CBD and Hair Products: Does CBD Help With Hair Growth?

Hair loss has become one of the major concerns of people around the world. It can be a sensitive issue caused by over-processed hair, stress, health-related illnesses, or hormonal changes

Fortunately, the use of CBD oil for hair loss helps stimulate your hair growth. Furthermore, several CBD hair products let you take your hair care game up to the next level.

This post will discuss how CBD can stimulate the growth of your hair, reduce hair loss, and strengthen hair. We will also show you how to select the best CBD products that could give you gorgeous and luscious hair in no time.

CBD Oil For Hair Loss: Does CBD Help with Overall Hair Growth?

Researchers have found that CBD has many benefits, including reduced anxiety, better sleep, improved immune system, and mood regulation. 

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But as it turns out, this compound can also help your hair in the form of CBD-infused styles, conditioners, and CBD shampoos. Here are some ways CBD can benefit your hair.

CBD Promotes Hair Growth

Hair loss becomes an issue when the rate at which your hair grows back is lower than the rate at which you’re losing it, thereby leading to bald spots and thinning. 

Several factors can lead to hair loss, such as chemical deposits, dandruff, and nutrients deficiency. Combating this issue requires a compound that can promote hair growth by acting upon the underlying causes.

Many people want their hair to be thick and luscious, and that might be possible with the help of CBD products or by combining your regular hair care regimen with CBD oil for hair loss. 

CBD is rich in essential fatty acids like Omega 9, 6, and 3, which nourish the cuticles and keep the hair hydrated by preventing the loss of moisture.

According to a study, massaging CBD oil into your scalp alleviates scalp dryness by absorbing nutrients and stimulating the growth of your hair.

CBD hair products can also encourage the growth of hair by improving blood flow near the hair follicles. A significant improvement in blood circulation also strengthens hair.

Additionally, these hair products detoxify the hair and remove dust particles and harmful chemical deposits to stimulate growth.

CBD Improves Scalp Health

Scalp health and CBD skin benefits are essential areas where CBD skincare products shine. CBD has made waves in the beauty industry because of its excellent therapeutic properties and benefits for the skin and scalp.

Its potent anti-inflammatory properties help soothe inflammation, irritation, and patchy flaking of the scalp’s skin, leading to premature baldness or affecting hair growth.

CBD oil interacts with the cannabinoid receptors on the scalp to regulate immune system function. As a result, it soothes skin inflammation in these areas to reduce hair loss and delivers similar effects while treating conditions like folliculitis, eczema, and psoriasis.

In addition, CBD interaction impacts the natural oil or sebum levels in the scalp, which reduces issues like dry scalp and dandruff.

Moreover, it has antimicrobial properties that lower the risk of developing scalp infections that cause dandruff. Some hair products like hair spray and conditioners have deposits that can increase hair loss and cause an imbalance in the scalp’s pH level. 

CBD oil beauty products’ cleansing properties, especially those intended for hair treatments, can help eliminate particles and deposits from the scalp. Thus, improving the health of the scalp.

CBD Treats Stress and Hormone-Induced Hair Loss

Stress and hormonal fluctuations are some of the primary causes of hair loss. For example, menopause and pregnancy cause drastic changes in hormone levels, leading to hair fall. 

In situations like these, external treatments alone are not enough to help you manage the issue, and that’s where CBD oil can come in handy.

CBD oil can help achieve hormonal balance to manage hair fall and promote the growth of hair. This is because they interact with the receptors that control the body’s hormone regulation functions. Furthermore, stress can affect the overall supply of nutrients available to grow hair and maintain your scalp’s health. It can also lead to hormonal fluctuations.

The potent anti-stress and anti-anxiety benefits of CBD can help promote feelings of relaxation and calmness. In addition, it reduces stress levels to keep the chemicals that control the growth of hair at appropriate levels.

Prevents Hair Breakage And Damage

Exposure to UV radiation, pollution, and dust destroys the building blocks of your skin and hair. As time goes on, your hair starts losing its shine and begins to look lifeless and dull. 

Also, poor lifestyle choices combined with environmental factors and harmful styling tools can negatively impact your hair’s health, leaving it weak and damaged.

CBD oil offers one of the best solutions to restore your beauty and repair damaged hair. They have moisturizing properties to smoothen the hair texture, treat dry, lifeless hair, and improve the overall appearance.

Research shows that CBD oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and several other vitamins. Studies also show that omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids prevent hair loss and make hair stronger and thicker in women. 

Also, the antioxidants from CBD oil hair products can repair breakage and protect the hair from environmental damage. It also keeps the hair well-nourished and hydrated, even in harsh weather conditions. 

However, it is essential to ensure that you’re using CBD oil hair products from a reputable CBD skincare company to achieve the best results. Plus, make sure to buy those products that are tested by a third-party lab.

How To Select The Best CBD Hair Products

Finding the best CBD oil for the scalp can be challenging since several CBD beauty brands and products are out there. However, the following tips might help:


Buy your CBD product from a reputable brand. This helps ensure you’re using an authentic product that is tested in the lab for CBD content, impurities, and toxins that could harm your hair and scalp.

Look for Natural Ingredients

Look for other beneficial ingredients in CBD products for hair: The best CBD hair product should contain all-natural and organic ingredients good for the hair and skin.

The CBD oil should contain essential oils like tea tree oil, cedarwood or geranium, peppermint, clary sage, lavender, and Rosemary to promote wellness and fragrance. In addition, it must also be enriched with omega-rich oil, which repairs and hydrates the hair and scalp.

Avoid Products with Synthetic Ingredients

It is best to avoid products that contain harsh chemicals such as alcohols, preservatives, fillers, and synthetic fragrances, which can dry out the scalp and cause adverse reactions. Instead, ensure the product contains all-natural ingredients to avoid unwanted reactions.

Trending Tips on CBD Products

Read the Reviews

Read reviews to gain more information and insight about the hair product before you make your final choice. That will help you learn about the product’s effectiveness, drawbacks (if any), and how to use it efficiently for hair loss.

Top 5 CBD Hair Products

To assist you further, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best CBD products for hair. 

CBDmd Oil for Stronger Hair

As discussed earlier, CBD oil’s amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids promote hair growth and make them stronger simultaneously.

It is safe to say that CBDmd is one of the most reputable brands for selling CBD oil Tincture.

This third-party tested vegan-friendly CBD oil comes in two potencies: 30ml and 60ml containing 50mg of CBD. 

Along with CBD, it blends other cannabinoids and terpenes to produce the entourage effect. Also, you can choose from a range of flavors: natural, berry, orange, and mint. 

Put a few drops of this CBD oil directly onto your scalp and massage it for 2-3 minutes. You will notice tangible changes in your hair by repeating this practice twice a week. 

Infinite CBD Hair Mask for Hair 

Do you have thin hair, dry scalp, or stubborn hair that refuses to grow? Well, Infinite CBD hair mask has you covered!

Luckily, some people have naturally thicker hair that keeps growing. However, others have disappointingly thin hair that never grows. 

However, with the Infinite CBD hair mask, you can grow your hair faster and restore your scalp health – thanks to its all-natural ingredients.

Woman that takes care of her hair.

The rosemary and lavender essential oils work to make your hair thicker and more robust. So, next time you’re about to take a shower, consider applying this hair mask and leave it on for 30 minutes. 

Note that applying the hair mask once won’t do any good; you must repeat this practice to see visible changes. 

Dr. Hempster’s Anti-Hair Loss CBD Shampoo

When finger combing your hair, getting a clump of hair between your fingers can be terribly annoying. If you’ve experienced this lately, know that you’re suffering from hair loss. 

Dr. Hempster’s anti-hair loss shampoo is packed with natural ingredients, including hemp oil, argan oil, palmetto, and wheat protein, that work to prevent hair loss. 

Additionally, this product is 100% THC-free and reasonably priced, considering its immense benefits.

Furthermore, you can read the customer reviews to learn more about the product’s authenticity.   

Hemp Hydrating and Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 

Hemp hydrating hair mask by Giovanni is yet another CBD hair product that you can try. It comes in a 147ml bottle and contains hemp oil, frankincense, aloe vera, and sage. 

It will not only moisturize your hair but repair damaged hair and split ends too. Also, if you color your hair often, you can use this product without worrying as it’s 100% color-safe.

Regular use of this product will allow you to see noticeable changes in your hair. 

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An Ultra-Nourishing CBD Shampoo by Physicians Grade

If you prefer THC-free products, you’ll be glad to know that this CBD shampoo has 0% THC.

It comes in a 237ml bottle and contains 100mg of CBD per bottle. 

Shea butter, safflower, jojoba, and hemp oil in this product will nourish and smoothen your hair follicles, promoting fuller, more beautiful hair.

Massage the shampoo gently onto your scalp and rinse it well. It is recommended that you use the product for about three months to achieve better results.


The use of CBD hair products or CBD oil for hair loss can be the secret weapon in your hair care regimen to improve your overall hair health and growth.

However, you must ensure you select authentic CBD products for hair loss to improve health, stimulate growth, and enjoy other CBD’s unique therapeutic properties for your hair.

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