14 Foods High in Vitamin E for Healthy Skin

Are you worried about wrinkles, dark spots, or other skin aging issues? Are you tired of spending so much time and effort, and not to mention money on beauty products? There’s a way out! And it’s this simple: Just include foods high in Vitamin E into your diet.

Unfortunately, most skin-care creams and serums are expensive and do not offer the results you want. So if you want healthy skin without breaking your bank, just get some Vitamin E!

Unlike other ingredients, there are many studies on the benefits of vitamin E for healthy skin. 

According to the National Institute of Health, vitamin E has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, it protects your cells from the damaging effect of UV light, air pollution, and even cigarette smoke. Keep in mind that FDA considers a DV of 15mg of vitamin E per day sufficient for adults in the US.

If you want to add food rich in vitamin E to your diet, the following article highlights 14 foods high in vitamin E for healthy skin. 

Sunflower Seeds

Although most seeds have high vitamin E content, sunflower seeds are the best source for getting the highest nutrients. It gives you almost 49% of the DV of vitamin E in just one ounce of serving.

Sunflower seeds with vitamin E.

Similarly, a 100g sunflower seed serving contains around 35mg of the Vitamin. Besides this, sunflower seeds are rich in protein, potassium, magnesium, zinc, fiber, and healthy unsaturated fat. 

You can add your serving to oatmeal, breakfast smoothie, yogurt, or snack on the seeds throughout the day. 

Wheat Germ Oil

When it comes to cooking oil, wheat germ oil has the highest content of vitamin E. You get 135% DV in just one tablespoon of the oil, allowing you to add it to a simple salad or use it for cooking. 

Comparatively, almond and safflower oils contain just a quarter of the vitamin E found in wheat germ oil. 


Among the various types of nuts mentioned in this list, almonds are the richest food high in vitamin E. They contain 49% DV of vitamin E in just one ounce or almost 25.63mg every 100g serving. 

Moreover, almonds also contain protein, healthy fat, fiber, potassium, and magnesium. You can top off your breakfast yogurt with some almonds and berries to get your daily source of vitamin E.


Avocados are not just a healthy source of fat, fiber, and potassium, but they also contain around 28% of DV of vitamin E in just one whole fruit. Along with this, you get a large amount of vitamin C and K too. 

What’s more, the fat in this fruit promotes the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins E and K. 


Peanuts are another type of nuts with a high amount of vitamin E for healthy skin. You get around 16% of the DV of vitamin E in just one ounce or around 4.93mg in a 100g serving. 


Hazelnuts are one of the tastiest yet healthiest nuts, containing around 28% of the DV of vitamin E to get supple skin in no time. And no, hazelnut Nutella does not hold the same nutritional value!

Always opt for raw nuts if you want the benefits. 


Seafood like shrimps is packed with nutrients but low in calories. If you eat a six-ounce serving of shrimps, you get around 25% DV of the vitamin E required for the day. 

Furthermore, seafood contains high levels of vitamin B12 and lean protein too. 


You can find many leafy green vegetables rich in vitamin E, including kale and Swiss chard. Spinach, in particular, has almost 25% DV of vitamin E in just one cup serving.

What’s more, it contains a high quantity of vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium too. 

Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is one of the favorite vegetables consumed during falls, especially during Thanksgiving all over the US. Apart from its tasty flavor, the vegetable is a fantastic source of vitamin E, containing 18% of its DV in a one-cup serving. 

Red Bell Peppers

Although bell peppers are known for having a high quantity of vitamin C, it is another food high in vitamin E. It contains antioxidant properties to protect your skin from damage. In just one cup serving of fresh red bell peppers, you get around 22% of the DV of vitamin E.


Fish on a plate with vitamin E.

As mentioned above, seafood is an excellent source to meet your daily vitamin E requirement. For instance, just a 100g serving of trout gives you 2.15mg of vitamin E, 21g of protein, and even beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. 

Similarly, a six-ounce serving of salmon includes 24% of the DV of vitamin E, 89% vitamin D, and an astounding 195% DV of vitamin B12. 

Beet Greens

Many people are unaware of the benefits of the green leaves of beetroots. Instead of throwing them away, you can use them in salads, pasta, or sauté with other vegetables. 

These leafy greens contain around 1.81mg of vitamin E in 100g, around 12% of its DV. 

Goose Meat

If you are bored eating beef and chicken every other day, opt for goose meat to change the taste and get around 16% DV of vitamin E in every serving. 

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While many people may avoid broccoli from their diet, there is no doubt that it is one of the healthiest vegetables out there. Hence, it is not surprising that it is rich in vitamin E, C, and K.

Since you get 15% of the DV of vitamin E in a one-cup serving, you should add broccoli to your diet if you want healthy skin. 


Instead of wasting your money on ineffective and expensive skin-care products, you can add foods high in vitamin E to your diet. This nutrient is a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin cells from damage and aging due to sun exposure and pollution.

If you reach your daily value of vitamin E every day, you are bound to notice a change in your skin over time. Check out our top 14 foods high in vitamin E that you can easily add to your diet to get better skin.

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