Skin Care Products That May Not Work

When it comes to skincare products, there is seemingly no end to versatility. Therefore, it’s pretty overwhelming for users who may end up buying something they never tried before. 

With all those catchy commercials that show ‘instant’ results, it’s too easy to lure new customers. After all, everyone wants to look younger and brighter. 

However, because the skincare industry is so widespread, some iffy skincare products don’t work. Therefore, you must know what products to stay away from.

So, if you put particular focus on your skin and want to find out which skincare products don’t work, here is what you need to know.

Skincare Products that Don’t Work

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In addition to unraveling the skincare products that don’t work, we will also see the alternatives to not miss out on the many essential skincare products. Let’s find out.

Vitamin Supplements

Supplements only work best if you have a deficiency. So, supplements for Vitamin A, B3, C, and E may be effective for some but not necessarily for all. Moreover, since these supplements have something to do with the blood, you must be cautious if you have bleeding gums or brittle nails.

Maintaining the nutritional intake through foods is a more suitable alternative because it won’t have any severe side effects. Therefore, try eating more fruits and veggies to support your skin health.

Face Mist

Face Mist sounds like an excellent idea for refreshing facial skin. You may have tried sprinkling some rose water at the start of the day. 

Even though it feels great, face mist doesn’t effectively moisturize the skin. Also, the fragrance can irritate sensitive skin.

As an alternative, try a moisturizer on damp skin. Moreover, oil-free products are more suitable because they don’t clog pores.

Anti-Cellulite Lotions

Anti-cellulite lotions are great for smoothening the skin. They keep it hydrated, especially during dry conditions. However, these lotions only temporarily tighten the skin surface. 

The creams don’t get rid of the cellulite because it doesn’t penetrate deep enough to break the cellulite fats. So, seeking a dermatologist-recommended treatment is a better solution for dealing with cellulite buildup on the skin.

Eye Creams

Eye creams with Vitamin C are only effective for skin under the eyes. They can lighten the pigments under the eyes but may not remove dark circles. 

Moreover, you can only use products like hydroquinone after a doctor’s recommendation. Eye care products can also cause allergies to thinner skins, and they tend to bluish spots as you grow older.

To prevent dryness under the eyes, it is best to drink more water and seek expert help when needed.

Instant Problem Fixers

The easiest way to tell a skincare product that doesn’t work is by looking at the outcomes that it promises. Most skin conditions take time to heal. For instance, it can take at least four weeks to get rid of acne. 

Similarly, wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines can take at least six months to heal, and you may not even feel any visible changes in the beginning.

So, an ‘instant healing’ is an easy indication of which skincare products don’t work. Therefore, you’re better off consulting your dermatologist for any resurfacing or surgical treatments.

Activated Charcoal Masks

Charcoal masks are one of the best-selling skincare products these days, but they’re not as effective as you might think. Even though they can absorb harmful agents from your stomach, there isn’t sufficient factual evidence that says, ‘charcoal masks are good for the skin.’

A regular wash with water can be good enough to cleanse your skin and prevent dirt or bacteria.

Facial Massages

Nothing seems more appealing than a relaxing massage. It’s like the massage will take away all your skin problems. However, massage treatments aren’t as effective in the longer run. Also, you must avoid facial massages if there is acne. 

Often, squeezing blackheads and pimples leads to skin discoloration, and it doesn’t go away any soon.

Facials are effective for a short time, so don’t expect the results to last too long. Instead, keep your skin moisturized for more sustainable products.

Acne Oils

Natural oils are great moisturizers, but they end up clogging pores. Therefore, it’s not best to use them for acne treatment. It may only make things worse if you dab the oils on pimples.

As an alternative, try using benzoyl peroxide for zits. Moreover, consulting an expert is more effective in treating severe acne.

Stretch Mark Creams

Stretch marks usually appear after pregnancy and weight loss. However, there aren’t many creams or gels that can get rid of these marks. These creams are one of the more obvious skincare products that don’t work.

The only way to get rid of the scars is through surgery or laser therapy. However, why not wear these scars as a badge instead of getting rid of them.

Vitamin E Products

Woman taking bath in fruits for skincare.

Vitamin E products are often marketed as something that prevents scars. However, you can’t get rid of scars simply by rubbing those products on the skin. Moreover, there are several foods with Vitamin E, so it’s better to fulfill your nutritional requirement through natural products.

You can consult your dermatologist to suggest treatments that may make your scars less noticeable.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Removing Moles

Since vinegar is acidic, it is likely to damage your skin and may even cause burns. Moreover, it can worsen eczema as studies proved how apple cider vinegar could cause skin irritation in eczema patients.

To remove moles, consult your dermatologist, and they will guide you with the best treatment option.

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Tips for a Healthy Skin

Maintaining healthy skin is more straightforward than it appears in commercials. Just go natural. Here is what you can do:

  • Drink more water
  • Avoid smoking
  • Focus on nutritional intake
  • Use SPF30 sunscreens on sunny days
  • Keep your skin moisturized


Skincare may seem like an expensive idea, but it’s cheaper than you might think. Especially after knowing which skincare products don’t work, there must be some extra room in your budget the next time you go out shopping. Also, ensuring healthy skin through natural means is more important than saving money. You must try to use minimal skincare products for sustainable and healthier skin.

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