10 Drinks to Help You Sleep at Night

Do you have insomnia? Are you having problems sleeping regularly? Has a good night’s sleep become a mere dream for you? If so, do not worry one bit!

Over 70 million Americans, or 40 percent of the population, have insomnia. Instead of worrying about your state, you can find ways that will help you get adequate sleep at night.

There are plenty of products out there that claim to help reduce insomnia and significantly improve sleep quality. However, we will be focusing only on the sleeping drink.

Research has shown positive results regarding natural beverages that help you get 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

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Some Drinks Can Help With Your Insomnia!

Your diet has a direct relationship with your sleep quality. Have you ever experienced trouble sleeping after eating an oily, starchy meal? Well, that is because eating a heavy meal right before your bedtime stresses your digestive system.

Acid reflux follows along with similar food-related disorders. For this reason, nutritionists and doctors recommend not having a heavy meal after six in the evening. Conversely, drinking specific beverages improves your sleep at night.

Drinks are light. They provide you with a subtle alternative of taking essential sleep-improving compounds. If you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep worth at least 7 hours, some natural drinks could do wonders for you!

Top 10 Drinks to Help You Sleep

Although there is a myriad of drinks beneficial against insomnia, some are more active than the rest. Likewise, here are ten of the most potent natural drinks that help you sleep at night.

Golden Milk

Golden milk refers to the combination of warm milk, turmeric, ginger, and honey. It is a drink made from all-natural ingredients, and hence you can drink it without the stress of side effects.

This sleep drink contains high levels of an essential amino acid tryptophan. As tryptophan is the primary precursor to the sleep hormone melatonin, golden milk increases its quantity, ultimately improving sleep.

Chamomile Tea

The chamomile plant is in our use for centuries. People have been using it to improve their sleep, reduce cold symptoms, and help with anxiety. But, is it a sleep drink? 

Research has shown that those who tend to consume chamomile tea regularly have a better sleep quality than others. Moreover, you can use it whether you have some medical conditions or not, as chamomile tea has no side effects.

Warm Milk

It might appear as a years’ old remedy that your grandparents used to follow—but drinking warm milk before bedtime has numerous benefits. Perhaps the most profound benefit is that it amps up the quality of your sleep.

Several research pieces have unearthed that drinking warm milk right before sleeping tends to reduce movement and relentlessness, ultimately ensuring your sleep quality.

Almond Milk

Almond is an all-inclusive package. Whether we talk about the goodness of nuts or the nutrition of fats and fibers, almond milk has it all. Additionally, it also contains some essential oils that have shown promising results in treating insomnia.

Moreover, research featuring 400 plus university students indicated that students who used almonds (or its sleep drink) before sleeping got better sleep than the rest.

Valerian Tea

We extract valerian tea from a perennial herb called valerian. People have traditionally used it for centuries to cure many ailments. However, its most potent use to date remains its anti-insomnia properties.

Valerian root tea is readily available in all stores that sell organic herbs. You can make tea with it and drink it before sleeping. The compounds in valerian extracts help reduce mental friction and improve sleep quality.

Herbal Green Tea

Herbal green tea is perhaps one of the most common drinks that help you sleep at night. It is an ancient remedy for improving sleep quality, treating a sore throat, and dealing with cold symptoms.

According to studies, the active compounds in herbal tea help the body wind down, promote non-rapid eye movement, and put you in the phase of deep sleep.

Fruit Smoothies

Sometimes you need a drink that caters to your late-night cravings while helping you sleep after that. In that regard, there is no better option than fruit smoothies. They are full of nutrients and antioxidants.

Furthermore, there are compounds present in numerous fruits that make you more relaxed, helping you get a good night’s sleep. Such compounds help enhance your dreams, ultimately improving your sleep quality.

Cherry Juice

Cherries are a fan favorite. When it comes to a tart fruit with a plethora of health benefits, the mighty cherry is leagues ahead of the competition. Likewise, it contains several compounds that can assist you to sleep better at night.

They contain substantial quantities of the sleep hormone melatonin. Besides, sour cherries are more beneficial for improving sleep as they have higher percentages of melatonin.

For that reason, drinking cherry juice before sleeping will put you in a deep sleep.

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Coconut Water

The elixir of life, coconut water, has loads of benefits. It is a natural electrolyte and helps overcome dehydration. It also contains high quantities of potassium and sugar that help you replenish the nutrients from your body.

People have experienced positive results upon drinking coconut water before sleep. It is one of the most commonly used drinks to help you sleep at night.

Peppermint Tea

Whether we talk about chewing gums or essential oils, peppermint is a name that comes up most often. It is one of the most potent extracts known to humankind. It helps treat congestion, reduces flu symptoms, and enhances sleep quality.

Research has unveiled positive results concerning peppermint tea’s potential in helping you relax and get a decent sleep at night.

Drinks That Help You Sleep – The Bottom Line

Getting sufficient sleep at night is imperative. It allows your mind and body to recover from a strenuous day. Additionally, proper sleep at night prepares you to face the challenges life has in store for you the next day.

So, if you are having trouble sleeping at night, try any of the ten drinks that help you sleep. As all of them are effective, you have the liberty to choose as per your taste preference!

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