CBD Cream 101: Top 5 Areas to Apply CBD Cream

Today, CBD users are blessed with numerous options in terms of CBD products. Back in the day, all you could use was CBD oil. 

Now, there are CBD lotions, lip balms, creams, vape oils, drinks, and even mattresses. 

Although this vast selection of CBD topicals offers a wide range of choices, it also raises questions about the proper use of CBD cream. How do you use a CBD cream for pain? Where do you apply a CBD topical cream?

To understand the proper application and working of CBD cream for pain or general wellness, you must know the chemical makeup of CBD. 

Considering that the cannabinoid is fat-soluble, it will obviously absorb well on the fatty parts of the skin. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t apply it to your elbows or knees. But the absorption rate and bioavailability might be lower in these areas. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the proper usage of a CBD cream and on which areas of the body you can use a CBD cream for pain. 

Top 5 Areas to Apply a CBD Topical Cream 

The primary reason for CBD creams being so popular is that they have a localized response. In simple words, you can apply them to a direct spot where you’re experiencing a problem. 

For example, if a certain body part is in pain, you can put CBD cream for pain on it. Since the cream is in direct contact with that part of the skin, it will show quick results. 

Let’s talk about five areas on the skin to apply CBD topical cream for instant effect. 

  1. Temples 

Headache disorders are prevalent, especially now that we’re consumed by the excessive daily stresses of life. 

Different studies are evaluating CBD’s emerging role in headaches, including migraines. 

A 2019 study investigated the long-term and short-term benefits of CBD against migraines. The results showed that men had a better reduction in headaches with CBD usage than women. On the whole, the results seem quite promising, indicating that CBD might be a useful intervention. 

If you’re experiencing a migraine, you can dab a drop or two of a CBD cream for pain in your temples. Then, spread it on the region or tell someone to give you a massage. 

Remember that a CBD topical cream will take some time to work – sometimes as long as an hour – since the components need a while to absorb into the dermal layer. 

  1. Face 

Currently, the market is filled with CBD skincare and beauty products. 

Research shows that CBD might be a useful treatment against different skin conditions, including dermatitis and psoriasis. 

Additionally, it can also be used against acne and dry skin. Some experts suggest that it might have an anti-aging effect when used in combination with hemp seed oil. 

Therefore, if you’re experiencing acne or inflammation due to eczema, you can use a reliable CBD face cream or lotion. Before putting anything on your face, make sure that it’s tested and only has natural ingredients. 

  1. Neck 

A scientific review reported that CBD might be helpful against different pains, such as neck and back pain. 

People suffering from neck pain can apply a CBD cream for pain on the aching region. Most creams start showing results in about half an hour. 

Some creams may also contain menthol, lidocaine, or other cooling agents to numb the pain sensation instantly. 

  1. Joints 

Arthritis is a concerning cause of disability in the US as it affects millions of Americans every year. The two common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. 

The Arthritis Foundation says that there’s enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that people who use CBD experience pain relief and reduction in anxiety. 

A 2016 study reported that applying topical CBD to the site of pain can ease the pain while reducing inflammation caused by arthritis. 

In the same light, a 2017 study showed that CBD might be a useful and safe treatment option for joint pain. 

  1. Feet 

According to the American Podiatric Medical Associates, almost 80% of adult US citizens have gone through foot problems at some point in life. The common causes of this are ill-fitting shoes, diabetic neuropathy, and bunions. 

A CBD topical cream can help against foot pain since research has shown CBD topicals to be useful in reducing swelling. 

Tips for Using a CBD Topical Cream 

Although you’ll most commonly use a CBD cream for pain, there are other reasons for using a topical too. When applying a CBD cream, you need to keep a few things in mind. 

Let’s go over some tips and warnings. 

Do a Spot Test 

Regardless of how good the CBD cream is, you should do an allergic spot test before applying it to your body. Apply a small amount of the cream on any part of your skin and wait for an hour. 

If it itches or has any other unwanted effect, you should look for another cream. 

Apply a Small Amount 

Instead of slathering your skin with CBD cream, apply a pea-sized amount of the CBD topical on the site of pain or inflammation. 

For better results, you can use a CBD salve for pain multiple times a day rather than applying too much at once. 

Choose a Good Cream 

Selecting the right CBD cream can be a bit daunting since there are hundreds of products. However, you should read the customer reviews and ingredient list before buying any CBD cream for pain. 

Plus, make sure that the company has a Certificate of Analysis and does third-party testing for its products. 


Some people assume that a CBD cream for pain will have no results. However, in most cases, they’re using the CBD topical cream incorrectly. In this guide, we mentioned five places on the body where you can use a CBD cream for pain or other purposes. 

Moreover, we’ve also discussed some tips for using topical cannabis to ensure that you definitely see results. 

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