CBD Oil – Full Spectrum Buyer’s Guide

Ever since the scientific community has started dabbing into CBD-related research, the industry has boomed. With sales exploding, tons of CBD brands are popping up in the market. 

However, not all of them are reliable. So, you have to be wary when purchasing CBD.

Whether you want to buy full-spectrum CBD tincture or vape products, you must be careful about quality, hemp sourcing, and other aspects.  

In this guide, we’ll discuss the important determining factors to find the best CBD oil. Plus, we’ll help you select the right full-spectrum CBD oil brand for your needs. 

Difference Between Full Spectrum CBD Oil and CBD Isolate 

Originally, CBD comes from the hemp plant. The plant contains other cannabinoids too. Therefore, there’s a spectrum of products that you’ll find containing different compounds. 

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

A full-spectrum CBD oil has the maximum benefits as it contains the widest variety of compounds. 

However, the drawback of using full-spectrum CBD tincture is the presence of THC. 

Although THC only makes 0.3% or lesser of the full-spectrum CBD oil, it’s still present. Thus, it may show up in a drug test even if it doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects. 

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Thanks to technology, we now have multiple extractions techniques. One of them has resulted in the formation of broad-spectrum CBD Oil, which is a full-spectrum CBD tincture minus the THC.

So, you can imagine its popularity, considering it has a high potency and no THC content. 

CBD Isolate 

Before broad-spectrum CBD oil extraction techniques were invented or mainstream, the only THC-free option was CBD isolate. 

An isolate contains no other compound of the hemp plant except CBD. Now, you may think of it being the most effective and potent source of CBD. 

However, that’s not exactly true. CBD employs the entourage effect to perform its functions. Therefore, it requires other cannabinoids and terpenes for the best results. 

In the absence of every other hemp compound, CBD is surely effective but has limited therapeutic relevance. 

Also, you need to take a higher dose to get the same CBD hemp oil benefits as a broad or full-spectrum CBD tincture. 

Types of CBD Products 

Besides the spectrum, you must consider the types of products when buying full spectrum CBD oil. All CBD products have different levels of effectiveness and benefits. 

Ingestible CBD Products 

Regardless of your needs, you’ll find a full spectrum CBD tincture for it. 

Tinctures show instant results since they’re administered sublingually. You need to keep a few drops of the CBD oil under your tongue. Let them stay for about a minute and then swallow. 

The oil impacts every organ and system in your body, promoting overall wellness. Alternatively, you can take full spectrum CBD capsules for similar results. 

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Topicals

You can also use a full spectrum CBD oil as a topical treatment. Usually, this is suitable for pets and kids who can’t bear the taste of CBD. 

Besides oils, topicals are also available as masks, moisturizers, and other beauty products. 

Pet Oils 

If your pet has been acting up lately, it’s possibly due to anxiety or digestive problems. 

A full spectrum CBD tincture is your best bet in both cases since it will resolve any issue your little friend is going through. 

Smoked Products 

You can also smoke full spectrum CBD oil, but its results are not as pronounced as sublingual administration. The most common product is full spectrum CBD vape oil. 

Choosing the Right Company

When buying full spectrum CBD tincture, choosing the right company is crucial. After all, you want the best CBD oil, don’t you? Here are a few things to look for in a brand. 


The company should be transparent about their hemp source, quality, and lab testing. 

Make sure they’ve listed appropriate and sufficient contact methods. Also, check if the pictures are real. Don’t buy from a company that claims to sell the best stuff yet uses stock photos for the site. 

Also, a company should have a comprehensive product variety for you to find the best CBD oil. For example, Diamond CBD does not disappoint in terms of variety. 

Hemp Source 

Secondly, check where the company sources the hemp plant. 

If it’s grown in the US, it’s in your best interest. However, you still need to find out more about the growth and extraction methods they use for getting CBD.  

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Make sure the company uses Ethanol or CO2 extraction. Also, their growing practices should be free of GMOs and pesticides. 

For instance, Nuleaf Naturals has the highest potency, considering the hemp is organically sourced. 

Lab Testing

Lastly, the company must have third-party lab test reports for their full spectrum CBD tincture and other products.

Final Words

Finding the best CBD oil can be a bit tricky if you’re not prepared. In this guide, we’ve helped you find the right full-spectrum CBD oil for your needs – from affordable options like CBDistillery to potent picks like Nuleaf. 

Hopefully, you’ll have a better and more fruitful CBD shopping experience now.

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