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CBD Pure is a producer of full-spectrum CBD extracted from hemp grown in the farms of Washington and Colorado. The company makes its products without using herbicides or pesticides, ensuring that they’re safe for the consumers’ usage. 

Moreover, they have chosen just the right genetics of their hemp plant for high cannabidiol content. Owing to this, you can trust every product from the company to be of the utmost quality and the highest potency. In this guide, we share three of our favorite CBD Pure products that you can purchase if it’s your first time shopping from their website.

Our Top Ranked CBD Pure Products

  1. CBD Pure Hemp Oil
  2. CBD Pure Joint Cream
  3. CBD Pure Softgels

Who Is CBD Pure?

CBD Pure is a company that specializes in making full-spectrum CBD products, especially oils. While most other companies have a ton of products in their inventory, CBD Pure only has a few. 

Along with the CBD Pure hemp oil, the brand also makes a cream, a soft gel, and pet products. 

The company’s oils are made using non-GMO hemp grown by local farmers in Colorado and Washington. From the moment the hemp is harvested to the bottling process, every step is done under strict supervision. 

Furthermore, the oils are free of artificial ingredients and do not have any synthetic components or preservatives. After production, CBD Pure sends each batch for testing in a third-party lab. 

Doing so further assures the quality of the products since these labs test for the presence of impurities and contaminants in the oils and soft gels.

CBD Pure Third-Party Testing

The third-party labs chosen by CBD Pure have stringent testing protocols as the company is the flag bearer of customer satisfaction. The following things are tested in the labs: 

  • Cannabinoid Profiling: The test shows how concentrated the active cannabinoids in a product are. 
  • Pesticides: The test detects even the smallest amounts of pesticides in the CBD Pure hemp oil and other products. 
  • Heavy Metals: The presence of heavy metals, such as mercury and cadmium, is detected in this test. 
  • ResidualSolvent: To extract cannabidiol from the hemp plant, experts use several extraction processes. Often, these procedures involve solvents that may remain behind after extraction. The lab test identifies the presence of any foreign chemicals in the final product. 
  • Microbiological Screening: Pure CBD also tests for the presence of bacteria and fungi in their products. 

You can find the test reports on the company’s website by typing the batch number in the search bar. Their results go back up to 24 months, allowing you to look up the batch number on your bottle even if it’s a year or so old. 

Moreover, their website also has a helpful article that will teach you how to interpret a lab test report and Certificate of Analysis.

Why Buy From CBD Pure?

You might be wondering if there are so many companies out there, what makes CBD Pure so special? Why should you buy CBD from them? Over the years, CBD Pure has perfected its CBD products’ formula. 

All formulations from the company are fully organic. Since they source their hemp from family farms, they can ensure the practicing of safe farming methods. 

Moreover, thousands of customers vouch for CBD Pure. 

Most importantly, the company offers a 90-day guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results, you can return the product, and the company will refund you.

Our Top Picks of Pure CBD Products

After browsing through the brand’s website, we have compiled a list of the three best CBD products they sell.

  1. CBD Pure Hemp Oil

    CBD Type: Full Spectrum 

    CBD Potency: 33mg per serving 

    Amount: 3oz

    Price: $$ 

    The CBD Pure hemp oil has been developed for people who require a high dosage of CBD for their daily administration. Each serving of the CBD Pure hemp oil has 33mg of CBD while the whole bottle’s amount adds up to 1000mg. 

    Since the tincture has less than 0.3% THC, you won’t get high even when taking two or three servings a day. 

    However, Pure CBD hemp oil has a natural hemp flavor. So, you may have to add it to your food if you’re not a fan of the taste.

  2. CBD Pure Joint Formula

    CBD Type: Full Spectrum 

    CBD Potency: 250mg 

    Amount: 3oz

    Price: $$ 

    The CBD Pure muscle and joint formula have 250mg of CBD in the whole tube. Along with CBD, it also contains white willow bark and menthol for additional cooling and pain-relief effects. 

    As the formula is non-greasy, it will not bother you even on a hot day. 

    It has laser-focused action. Thus, you only have to apply a pea-sized amount to see relief. Furthermore, the fast-acting formula works in just two to three minutes. 

    CBD Pure joint cream is a helpful solution for people who experience back and neck pain.

  3. CBD Pure Soft Gels

    CBD Type: Full Spectrum 

    CBD Potency: 25 mg per serving 

    Amount: 30 count 

    Price: $$ 

    Finally, the CBD Pure soft gels offer a convenient method to benefit from CBD if you don’t like the oil’s taste. Each capsule has 25mg of CBD, and you can take the number that’s suitable for your requirements. 

    As there are 30 capsules in a bottle, it will most likely last you for a whole month. The soft gels are easy to swallow and come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Thus, if you don’t see any results, you can return the whole bottle. 

    As for the capsule material, CBD Pure uses gelatin and vegetable glycerin. The capsules are devoid of flavorings and carrier oils.


When choosing the best place to buy CBD oil online, it’s often hard to decide because of the uncertainty surrounding cannabidiol. CBD Pure is one of the companies that have managed to maintain a positive reputation among the customers. 

In this guide, we’ve listed the company’s best products, including the CBD Pure hemp oil. If you’re unsure during your shopping, you can pick one of our favorites.

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