The 14 Best Dark Spot Correctors That Actually Work

If you ever find some dark spots on your face, don’t panic! Not only are they common but also completely normal. Dark spots on the face are called hyperpigmentation; these are caused by excess melanin production due to various reasons such as sun damage or shaving.

If you choose not to embrace these dark spots, there are many products available on the market to help diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation. 

Although the best way to prevent your dark spots is by knowing the cause behind them, you can use these products to reduce any that you may already have.

Here are the top 14 dark spot correctors on the market

Peace Out Microneedling Dark Spot Brightening Dots

These tiny oil-free patches contain niacinamide and tranexamic acids, perfect for brightening up pesky dark spots. Each dot contains 173 microneedles which help deliver quick results and fade your dark spots within two weeks!

The peace-out brightening patches also contain licorice roots extract, which is excellent for brightening and lightening. They may be tiny, but these patches work well!

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads

This dark spot corrector contains glycolic acid, which exfoliates your skin and also helps to reduce blackheads. Using these regularly can help reduce dark spots’ appearance while leaving you with smooth and clean skin.

They also contain hyaluronic acid, a chemical that helps your skin retain moisture. The Nip + Fab night pads are easy to use and perfect for your nighttime routine.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Dark Spot Sun Defense

Dr. Dennis Gross sun defense is the best dark spot corrector with SPF, a product that works as sunscreen and dark spot treatment. 

Studies show that the sun can not only be very damaging to your skin but can also increase dark spots. This corrector contains peptides and glycolic acid, great ingredients to promote an even healthy complexion.

My Topical Faded Brightening and Clearing Gel

Exfoliating is a great way to eliminate dead skin cells; this gel corrector is the perfect exfoliant and brightener. It contains niacinamide which can help to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Not only is it gentle, but it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

You may initially experience some skin purging when you use this product, which is expected; however, you should discontinue it if you experience inflammation or irritation.

Clinique Radical Dark Spot Corrector

This classic product clears up your dark spots within 12 weeks and is perfect for all skin types. The great thing about Clinique’s radical spot corrector is that it not only reduces the appearance of stubborn marks but also prevents them from appearing. 

It is gentle enough for daily use and also contains salicylic acid, which is known to be a great exfoliant.

BeautyStat Universal C skin Refiner

Vitamin C is excellent for skin brightening; luckily, this dark spot corrector contains plenty of it. Not only will the BeautyStat refiner help to brighten your dark spots, but it also tightens your skin for a more youthful glow.

Hyper Clear Brightening Vitamin C Serum

Another great dark spot corrector which contains vitamin C, which does work! 

This serum contains fruit enzymes and turmeric, which work together to fade away dark spots. It also helps to decrease inflammation and clear up any dead skin cells.

Bolden Nighttime Repair Serum

If you are looking for a great nighttime corrector, then this product is perfect for you. It contains glycolic, which helps to gently exfoliate your skin, getting rid of dead skin cells.

Not only has this product shown great results, but it also contains antioxidants that help firm up your skin.

Garnier Skinactive Corrector

This product is the best product for those of us on a budget. It not only helps to correct damage and dark spots caused by sun damage, but it also is an exfoliator. 

Not only does it do its job to help your skin look vibrant again, but it also keeps your skin feeling refreshed and healthy.

Some users also report that it helps with acne scars as well.

Specific Beauty Intensive Skin Brightening Serum

This product is a bit different from the other products on our list. This one is made with darker skin in mind. While those with darker skin sometimes find it harder to find products that fit their skin tone, this is just the product. 

Not only does it contain retinol and niacinamide, but it also has ginger root extract to help your skin feel soothed and refreshed.

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that causes skin cell replacement which heals damaged skin faster.

Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum

While most of us tend to look for dark spot correctors that either fit our budget or seem to have the best reviews, some look for products that either contain or don’t contain specific ingredients. 

This product contains the ingredient hydroquinone, which is one of the best skin-lightening ingredients on the market. While some prefer not to use it, it is best used in small doses. 

This product overall will target dark spots and keep your skin looking clear.

PCA Skin HQ-Free Pigment Gel

Unlike the previous product, this one does not contain hydroquinone. Instead, this serum includes phenethyl resorcinol, azelaic acid, and kojic acid. 

While not hydroquinone, these products are excellent for skin-lightening and work a little more aggressively to correct dark spots.

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SkinMedica Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum

This product is much different from the rest of the list as this one has the highest price tag. It doesn’t necessarily make it the best product overall, but it is effective even with a hefty price. 

This product is clinically proven to treat dark spots across all skin tones and contains niacinamide.

Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Cleansing Bar

We saved the best for last. This product is both cost-effective and best performing, in our opinion. 

This product contains azelaic acid, kojic acid, and niacinamide, noted as some of the best ingredients on the market. This one comes in the form of a cleansing bar, which also works as a mask and exfoliator.

Final Words

While we all may have our criteria for finding the best dark spot correctors, this list should help you find what you like. With just a little bit of care, you can get rid of your dark spots in no time.

Other people may want to go for the cheapest or best-reviewed; we hope this list gives you a more in-depth look at all sorts of products on the market. Hopefully, you find the best one for you!

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