The 16 Best CBD Face Creams for Every Skin Type

In recent years, CBD has become one of the most talked-about ingredients in almost all industries. Did you hear about CBD gummies or CBD deodorants?

While CBD is still under research, its products are picking speed faster than any other ingredient. One such CBD product that has the potential to take over the beauty world is CBD face creams. 

From best face moisturizer to best face cream, CBD is currently the golden child of the beauty world. Why is that so, and what makes CBD face creams better than others? Read to find out. 

CBD 101

CBD is one of the 100 compounds found in the cannabis plant, for those who don’t know. However, unlike THC, also found in cannabis, CBD doesn’t make you high. Therefore, this ingredient is becoming quite popular worldwide. 

While CBD has many health-related benefits like chronic pain relief, it does have a few properties that enhance your skin. 

Is CBD The New Hero For a Soothing Skin?

CBD proudly owns its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties against skin aging, dehydration, and pigmentation. While it is still under research, there are a few studies to back this stance.

As per a study, CBD may have strong anti-inflammatory properties to stop the excess sebum production in your skin. An unnatural amount of sebum is often the biggest reason behind acne and pigmentation. 

CBD, as an anti-inflammatory ingredient, may work successfully against swelling and reduce breakouts with acne.

Moreover, this 2009 research indicates CBD may be super effective to treat dry and dehydrated skin. 

If we believe in the above research, it’s pretty easy to accept the hype that surrounds CBD face creams. Who doesn’t want the best face moisturizer or the best face cream for dry skin? We all do!

So, let’s dig into our compiled list of the best 16 CBD face creams for all skin types. But before you do, here is something you should know. 

How Did We Choose?

Since CBD isn’t legal everywhere and is still an incomplete story, the face creams chosen below fall under specific criteria. We tested thousands of products before we decided on the best 16 best face creams. All the included products have:

  • THC below 0.3%
  • Great Customer Reviews
  • Only pure CBD with no preservatives
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Lab reports to prove CBD and THC proportions

So now that you know how we picked the products, enlighten yourself with the top 16. 

16 Best Face Creams

Here it is! Choose the one that meets your skin requirement. 

Best Overall- Papa & Barkley Releaf repair Cream

With hemp oil, cannabis extract, and jojoba oil, this silky cream works perfectly against dehydration. Apply this after a shower or as part of your night-time skincare routine. Also, it is pretty affordable. 

Best Lotion – CBD Botanical Lotion

Nothing works better than a combination of CBD and some pure botanical ingredients. This lotion is a life-saver for those with irritated skin and dry patches in winters. 

Best Serum – CBD Dynamic Serum

For a firm complexion and hydrated skin, this serum with botanical ingredients may work better than most high-end products. The serum’s broad-spectrum CBD formula also prevents skin aging. 

Best Face Moisturizer – Sagely Naturals Night Cream

This cream combines CBD with Hyaluronic acid, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, and Tocotrienols. The cream formula works brilliantly at night, and you wake with bright skin. 

Best for Itchy Skin – CBDMedic Eczema Therapy

A gentle cream to treat eczema and irritation, Eczema Therapy is a medicated ointment. It absorbs within a few minutes and therefore, proves quite productive. 

Best Toner – Kushly CBD Toner

Perfect for oily skin, this toner has remarkable properties to treat acne and pigmentation. 

Best Face Moisturizer for Dry Skin – Lord Jones Repair Moisturizer

It works effectively as the best face moisturizer for extremely dry skin. The CBD formula supports the acid mantle and retains skin moisture for an extended period.

Best for Face Relief – CBD Daly Soothing Serum 

A serum with CBD-infused oil, this product is a great face reliever. Also, it absorbs quickly and shows immediate results. 

Best Vitamin and CBD Combo – Envy CBD Face Cream

With full-spectrum CBD and skin vitamins, this cream improves moisturization and prevents aging. Moreover, it soothes your skin for a silky texture. 

Best for Skin Exposure – CBD Aloe Vera

Best face cream for after a long day under the sun, CBD Aloe Vera hydrates your skin and retains moisture. With 300mg CBD, apply it at night or whenever your skin needs some love. 

Best Face Cream On a Budget – PLUS CBD Serum

It is an affordable best face cream with all-natural ingredients. It has CBD and nourishing oils for an ultimate skin repair treatment. Moreover, this serum is rich in Vitamin E as well. 

Best Daily Face Moisturizer – Kiskanu Hemp CBD Face Oil

Think about a moisturizer that’s an all-rounder. This face oil can be used as daily face cream, beard conditioner, or even a makeup remover. However, make sure your face is completely dry before you apply this face oil. 

Best For Eyes – Cannula CBD Eye Balm 

Cannuka CBD eye cream is a delicate balm and a relief against dark circles for hydrated skin around the eyes. Moreover, its silk consistency is addictive, and the results are quick. 

Todays Trending Topics

Best For Spa Day – Vertly Glowing Face Serum  

With 24 botanicals and 500 mg CBD, this serum has the formula for all your skin needs. It works as a great nourisher and also a brilliant moisturizer. Moreover, the results are radiant and glowing. 

Best Sunscreen – Dixie Botanicals

CBD is an effective ingredient to protect your skin from extreme sun exposure. Dixie Botanicals protect against early signs of aging and suntan. Moreover, it comes with some good scents. 

Best Lip Balm – Botanicals CBD Lip Balm

Dry lips are always a no-no. CBD is a great ingredient to repair and soothe dry lips. Therefore, Botanicals lip balm has the perfect proportion of  CBD and natural oils to treat your lips with care. 


While CBD is still an ingredient under research, its possible benefits for our skin are pretty impressive. The anti-inflammatory properties make CBD one of the core ingredients for the upcoming best face creams and best face moisturizer. 

However, if you plan to buy a CBD face cream, make sure it is authorized by a doctor and contains only natural ingredients. Also, it should have THC levels below 0.3%. 

In case of any reaction, don’t wait to rush to a skin specialist. 

Cheers to your healthy skin!

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