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CBD Oil for PTSD | How CBD Helps

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric state of health that develops with people that have been involved or exposed to a traumatic experience like a violent assault, natural disaster, war, or other terrifying events.

PTSD causes fierce and unsettling thoughts or feelings linked to the traumatic occurrence long after it’s passed. People living with PTSD may have nightmares or flashbacks that cause them to relive the incident.

They may go through intense feelings of anger, sadness, or fear and become distant or withdrawn from family and friends.

Dealing with PTSD can be a daunting experience and it is highly encouraged to seek professional guidance. Natural remedies are also incredibly helpful when looking into alternative methods to dealing with trauma. CBD oil for PTSD is known to effectively assist with anxiety and sleep ultimately assisting with treating PTSD. 

People with PTSD will typically refrain from interactions or environments that could prompt horrible memories and exhibit heightened, negative responses to things as common as an unexpected touch or loud sounds.

PTSD does not only affect war-time veterans; it can occur with anyone – no matter the age, race, ethnicity, nationality, or culture. And women are more prone to develop PTSD than men.

Nearly 3.5 percent of American adults live with PTSD with an approximate 1-out-of-11 people that will become diagnosed at some point in their lives. For a doctor to diagnose PTSD, exposure to a traumatic setting is required. But the event doesn’t have to involve an individual directly.

For instance, witnessing examples or implications of trauma or learning of the terrifying death of a loved one may trigger PTSD. Some forms of trauma could cause PTSD at a higher rate than others, and genetics may play a role in the development of PTSD.

PTSD and How CBD Helps

Symptoms of PTSD can range in severity, but they generally list into four groups:

Reactive and arousal symptoms display typically through enraged outbursts and irritability. People may demonstrate these signs by acting recklessly in self-harming ways; they can become startled easily and experience difficulty sleeping or focusing.

Avoidance symptoms refer to avoiding several things that may remind the individual of the traumatic event or bring about painful memories. People with this symptom try relentlessly to avoid remembering anything of the incident and resist talking about it.

Cognitive and mood symptoms may include a loss of interest in fun things or unnatural feelings of blame or guilt. People experiencing this type of symptom may express negative thoughts of themselves or the world around them; they could also indicate difficulties in remembering important aspects of the traumatic incident.

Intrusive or re-experience symptoms involve repetitive and involuntary memories, flashbacks, or dreams of the traumatic event. These instances become drastically vivid that the individual feels as if they are living through the experience again and again.

A diagnosis of PTSD means that symptoms have lasted for longer than a month and recurred for several months or years. While these series of symptoms typically appear within days after the traumatic event; it’s not uncommon for them to occur months later.

Though there are medications that can assist with PTSD there are also natural remedies that can heavily assist with the mental and physical aftershock one is facing. CBD oil for PTSD aids with anxiety, sleep deprivation and promotes an all around healthier lifestyle. 

PTSD symptoms can cause significant problems with regular, everyday activities and substantial distress for the individual. PTSD may also occur with depression, anxiety, and other mental or physical health conditions.

CBD Oil For PTSD - How It Helps

CBD is an essential cannabinoid found in Cannabis sativa plants. CBD derived from industrial hemp is non-intoxicating because its THC content is less than 0.3% which means it cannot get a person high.

The CBD molecules attach to receptors that comprise the endocannabinoid system (ECS) – an organic network of nerve endings throughout the human body that regulate various bodily functions into a healthy balance.

Findings from scientific studies offer supportive data about using CBD oil for PTSD; results highlighted the effects of CBD reducing anxiety and increasing the quality of sleep for people with PTSD.

Within five months of daily CBD oil for PTSD administration, participants in the study got through regular activities with much more ease and less stress; additionally, they were also able to sleep better through the night uninterrupted.

Research suggests PTSD may result from abnormally low amounts of a neurotransmitter that releases from the brain region that controls movement and cognition; this neuro-chemical also promotes pleasant sensations. And published documents pointed out replenished levels when the CBD connected with the receptors.

CBD oil for PTSD is not the only CBD solution that can help. Most people who suffer from PTSD also have physical pain they are trying to deal with. CBD topical products can help tremendously to help aid the everyday aches and pains. Other CBD products that can help promote an overall healthier, more natural lifestyle consist of CBD gummies, CBD vitamins, CBD skin care products and more.

CBD Oil For PTSD - What Is The Recommended Dosage?

The correct dosage when using CBD oil for PTSD will be different for every individual. The amount needed for particular results will depend on the severity of PTSD symptoms in addition to other physical or mental conditions.

You should speak with a licensed physician before beginning or switching up part of your daily healthcare routine.

CBD Oil for PTSD - How CBD Helps

PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder is a mental condition brought about through traumatic situations; it can cause disturbing thoughts and feelings related to the traumatic incident. A traumatic event doesn’t have to happen directly to an individual for PTSD to develop, and genes may also contribute to its occurrence.

Research using CBD oil for PTSD found that it helped to reduce anxiety and improve sleep. Additionally, it also helped participants in a study become less stressed and complete activities with less mental distractions.

Dealing with PTSD can be a daunting experience and it is highly encouraged to seek professional guidance. Natural remedies are also incredibly helpful when looking into alternative methods to dealing with trauma. CBD oil for PTSD is known to effectively assist with anxiety and sleep ultimately assisting with treating PTSD. 

The research data also showed a significant increase of neurotransmitters linked to feelings of bliss when the CBD compounds became attached to the cannabinoid receptors.

Several factors may affect how much CBD oil for PTSD you will need for the best results; it is better to use small doses first and then work towards larger amounts with each use until you receive the desired effects.

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