powder, and you guessed it right- CBD oil.

  • CBD Dog Treats + Heart and Immune Care

This last category is one targeting the heart health of your pet as well as immune care. It may be especially needed by older pets but is great for pets of all ages. 

The recipe here is blueberries and sweet potato flavors. These are enhanced with hemp seed powder, flax seeds, and full-spectrum CBD oil.

The active ingredients health-wise are:

  • Blueberries, potent antioxidants that also promote cardiovascular health
  • Flax seeds provide a boost to the immune system
  • CBD oil boosts overall health status

4. HempMypet Organic Dog Biscuits

The brand shows a solid dedication to quality. Their ingredients are human grade. Also, they use organically grown hemp. Moreover, it goes through rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure standards are met. 

They offer their biscuit pet CBD treat in varying strengths based on your pet size. Smaller pets get the small dog formula treat at 2mg strength. For bigger dogs, 5mg strength biscuits are available. 

The brand produces small batches to ensure product quality. The CBD oil used is full spectrum. The company states their product is rich in many cannabinoids to make the full entourage effect. 

Other ingredients to the recipe include unrefined coconut oil infused with hemp extract, rice flour, pumpkin, etc. The overall aim is to have a natural and healthy CBD pet treat.

5. FabCBD

Like HolistaPets, this brand also tries to go specific on their wellness targets for your dog. They produce different flavors, each of these designed to fulfill a particular need. 

The three different flavors on offer here include: 

  • Chicken flavor:  This is called active immune and is targeted at boosting your pet’s immunity
  • Salmon flavor: This is called skin and coat. It is designed for promoting fur health
  • Peanut butter flavor: This is called calm & cool. As the name suggests, it’s designed to help your pets with anxiety issues.

The brand also puts in the effort to make sure its products are allergen-free. So your pet is not at accidental risk of any allergy attack while snacking. 

The CBD content of their treats -3 mg per treat, is also a decent dose offering for most pets.

This brand combination of meticulous attention to detail and a track record of quality products are vital for recommending factors.

6. CBD Soft Chews for Dogs by cbdMD

cbdMD is a leading CBD brand famous primarily for its high-quality products. Apart from humans, the company also cares for its pet friends.

Made with domestic hemp, cbdMD pet CBD soft chews are available in three different potencies such as:

  • 5 mg CBD per chew
  • 10 mg CBD per chew
  • 20 mg CBD per chew

Each container has 30 chews. Moreover, these treats come in two diverse flavors, chicken and bacon, that your dog will go mad over.

Pet CBD treats for dogs are mainly designed to help your pets’ daily health and wellness. However, you may choose another option, including the Calming Chews or Hip and Joint Chews.

7. Joy Organics Premium CBD Dog Chews

The Joy organics CBD Dog chews are readily absorbed, owing to their water-soluble CBD powder ingredient. They contain organically cultivated broad-spectrum CBD, hence are THC-free.

Their chewy texture and beef flavor make them bespoke for dogs. Also, they are cruelty-free and are subjected to rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure they do not have THC.

Each jar contains 30 chews having 2 mg CBD. On top of everything else, the brand provides carbon-free shipping and a 30 days money-back guarantee.

If you are looking for something exceptional to treat your furry friend with, these premium dog chews by Joy Organics are your way to go.

8. Wellness Core Marrow Roasts Organic Dog Treats

Made in the USA, these organic treats for dogs only contain high-quality beef and lack soy, wheat, or corn. The treats are actually crunchy biscuits baked with natural marrow centers.

They have only organic ingredients and do not contain even a trace of artificial flavors or colors. This is why they are one of the top natural dog treats. Dogs absolutely love them.

The principal ingredients of these treats include:

  • Beef
  • Chickpeas
  • Cooked bone marrow
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Ground flaxseed
  • Chicken fat

Apart from these nutritional components, iron, zinc, calcium, and vitamin A, also fill the treats with immense health benefits.

Besides, these treats do not have high calories as the average calorie count per treat is 5 cal. Therefore, you can freely give them to your pet without worrying about weight problems.

How to Find the Best Organic CBD Dog Treats?

As the use of CBD is increasing, the number of CBD vendors is also on the rise. You can find a plethora of CBD products for dogs online. This saturation makes it difficult for pet owners to choose the right product.

Here’s what you should look for when buying a CBD dog product.

  • Third-party lab testing reports must be available
  • Hemp should be organic and domestic
  • Efficient Customer service
  • Brand reputation 


CBD dog treats are something you should look into getting for your dog. Not only are CBD pet treats ranging from CBD soft chews for dogs to other varieties a delicious choice, but they are also a healthy one.

When getting CBD pet treats for your canine friend, you take care of them in more ways than one.

Also, you should not worry about your dog getting psychoactive substances into their system and getting a “high.” CBD oil does not cause mind-altering effects and will not get your dog high. 

You should, however, endeavor to get your CBD dog treats from trusted brands with a track record of quality and ethical production. Doing that keeps your dog safe while being able to enjoy delicious treats.

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