Which Pets are the Most Low Maintenance Pets?

Pets are a welcome addition to every family. However, not everyone has the time, energy, means, and space to keep a high-maintenance pet. Let’s be honest; it’s a commitment many of us are not ready to make. So, which pets are the most low-maintenance pets? 

Actually, there is a perfect furry member out there for every household. Whether you have a demanding job, little kids, sharing a space, or living in a small house, these low-maintenance pets are excellent for you. 

Low Maintenance Pets

Do you want a pet and a clean home? Or are your kids too little to feed, walk and play with a big animal? Maybe you are hard up and can’t afford an exotic pet. 

Whatever the case, it is always best – not to mention – easy to find and bring in a low-maintenance pet. Keep reading as we walk you through big, small, and tiny animals that can’t wait to become your best friends.


Birds don’t need 24/7 babysitting as long as they have a fluffy partner with them. Most birds are cute, inexpensive, and low maintenance. They don’t make your house messy or need to be walked and played with. 

All you need to keep in mind is to buy the best and biggest cage your pocket and logistics allow you. As for food, most small birds are happy with bird food and regular green veggies. 

However, if you choose a species that’s not so easy to take care of, you won’t be thrilled. Some birds are also more friendly towards others, while others may not be very affectionate. It’s best to get these starter birds which are best for kids. 


Perhaps the easiest bird to take care of, finches are friendly, have quirky antics and mellow chirpy voices. As long as you get a pair and set up a comfortable cage, you can enjoy the company of your pet without any hassle.


The brightly yellow-colored chirpy bird is another excellent pet that even kids can manage to care for. Some of the males can even sing and have a lovely charming voice. 


Undoubtedly the most famous of the lot, budgies are very curious and caring. With proper time and technique, they can even learn some tricks. 

You can even teach your budgie to ‘talk,’ something your kids would enjoy.

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‘I don’t like hamsters,’ said no kid (or adult) ever! Not only are hamsters cute and tiny, but they don’t require as much time and attention as their huge feline counterparts. Their twitchy whiskers and warm eyes are easy to bring a smile to your face after a bad day. 

Ensure three things for your little fuzzball, and they will be all set – food, water, and exercise. Similarly, invest time in setting up some tubes, accessories, and add ons in their new home to make them active and happy. 

Apart from their regular food, you can give them a taste for carrots, squash, cucumbers, apples, and berries too. Out of 24 species, you will indeed find one you ‘need’ to bring home instantly.


Almost 13.1 million people in the US have fish at home, most importantly because they are stunning and low-maintenance pets. 

Depending on the species you choose – freshwater or salty water- you should set up their aquarium, water quantity, and food.

Goldfish and guppies top the list as the most favorite freshwater fish as they are adaptable to various water conditions and require basic fish flake food. 

Have you noticed how hotel lobbies and office receptions usually have a fish tank? It’s because they are soothing to look at and make everyone cheerful.


If you like a more hands-on animal but not ready to spend the whole day with them, rabbits are your best bet.

These not-so-tiny fur balls might not be the easiest animals to pet, but if you provide them with a proper habitat, they flourish well. Before you bring home a bunny, remember that it needs a strict diet, daily workout, and companions.

Rabbits need a lot of space to play and feed. They are also naturally inclined to burrow, so you must make arrangements for that too. Their hutch should be closed enough to save them from predators but big enough to allow your pets to move about and explore. 

Grass should be the main food for your bunny. You can include other leafy greens such as broccoli, spinach, and celery. Don’t miss the carrot, as we all know how much they love snacking on them.


Turtles indeed need to be fed only four to five times a week, making them one of the most low-maintenance pets out there.

However, there is no such thing as zero maintenance. So, be careful about your turtle’s needs and habitat to ensure they continue to stay cool, calm, and poised just the way they are created to be.

Get a significant-sized terrarium for your turtle which has enough space for land and water. Use a robust filtration system to keep the water clean and change it regularly. Ensuring clean water is the key to a happy turtle.

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Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs remind us of kittens, bunnies, and hamsters- basically, they are irresistibly cute. Having a low-maintenance pet doesn’t necessarily mean you need to miss out on the soft cuddles and the fuzzy feeling.

They are adorable pets that are curious as well as responsive. These cute pets have a lifespan of about six years and need a safe cage, bedding, food, and water. 

Make sure you buy a spacious cage for your guinea pig with lots of space to move and chewing stations. Clean their cage every day since they poop a lot. They also enjoy human interaction and need out-of-the-cage time to stretch out. 


Having a pet can be demanding and a lot of work. However, they bring unparalleled joy to our lives and make us empathetic humans. Now that you know which pets are the most low-maintenance pets, you can get one home without a worry.

However, if you still have any doubts, wait it out unless you are 100% sure. Make sure you do your research first and when you do get one, shower it with all the love, care, and attention they deserve.

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