What is the Cleanest Pet?

We all love and cherish pets, as they serve our need for companionship and relieve boredom simultaneously. Besides, they keep us healthy and alleviate our stress. 

However, owning a pet in most cases can be demanding. They might leave a mark on your desk, scratch your expensive sofa and shed fur all over the house. 

In addition, they require timely grooming. Such things indicate that they need high maintenance. 

So are there any low-maintenance pets? Do you still have a chance of owning a pet if you have a busy lifestyle? If so, what is the cleanest pet? 

Brace yourselves! This guide will answer all the questions that have caused you to scratch your head.

Perks of Owning the Cleanest Pet

Owning a pet isn’t as easy as it looks. Not only do you need to clean your pet frequently, but also your house. Daily grooming might sound like child’s play, but managing it between work demands and family obligations makes it challenging. 

Hence, in such a scenario, owning the cleanest pet works wonders. So, what are the perks of owning clean pets? 

Less Mess

It is not uncommon for pets to mess up things around the house. They might knock your crockery, shed fur, pee at the door or leave a poop on the floor. Sounds nasty, right? 

However, low-maintenance pets take the burden off your shoulders. If they are in a cage, you’re all on the safe side. Or, as a free-roaming pet, they are likely to clean up themselves or create less mess. 

More Orderly

The cleanest pets are pretty organized. They would not follow you everywhere for their needs. They know where their food bowl and litter box are, and hence they won’t bother you now and then. 

In addition, they take pride in being independent, thus leaving you at peace.

Goodbye, Bad Odor 

Clean pets only defecate in a small amount, so your house won’t smell. Furthermore, you only have to clean their cage or crate occasionally. 

If you have struggled with a stinky smell that would not go away, owning a clean pet will resolve this issue!

What is the Cleanest Pet? 

Are you someone who hangs back from owning a pet? Do you fear pet ownership because of the responsibility? Well, prepare yourself! Because after reading about the cleanest pets, you would no longer hold back from getting one! 

So, what is the cleanest pet? Here are our top five picks that you can own RIGHT NOW!


Cats are the epitome of cleanliness. They are known to bury their poop and urine. You will never see a cat pooping or peeing around the house (unless in heat). 

Besides, if accidentally, cats get any stool or dirt on themselves, they clean it up instantly.  They use their paws to wipe their face and tongue to lick their fur. Finally, with the help of their teeth, they brush away deep-buried dirt. 

These self-dependent creatures know well about their needs and will not bother you. There is a famous saying, “Nobody owns a cat,” which precisely pinpoints the self-sufficiency of these creatures. 

You only need to make sure that your cat stays indoors, otherwise, you may lose them, or they might return with muddy paws. 


An easy-to-care-for pet, snails, are quiet and peaceful. You do not need to groom them or take them for a daily walk. 

All you need is a large glass or plastic terrarium to pet your snail. Add an inch or two of damp soil in the box, and you are good to go! 

You can decorate the terrarium by placing small pieces of wood or tiny plants. You can feed them with vegetables, leaves, or little pieces of fruit. However, you do not need to fret over their diet because they generally eat about everything

Plus, you won’t need to clean the terrarium every day as there won’t be much dirt. Maintain it weekly, and it will remain squeaky-clean. 


Got heaps of space at your home for placing a large aquarium? Utilize it for fish! 

Many people believe that keeping a fish requires a lot of effort. Well, that’s because they choose the wrong type of fish to keep as pets. Bettas are the top low-maintenance fish to keep as pets. 

You only need to feed them once within a day. If you are looking for a more suitable strategy, you can buy an automatic fish feeder. 

In addition, betta fish do not produce a lot of waste, so a weekly clean will do. However, you should not go easy on cleaning the tank either; otherwise, you can lose your aquatic friend!


Budgies make lovely pets. These tiny birds are highly sociable and make frequent chirrups. Male budgies often try to mimic the noises they hear around the house. 

All they need is a cage, birdseed, and freshwater. These low-maintenance pets will save you loads of time. Guess how? Many of the birdcages come with floor linings and demand no effort. 

You can simply pull the lining out and throw the waste in a trash can. Now take a paper towel and wipe any leftover litter. 

You can also teach them tricks by spending a little more time with them. However, for that purpose, you would need to remove them from their cage. You can always place them back, though. 


Did you know turtles can survive for up to 160 days without eating? Well, that indeed doesn’t indicate that you should starve them. They are animals with fewer needs. 

You do not need any special equipment to house them. You can keep them in a transparent terrarium or a tank; it depends on the type of turtle you own.

They would usually go about and eat insects and leaves. Hence, you would only need to feed them five times a week. 

If you plan to keep your turtle in a tank, make sure to clean the water once a week. 

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Certain animals indeed have fewer needs and demands, but no pet is entirely trouble-free. As living creatures, they will eat and excrete. Yes, they might create less mess but need your care, love, and protection nonetheless. 

Our guide about the cleanest pets will assist you in making the right choice. However, it is recommended to adopt a pet when you are fully ready and committed. 

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