5 Of The Strongest CBD Oils You Can Buy Online

Among all other CBD products, CBD oils seem to be the most preferred option and for all the right reasons. For one, they’re very easy to find online – that too in different concentrations and flavors. 

Second, they’re often the most potent source of CBD, as compared to gummies and capsules. For general wellness, low-concentration oils, ranging from 250mg to 500mg, are quite suitable. However, these oils don’t do much for severe ailments. 

For instance, some experts suggest using up to 600 mg for anxiety. Thus, if you have to combat severe conditions, you should use potent CBD oils. In this guide, we discuss some strong CBD oils that you can buy online. 

Hopefully, you’ll find the best CBD oil for your requirements. 

Should You Use High-Potency CBD Oils?

Often, CBD oil reviews show that people consider the best CBD oil to be the one with the highest potency. That’s because they expect it to work more efficiently. In a way, that’s true. 

CBD oil in a jar with hemp seeds around it.

However, if you’re a beginner, you should start with lower concentrations and then make your way up to higher potencies. Plus, low-strength oils offer a cost-effective solution as compared to potent ones.

While it’s true that high-potency oils offer more CBD per serving, it’s easy to mess up their dosage. Therefore, you should only try such oils if you’ve used CBD enough times.

Is it Safe to Use Strong CBD Oils?

From the current scientific studies, it’s evident that the human body tends to tolerate high doses of CBD. In some studies, researchers went as far as 2000mg without seeing any severe side effects. 

From this information, it can be said that more potent CBD oils are safe to use. However, if you’re already taking other medications, do not use CBD concurrently as CBD has drug interactions. 

Our Top Picks of the Strongest CBD Oil

If you’re on a hunt for the best CBD oil for anxiety or any other condition, here are some options you can try. 

1. cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum 

CBD Potency: 7500mg 

Amount: 30ml

Price: $$$

The cbdMD CBD oil is one of the strongest CBD oils, with an impressively high concentration of 7500mg per 30ml bottle. Moreover, the tincture drops are available in 30ml and 60ml bottles. 

You can choose from various scents, including mint that gives a fresh burst of flavor to beverages and berry, a mildly sweet flavor that goes perfectly with desserts. 

The company uses superior broad-spectrum hemp extract to produce each batch. Moreover, they use high-quality extraction and manufacturing procedures to yield the best hemp features. 

Along with CBD, the oil also contains MCT oil, cannabigerol, hemp extract, and natural flavor. The benefits of this CBD oil include management of daily stress, quick exercise recovery, and an overall feeling of calmness. 

2. Flora Sophia Botanicals CBD Oil

CBD Type: Full Spectrum 

CBD Potency: 2100mg 

Amount: 30ml

Price: $$$

The Flora Sophia Botanicals 2100mg CBD Oil is the most potent product sold by the brand. It has 70mg of cannabinoids per ml, with 60mg coming from CBD. 

Besides CBD, each bottle also contains hemp seed oil, FECO oil, and organic MCT oil. 

The company suggests starting from 15mg CBD per dose and then increasing the amount as needed. Since it’s a full-spectrum hemp extract, it will show on drug tests. So, if your workplace conducts regular drug tests, you should avoid using such a high concentration. 

3. Take Spruce CBD Oil

CBD Type: Full Spectrum 

CBD Potency: 2400mg 

Amount: 30ml

Price: $$$

Boasting a high strength of 2400mg CBD per bottle, the Take Truce CBD Oil effects of this formulation are bound to be pronounced. In addition, you can select one of the two carrier oils, MCT or hemp seed. 

Take Spruce products are 100% natural, so you don’t have to worry about contaminations. Additionally, they use lab-grade procedures and ingredients.

More importantly, the CBD oil is made using US-grown hemp and goes through third-party testing. Each dropper full (1 ml) contains 80 mg of CBD. 

However, the oil doesn’t come in any flavor since the manufacturers believe adding a flavoring agent would reduce the potency. Besides artificial flavors, the oil is also free of preservatives and sweeteners. 

4. MyNaturalCBD CBD Oil Tincture

CBD Type: Full Spectrum 

CBD Potency: 5000mg 

Amount: 30ml

Price: $$$

MyNaturalCBD Tincture is an impressive formula with 5000mg of CBD per bottle – 167mg of CBD per ml. Each drop of the formula contains up to 8mg of CBD. That’s a lot, considering per ml of some oils have lesser content than that. 

The company claims that all of its products are made using non-GMO, natural, gluten-free, and organic ingredients. Moreover, the formula only has two components: MCT oil and hemp oil. 

5. Veritas Farms CBD Tincture

CBD Type: Full Spectrum 

CBD Potency: 2000mg 

Amount: 30ml

Price: $$$

The Veritas Farms CBD Oil’s concentration starts from 250mg, but the highest potency is 2000mg, sufficient for anxiety and insomnia. Additionally, the oil is available in different flavors, such as peppermint, citrus, watermelon, and strawberry. 

Veritas Farms goes the extra mile to ensure that they offer a blend of coconut oil – as a carrier – and hemp extract. 

Since the oils are available in tangy and earthy flavors, there’s something for everyone. 

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil?

When purchasing CBD oils online, you have to be extra careful as not all oils and tinctures are made equal. Some well-reputed brands have clean and potent CBD oils, while others only want to make a quick buck. 

Apart from that, keep in mind that everyone responds to CBD differently. So as you try out products, it’s important to note any positive or adverse reactions.

How do you know which is the best CBD oil for you? Here are some tips to help you out. 

Third-Party Lab Testing 

You can determine the reliability of a company by checking if they send their CBD oils for lab testing for purity, potency, and quality. By having the products tested at a third-party lab, the company gets a chance to show its transparency to the customers. 

Most lab reports show the results of tests for heavy metals, pesticides, live contaminants, and terpene profiles. The certified results will likely be available on the brand’s website. 

Potency vs. Amount 

CBD oils come in different strengths and potencies that are used to treat various health issues. The less potent oils are used for minor problems, while the stronger oils are for severe health issues, such as chronic pain. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the potency written on the bottle might not always reflect the per-dose amount of CBD. 

For example, if there are two oils with 1200mg per bottle, but one of them is 60ml while the other is 30ml. Then, the first bottle will have 20mg per serving, while the second will have 40mg per serving. 

Thus, even if the total CBD content is the same, the CBD per serving will differ depending on the oil’s volume. 

Trending Tips on CBD Products

Hemp Quality

When purchasing CBD oils, you should ideally look for oils made from organic hemp. The source of the hemp is also crucial as not all places that grow hemp have the same laws and standards. 

Extraction Process

There are many ways to extract CBD, but by far, the cleanest is the Co2 method. While other methods can leave dangerous solvents in the product, the Co2 extraction ensures a safe and clean end product. 

When shopping for the best CBD oil online, go for products extracted from hemp that are free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. 

CBD Varieties 

There are three varieties of CBD available: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. All these varieties differ in their composition and effects. 

The full-spectrum CBD products are made with whole-plant extract and contain about 0.3% THC. 

The broad spectrum contains phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and minor cannabinoids, minus THC. 

The CBD isolate hemp extracts are a refined form of CBD, and they come in crystalline solid or powder form. They only contain pure cannabidiol and no other compounds or THC. 

CBD to THC Ratio

While choosing the best CBD oil, another thing to keep in mind is the ratio of CBD to THC in the product. The products with higher CBD amounts can help ease symptoms like anxiety. Conversely, those with higher THC are better for more severe issues, such as chronic pains.  

Marijuana leaf and CBD oil in a jar.

Even when shopping online, you should not face trouble finding out the CBD to THC ratio. However, if you do, then it is a red flag. 

Brand Reputation

Before you start searching for CBD products, look for reputable CBD brands that are transparent with quality. The brand should also provide good customer service and third-party lab testing. 


When purchasing CBD oil online, you should prioritize quality over price. The more reputable brands offer quality products that are priced accordingly. 

It’s best to compare the quality and amount of CBD you are getting for the price you’re paying. Even if the products are priced higher, the brand should give you what you pay for. 

Todays Trending Topics

Flavored or Unflavored 

Apart from the natural, earthy flavor, CBD oils come in various other flavors. If the taste is important to you, look for brands that offer more options. 

It is also better to go for brands that use natural flavorings and stay away from harmful chemicals. For example, the cbdMD CBD oil offers natural flavors, including berry, mint, and orange. 


There are various CBD oil varieties in the market today, but shopping for CBD online doesn’t have to be hard. If you put in the effort to research brands, you will find it easy to pick the strongest CBD oil for your needs. 

When you take your time to research, you will surely come across reputable brands, like the ones listed above, that are potent, clean, and effective.

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