4 Things That Happen When you Switch Over to a Plant-Rich Skincare Regimen

The skincare industry has evolved immensely in the last decade. People are now switching over to plant-based skincare. With more people adopting a healthier lifestyle, it only makes sense to switch to a healthier skincare routine too.

What exactly is plant-based skincare? As its name implies, plant-based skincare is made from entirely natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. 

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Chemical-based skin care products can often be too harsh on certain skin types. This article will discuss the benefits of a plant-rich skin care regimen and how to get a clear skin naturally.

Benefits of Having a Plant-Based Skincare Routine

Firstly let’s look over what makes up plant-based skincare regimens. Here are a few ingredients to avoid if you are looking for pure plant-based options. 

Typically glycerine can be found in most moisturizers; while this ingredient can be made up of vegetable fat, it is better to find moisturizers with no glycerine on the safe side.

Another ingredient to avoid if you are vegan is collagen, as this comes directly from animals, and unfortunately, there is no plant-based solution for this. 

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Lastly, avoid Squalene. Squalane comes from shark livers and therefore not plant sourced. 

These are some of the more commonly used ingredients, in case you’re not sure if an element is plant-based or not. It is best to research ingredients before buying a specific product, even if it is advertised as plant-based or vegan. 

But what exactly are the benefits of having a plant-based skincare routine?

Environmentally Friendly

As we discussed earlier, some ingredients found in certain skincare products are derived from animals. Not only is that not vegan, but the thought of animal products in products that you use on your skin isn’t exactly the most appealing.

Plant-based skincare products are made from natural ingredients, and extracting most of these ingredients does not require things like mining or disturbing the environment

Also, since they do not have any harsh chemicals in them, they won’t cause any harm to plants and animals should they come in contact with these products.

No Harsh Chemicals

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Skincare products can often contain harsh acids and chemicals that leave most skin types irritated. If you’re wondering how to get a clear face, then switching to plant-based products is the right choice. 

These products are safe with natural ingredients and don’t contain any harmful dyes or chemicals.

Plant-based skincare products often contain natural oils, which can be great for your skin and make it feel softer and looking radiant.

Food for Your Skin

Just like you nourish your body, you also need to nourish your skin. Plant-rich skin products contain ingredients like fruit extracts and seed oils, ingredients that you’d feel good putting in your body. So it only makes sense that they are also suitable for your face.

What Happens When You Switch to a Plant-Rich Skincare Regimen

You may be wondering if there is anything to prepare for when switching over to a plant-based skincare routine. The question “how to get a clear skin naturally” might have also crossed your mind. Here’s what happens when you switch over:

Your Skin Will Get The Love it Deserves

Cutting out harsh chemicals that can tend to dry out your skin, plant-based products will re-soothe and moisturize your skin and begin to bring back a healthy glow. 

Essentially you will be cutting out sulfates, parabens, synthetics, and other toxins that can not only dry your skin but can also cause breakouts.

Traditional, straightforward skin care tips may suggest things like harsh scrubs and chemicals, but those things can leave your skin suffering in the long run. With natural ingredients, your skin will love the nutrients it is receiving, and it will show good results.

You’ll be Making Healthier Decisions

By choosing natural skincare products, you are already making a healthy decision. Not only are these products environmental-friendly, but they also save animal lives if they are vegan. But it is also essential to keep in mind that not every natural skin care product is vegan.

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Skincare products can often contain ingredients like acids and microbeads, which can be harmful to animals and the environment when washed down the drain. With plant-based products, you don’t have to worry about those things.

You’ll Want to Make it a Routine

Taking good care of your skin can make you feel better about yourself. It is an act of self-love, after all. 

Once you start using healthier plant-based skin products and see the changes in your skin, you might want to turn it into a routine. Seeing results can also give you the motivation to be more consistent with your skincare routine.

These products contain ingredients that are not only healthy for your skin but also your body. Knowing this can make you want to take better care of your skin.

You’ll Start Noticing Positive Changes in Your Mind Too

Not only will your skin be feeling better, but you will feel good knowing that the products you are using are safe for your skin and body. You may start noticing your skin looking glowy and feeling softer. Natural skincare products smell good, too, which is always a bonus.

Without the harsh chemicals that everyday skincare products contain, you will feel better about nourishing your skin. 

Vegan skincare products are also made using sustainable ingredients, and knowing that the products you are using are earth-friendly may make you feel better about using them.

While many people choose more traditional skincare routines, more people are opting for more natural and plant-based skincare regimens. Many of the ingredients in these regiments are plant-derived and are a lot less harsh on the skin. There are many natural skin care products on the market to choose from.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article answers your question about how to get clear skin naturally with a plant-rich skincare routine and what to expect from such products.

More and more women and men are making the switch to safer products that are good for both the skin and the environment. You can make the change too!

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