What is CBD Skincare?

Finding natural skincare products that smell great and work effectively can be difficult. Many products claim to be vegan, raw, or chemical-free, but you may never know their genuine ingredients. 

For so many people, their skincare routines are a crucial part of their daily routine. Taking care of your skin is so important, which is why many people are turning to CBD-infused skincare products. 

If you’re looking for the best CBD cream for your daily skincare routine, you are in luck. There are dozens of new CBD-infused products hitting the market every month. 

As the CBD skin care products market continues to grow, demand increases for higher-quality CBD creams and oils. That means CBD-infused skincare products are improving continuously, and you can reap the benefits.

But first: are you confused as to what is CBD skincare? Well, let’s check out!

What is CBD Skin Care?

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis and hemp plants. It offers you all the healing properties of cannabis without intoxicating you.

But why is CBD good for your skin? Well, the CBD benefits are many. 

As the hype around CBD grows, more and more people are beginning to see it as a cure-all. However, its anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties are the prime reasons for its entrance into the beauty world. 

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Early on, you probably most often heard about CBD oils and topicals. Now, those products are transitioning into several different categories, including CBD skincare products. 

These are more targeted products designed specifically for use at certain times of the day or on specific areas of your skin. 

You can replace your entire product collection with CBD skincare products, from night cream to under-eye balm. 

Whether you want serums, sunscreens, or even chapsticks, you can now find it all in CBD skincare. 

Types of CBD – Which One to Choose?

Before we dive deeper into CBD skincare, let’s first discuss the types of CBD. 

Full-spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC along with all the other elements of cannabis. However, the THC has to be less than 0.3% according to the 2018 Farm Bill, which means that it cannot cause a high. 

Broad-Spectrum CBD contains all the elements of cannabis apart from THC. 

At the same time, CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD, without any other compound of cannabis. 

For skin, we suggest CBD isolate as it is the purest form of CBD. It is also more likely to give the maximum CBD benefits as it does not clog pores and contains the elements to refresh your skin.

Moreover, while choosing a CBD skincare product, don’t forget that hemp seed oil is different from CBD oil. So, look for ingredients that specifically mention CBD and not any other part of the cannabis or hemp plant. 

CBD Benefits for Skin

To understand the CBD benefits, you need to know its mechanism in the body. 

While the exact method of its interaction is unclear, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the human body to balance and control various bodily functions. 

Here are some potential ways it can work wonders for your skin.

Hydrates the Skin

The moisturizing properties of CBD help maintain hydration and give your skin a much-desired glow.

Helps Manage Various Skin Conditions

CBD is anti-inflammatory, which means it can help treat several skin conditions, like eczema, rosacea, and even painful breakouts. 

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Moreover, adopting CBD skin care can also be beneficial to treat acne as it can limit oil production, keeping your pores from clogging up and causing acne. 

It is Antiaging

CBD has antioxidant properties, making it a potentially strong candidate for countering wrinkles and aging symptoms on your skin.

More About CBD Skincare

Here are all your CBD skin care questions answered:

What Does It Cost?

If you’re someone with a daily skincare routine, you have likely paid too much money for creams and face wash already.

However, for around $20 for a CBD face cream, you can replace what you’re currently using for a more environmentally friendly product. 

In addition, CBD face creams and face washes often cost less than what you’re paying for already.

Trending Tips on CBD Products

How Does It Smell and Feel?

When shopping for skincare products, you can come across some intense smelling creams, lotions, and cleansers. 

Many people associate CBD products with the smell of hemp or something from the outdoors. That’s especially true for some CBD topicals, such as lotions and washes. 

CBD-infused skincare products come in many scents and thicknesses, so you can find what you prefer. 

For example, there are fruit-scented lotions, natural aroma body washes, and musk-scented creams and oils. 

CBD skincare products vary from thick to watery, just like more conventional products you buy at the store. That means finding a CBD skincare product to replace what you’re already using shouldn’t be tough.

How Does It Work?

CBD skincare products work similarly to other products with natural ingredients. 

The idea behind them is for the CBD compounds to bind with your skin, just like aloe or vitamin E in other lotions. 

CBD face creams do the same thing, functioning the way your traditional night cream would, only using different, more natural compounds.

Maintain Caution

The research on CBD skin care is still in somewhat early stages, even though it’s showing favorable results. 

Many people have found CBD to be effective, but as the popularity increases, so do the myths about CBD and the room for fake and cheap products. 

Before adopting CBD into your life, don’t forget to consult thorough research. Only obtain CBD products from certified companies to ensure their originality. 

The FDA does not oversee the CBD market, so your responsibility lies upon yourself.

CBD Skin Care: Worth the Hype?

If you’re looking to switch up your beauty regimen and opt for more natural options, CBD skincare products are the way to go. 

With a bit of search, you can find a variety of CBD skincare products. However, don’t forget to consult your dermatologist before you begin. Not everything suits everyone.

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