What’s the Difference Between My CBD Oil and My Dog’s CBD Oil?

With the recent increase in popularity of CBD products, it is not surprising to find it in every part of your life. So much so that even your pets can benefit from the effects of CBD.

Since all pet owners only want the best for their fur babies, they often opt for CBD oil for dogs and cats to relieve their pet’s anxiety, chronic pain, and other health conditions. 

But when it comes to the products, many people question the difference between human CBD oil and dog’s CBD oil. Can I give my dog human CBD oil? Is it safe to consume CBD for dogs?

If you have also wondered about these questions, you are not alone. Read this article to find everything you need to know about human CBD and CBD oil for dogs.

Human CBD Oil VS CBD for Dogs

In the past few years, many different CBD brands have popped up worldwide for humans and pets. Since CBD users find many benefits in using CBD products for their chronic pain and anxiety, they also want to help their pets using CBD products. 

Hence, many people wonder if there is any legitimate difference between human CBD oil and CBD oil for dogs. Do you have to purchase separate oils for your dogs, or can you give them your regular tincture?

The answer is simply no; there is not much difference between the two products. However, the FDA requires manufacturers to label human and dog products differently as a standard procedure.

Besides that, there are only a few differences between human CBD and CBD for dogs depending on the brand. 

First of all, you can find some variations in the dosage of each product. Human products, for example, are much more concentrated than CBD for dogs. Therefore, if you want to give regular oil to your dog, you need to adjust the dosing beforehand.

Secondly, some brands might add flavoring or additives, like bacon, chicken, or peanut butter, to appeal to the dogs. Moreover, a few manufactures also use olive oil and cod liver oil as a base for additional health benefits to your dogs. 

Fortunately, most CBD manufacturers make high-quality human-grade CBD oils for dogs. Hence, you can use the products interchangeably between the two species without any problem at all. 

Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

Overall, CBD is considered relatively safe for both humans and dogs. However, there is still not enough research to completely back the data. 

A research study in the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association explored the side effects of CBD on 30 healthy beagles. While the CBD product was well-tolerated in most dogs, side effects like diarrhea and increased ALP were noted as well.

Generally, these side effects are only found when high CBD doses are given to smaller dogs. These include loose stools, dry mouth, low blood pressure, and drowsiness.

Although most dogs do not present with any side effects, you have to give CBD products with low THC content. A high THC level can lead to symptoms of intoxication, agitation, stupor, seizures, and even coma. 

Can I Give My Dog Human CBD Oil?

As mentioned above, there are not many variations between human and dog CBD. If your pet’s CBD oil finishes before you can purchase another, you can safely give regular human CBD oil to them.

However, keep an eye on the following recommendations for your pet.

  • Always compare the CBD dosage on both human oil and CBD oil for dogs. Since most human products have higher dosing, you will need to adjust them according to your pet’s needs.
  • Make sure that any CBD product contains less than 0.3% THC. As per the recommendation from vets, you need to keep the THC at a minimum.
  • Whether you are introducing CBD to your dog for the first time or changing their CBD product, you should contact your vet for advice. It is better to talk to a professional regarding your dog’s health conditions than to take a risk.

Like humans, animals like dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system and reap the same CBD benefits. Although their processing system might differ from humans, CBD can help relieve inflammation, pain, and anxiety in your dogs. 

Which CBD Oils Are Suitable for My Dog?

Since there are many types of CBD products available in the market, it is confusing to find the right CBD isolate for your fur babies. However, there is one thing that remains clear-cut. You can only give THC-free CBD products to your dogs. 

Let us explore all the kinds of CBD oil you might encounter while trying to find the right fit for your dog. 

CBD Isolate

CBD isolates contain 99.99% pure CBD without any THC content. These CBD oils are highly recommended for all pets, owing to their low THC level and high-quality production. 

Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

Although broad-spectrum CBD oil contains little to no THC content, you can find terpenes in their ingredient list. Since terpenes like peppermint, tea tree, limonene, pine, and essential oils can produce adverse effects in pets, you should opt for CBD isolates instead.

Full-Spectrum CBD 

Full-spectrum CBD contains CBD, terpenes, and 0.3% THC in their ingredient list. Even though the THC level is relatively low, vets still recommend opting for CBD isolates for your dogs.

However, keep in mind that some brands that manufacture high-quality broad and full-spectrum CBD oils are approved by vets for dogs

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CBD Oils with Sugar

Since pure CBD oil itself is quite bitter, many manufacturers add artificial sweeteners to make it bearable. Similarly, many CBD for dogs contains flavoring like beef or bacon to make it more appealing.

If you are giving human CBD oil to your dog, it is beneficial to opt for sugar-free CBD oil without artificial sweeteners. Both the sugars and sweeteners can have adverse effects on your dogs.  

Last Thoughts

Can I give my dog human CBD oil?

Yes, you can. This is one of the most frequently asked questions by pet owners who also take CBD products for their wellness. Besides opting for THC-free CBD oil, you need to keep an eye on the dosage, additives, and artificial sweeteners in human CBD oil. 

Moreover, make sure to contact your pet’s vet before introducing any change in their CBD oil. Read the article thoroughly to learn more about the differences between human CBD and CBD oil for dogs.

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