CBD For Seniors – Does CBD Help With Insomnia

A 2019 Gallup poll showed that 14% of US adults – about every 1 in 7 – use CBD. Even though the usage was the highest among youth, it’s still surprising that the stats also included 11% of people aged between 50-64 and 8% aged above 65.

While many seniors are taking CBD for sleep, others are using it for their health conditions, such as hypertension, arthritis, or Alzheimer’s disease. 

Moreover, people who use CBD products are mostly familiar with the compound’s lack of regulation by the FDA. Yet, they continue to use it. That is an interesting note, as this signifies that CBD must be helping them in one way or another for sure. 

However, this also raises the concern regarding CBD’s safety for seniors. Like, is CBD for insomnia safe for the elderly? Do their bodies tolerate the cannabinoid just as well as the young bodies do? Does CBD help with insomnia or not?

If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, continue reading as we will shed light on all these topics in this article. Let’s begin!

Why Do Seniors Have a Hard Time Sleeping?

Insomnia isn’t an age-dependent condition. Even younger people, like kids, may suffer from occasional sleeplessness. 

However, the occurrence of this condition becomes more frequent in old age. 

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As you age, your body naturally goes through a massive transformation in several aspects, including your sleep patterns. That’s mainly because aging bodies produce fewer growth hormones. This change induces various factors in people, like light sleep.

Moreover, these factors also lead to waking your body up too early, even when you aren’t fully rested. 

The reasons for sleeplessness or insomnia can be both internal and external. One of the most common internal causes is stress. It could be tension from work or any domestic issue that’s keeping you up at night. 

Besides, physical pain is an external reason that can cause disturbed sleep. 

Although the condition doesn’t differ in terms of symptoms among people of different ages, its susceptibility is higher in the senior population. 

Due to this, older people are more likely to stay awake because of:

  • Back pain 
  • Arthritis 
  • Depression
  • Stress

Apart from these general reasons, the cause may differ, depending on the person’s medical condition and lifestyle.

Does CBD Help With Insomnia?

So how to know if CBD helps someone sleep better? In the past few years, there has been a lot of research done on CBD for sleep. 

Fortunately, most results have been positive, giving researchers hope that CBD can be a sleep aid that might substitute sleeping pills. 

A 2019 case series looked at the role of CBD in anxiety and sleep. It was a large case series that involved different publications. The results indicated that CBD does not trigger a high in the body, nor does it alter the user’s consciousness. 

The evidence from this study points towards CBD’s calming effect on the nervous system. 

Another 2017 review summarized the findings of all CBD for sleep research conducted till 2014. The results showed that CBD might be a potential treatment method for insomnia. 

Furthermore, the study found that THC may help in decreasing sleep latency. But it could impair the quality of sleep with long-term usage. On the other hand, CBD might be a promising intervention for REM sleep behavior disorder. Plus, it could help reduce daytime sleepiness. 

In 2020, a cross-sectional study examined the effect of medical cannabis in older patients with chronic pain. 

128 study subjects were over 50 years old. Sixty-six of these took medical cannabis. The results showed that people who took medical cannabis had lesser problems associated with waking up at night.

Safety of CBD for Seniors

Many caregivers are concerned about the safety of CBD for seniors. Fortunately, research has not shown any specific side effects in older people. 

The standard risks are similar across all age groups. These include dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, change in appetite, and weight. 

However, when buying CBD for seniors to sleep better, you must be wary of the product quality. 

The authenticity of CBD products is quickly becoming a concerning matter as many counterfeit items are now available in the market. Moreover, CBD quality is not consistent among different products. 

Due to the high demand, some manufacturers sell CBD products with little to no cannabidiol. 

Another concern is the misrepresentation of the label. Often, what’s printed on the label is not present inside the product. That’s why it’s crucial to only purchase CBD for insomnia from reputed brands.

Top 4 CBD for Sleep Products for Seniors

As discussed earlier, quality and potency should be your top concerns when buying CBD products for sleep. 

We did some digging on CBD for insomnia and found the 4 best CBD products for seniors to use regularly.

We’ve picked them out according to the standard criteria of safety, quality, and transparency. Every CBD for seniors product in this list is: 

  • Tested through a third-party ISO 17025-compliant laboratory
  • Derived from US-grown hemp
  • Fulfilling the Certificate of Analysis (COA) criteria 
  • Having a THC content of 0.3% or less
  • Free of all the contaminations, including heavy metals, molds, and pesticides

Trending Tips on CBD Products

1. cbdMD Sleep Tincture

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum
CBD Potency: 500mg
Amount: 30ml

The cbdMD PM has a special soothing effect due to the presence of melatonin and CBN in its ingredients. Being an award-winning product, the cbdMD PM has helped thousands of users sleep better.

If you want to get a more powerful CBD effect, the product comes in two CBD concentrations; 500mg and 1500mg. Plus, the prices for both potencies are pretty reasonable too, starting from just $44.99 to $89.99.

What’s exciting about this product is that it has two excellent flavors, fruity berry, and refreshing mint, to suit the taste buds of everyone. 

So, if you’re a picky eater, you can buy this product without fearing the strong taste of CBD.

2. Kanibi Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture

CBD Type: Full Spectrum
CBD Potency: 750mg
Amount: 30ml

When using CBD for sleep disorders, many people hesitate to take products with THC content. However, the addition of THC makes CBD work more efficiently due to the entourage effect. 

Since the Kanibi CBD tincture contains full-spectrum hemp extract, it has 0.3% THC, CBD, and other phytocannabinoids that give instant results. 

Moreover, MCT oils are used as carriers in the tincture. 

This CBD tincture comes in two potencies, 750mg and 1500mg, priced at $69.00 and $129.00, respectively. 

The perks of this product don’t end here! It’s available in five different flavors that are simultaneously relaxing and refreshing, including skittles, lemon-lime, peppermint, cinnamon, and choco mint. It even comes unflavored as well!

This versatility of the Kanibi Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture makes it a suitable choice for elderly consumers.

3. Veritas Farms CBD Tincture

CBD Type: Full Spectrum
CBD Potency: 250mg – 2000mg
Amount: 30ml

The Veritas Farms tincture is an all-natural way to get rid of sleep problems and improve mental focus. 

This CBD for sleep oil tincture is made of full-spectrum hemp oil combined with organic coconut oil to give the users a light formula for everyday use.

It is available in a variety of exciting flavors, including peppermint, watermelon, strawberry, and citrus. Plus, if you’re not a fan of flavors, you can also opt for the unflavored bottle.

As for the strength, you can choose any potency from 250mg to 2000mg, depending on the extent of the sleep disorder.

4. Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

CBD Type: Full Spectrum
CBD Potency: 750mg – 6000mg
Amount: 15ml – 120 ml

Natural ingredients in a CBD oil.

The Lazarus Naturals tincture is gluten-free, which makes it entirely suitable for all vegans. Made with all-natural ingredients, including hemp seed oil, coconut MCT oil, and full-spectrum hemp extract, this product claims to help promote relaxation, recovery, and general wellness.  

It contains 50mg of CBD/ml, and comes in sizes ranging from 15ml – 120ml, having a CBD potency range of 750mg – 6,000mg. 

What’s more is that this light-weight CBD tincture comes in unique flavors, like chocolate mint, French Vanilla Mocha, Yuzu, and classic. 

The good thing is that Lazarus Naturals also offer a financial assistance program for people having any disability, low income, and veterans.

Todays Trending Topics

CBD Oil Dosage for Sleep

If at any point, you’ve wondered: How to sleep better? CBD oil might help!

After you’ve chosen the best CBD tincture for sleep, the next step is to determine the dosage. 

Experts suggest beginning CBD use with a small dosage. Then, you may increase it if you don’t see the desired results. 

Alternatively, you can use a CBD dosage calculator. It will help you find the dose according to your weight, need, and condition.


The human body begins to deteriorate with time. However, you can delay this process of natural decline by using the right products and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Today, many seniors take CBD for insomnia because the research around cannabidiol and sleep disorders has shown promising results. 

Even if CBD itself doesn’t have significant side effects, a counterfeit product can harm you in the long run. Thus, it’s essential to choose CBD products wisely and consult a doctor if required.

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