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Top 7 CBD Bath Products - Including CBD Bath Bombs

You can easily tell that CBD is a hyped product these days since it’s a component of every daily life usable thing you can imagine. 

From your morning cream to nighttime patch, you can find a CBD-infused option for pretty much everything. 

Recently, the most interesting cannabinoid-containing product to grace the markets was the CBD bath bomb. CBD bath bombs are a great way to relax while cleansing yourself. 

If you’re curious about them, keep reading this guide to find the best CBD bath bombs and how to use them. 

Our Top Ranked CBD Bath Products

How Did We Select These CBD Bath Products?

Unlike CBD essential oils and topicals, CBD bath bombs are a relatively newer product. 

Therefore, there’s not enough regulation for them yet. However, we only chose the CBD bath bombs that fit our criteria. 

Firstly, we checked for third-party certification. All products on this list are from companies that get third-party testing in ISO 17025-compliant laboratories. 

Additionally, we only picked CBD bath bombs that are made using hemp grown in the US since the suppliers’ quality is more transparent for local hemp. Also, these products do not contain more than 0.3% THC. 

Most importantly, they’ve been tested for molds, heavy metals, and pesticides. 

Lastly, we did a little digging about the companies before curating this list of the best CBD bath bombs

Besides the general reputation, we also checked the company’s history of getting warning letters from the FDA.

Can CBD Bath Bombs Make You High?

Before we move on to our chosen products, let’s address this burning question. 

No, CBD bath bombs won’t make you high. Instead, they’ll help you have a relaxing bath. While some CBD bath bombs contain 0% THC, others only have as little as 0.3%. So, there’s no chance of you getting addicted or high.


With that, we conclude our list of the best CBD bath bombs. As you can see, there are tons of options for you to choose from.

Therefore, the next time you want to buy CBD bath bombs online, use this guide as your shopping list.

Todays Health Sciences Picks Of The Best CBD Bath Products

Bath Scrub Bar by Harmony Hemp

Harmony Hemp

The Harmony hemp CBD soap has been made using lavender to add a calming scent to the mix. 

Besides cleansing your skin and replenishing moisture, the soap also reduces skin irritation. At the same time, the lavender extract helps in soothing your mind. 

You can use this soap in the bath or keep it in your wash sink. 

Since it’s made using full-spectrum CBD, you’ll get additional benefits of the terpenes too. The complete bar has 35mg of CBD. 

Other ingredients of the bath scrub bar include organic sheep butter, oats, lavender essential oil, sunflower oil, dried lavender buds, and organic coconut oil.

Mission Farms CBD Goat Milk Soap

Mission Farms

If you want to relax and feel fresh after a tough day in the office, the Mission Farm CBD soap should be a part of your nighttime bath. It contains essential oils along with full-spectrum CBD, to reduce skin irritation and remove dirt from your body. 

The goat milk makes your skin brighter and more radiant. With 200mg of CBD, the soap is possibly the best skincare you can give yourself. 

Apart from hydrating and moisturizing your skin, the soap also reduces inflammation and renews dead and dry skin. 

Its ingredients include goat milk, whole hemp extract, olive oil, coconut oil, ylang ylang essential oil, and grapefruit essential oil. 

Together, these ingredients do wonders for your skin and mood.

cbdMD - Bath Bomb

cbdMd Bath Bomb

CBDMD bath bombs help you fresh your skin, mind, and body. There are many natural fragrance options which include lavender, eucalyptus, and frankincense. Each CBDMD bath bomb contains 100 mg of the cannabinoid for instant relief from stress and skin irritation.

Other ingredients of the bath bomb include essential oils and Epsom salt.

Life Elements CBD Bath Bomb

Life Elements

The Life Elements bath bombs help mend your skin and body, thanks to their refreshing properties and naturally beneficial ingredients. 

You can get them in different strengths, ranging from 100mg CBD bath bombs to 200mg CBD bath bombs. 

Since Life Elements is a family-owned business, they’re very attentive towards customer satisfaction. All their products are made using broad-spectrum organic hemp. Plus, they make small batches to ensure purity and quality.

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs

Kush Queen

If you want to use a CBD bath bomb for pain, it must be from Klush Queen since the company makes medicated bath bombs. 

Some of their popular products include the Cafe Latte CBD bath bomb and the Black Magic bath bomb. 

They also make Glow CBD bath bombs for a glow in the dark bathing experience. 

Klush Queen gets its hemp from the farms in the Pacific Northwest of the US. Moreover, all their products undergo third-party testing for pesticides and heavy metals. 

Now for the best part, their products have 0% THC.

CBD Body Scrub

Adventure CBD

The vanilla-scented CBD body scrub from Adventure CBD is a must-have for long baths reserved for skin exfoliation. 

The four-ounce jar of this scrub contains 250mg of CBD to reduce skin irritation, prevent inflammation, and remove dead cells. 

Also, Adventure CBD tests all their products in certified labs, and you can see the results on their website. Along with CBD, other ingredients of this scrub are olive oil, vanilla coconut scent, coconut oil, and sugar.

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