Top 5 Best Dog Food Brands for 2021

Dogs are the best company anyone could ever ask for. If you’re a dog parent, you undoubtedly enjoy their presence around home. Since they are there for us all the time, we should treat them with utmost love and warmth.

One way to show them your affection is to feed them a nutritious and delectable diet. That’s where the dilemma of most dog owners starts. They want the best dog food for their buddies, no matter the price, but find it difficult to find it.

According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent a whopping $42 billion on buying pet food and treats. That’s a big chunk of money! 

Wondering which dog food brand is trustworthy and provides a diet full of nutrition and taste?

We’ve compiled vet-recommended 5 top brands that you can buy dog food from with your eyes closed.

5 Best Dog Food Brands

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Let’s dive straight into the top brands that you should look for when buying food for your homie next time.

Royal Canin

This one is for all the parents who consider their dogs royal. It doesn’t matter what the breed or size of your furry friend is; the Royal Canin makes all sorts of yummy and nutrition-rich treats for large breed dogs and smaller ones.

Excitingly, the brand offers both wet and dry dog food. So, it is the one-stop solution for all your dog’s food requirements.

The brand’s commitment to giving dogs a super healthy diet is uncanny. They make bespoke products for different dog varieties as well as for puppies with health conditions. If you want your dog to have a complete diet, Royal Canin is the brand to go to.

Merrick Puppy Treats

Having extensive experience of 30 years, Merrick is a leading brand in the pet food industry. Their loyal customers are a testament to their premium products and exceptional customer service.

Merrick doesn’t compromise on the quality of its products. By and large, each ingredient is well-researched and tested for quality before being added to the treats. In addition, their dog food lacks corn, wheat, soy, and gluten ingredients, making it safe.

The brand has a wide variety of delicious and quality dog treats. One of their most loved products is the Grain-free Beef and Sweet Potato recipe. The product also lacks any trace of poultry (an allergy trigger). 

In addition, having 38% protein and 15% fat with a perfect combo of essential minerals and vitamins, this recipe has everything your canine-friend needs to live a healthy life.  

American Journey

Although new, American Journey has already made its mark in the pet food industry.  Since its inception in  2017, the brand has consistently provided its valuable customers with natural and delicious dog treats.

The primary ingredients you’ll find in the brand’s every dog food recipe includes chicken, chicken liver, salmon, turkey, and potatoes. Besides, every dog treat has a good fat to protein ratio. Overall, all the ingredients are adequate to keep your dog active, healthy, and energized all day long.

What’s more enticing is that the brand has an affordable price range despite having such premium quality. All in all, it offers excellent value for money.


Another top brand, Orijen, offers the best dog food with all organic ingredients. Mainly, the brand manufactures dry pet food.

Overall, Orijen firmly believes in making biologically appropriate food made from the ingredients that dogs should eat. Moreover, all the ingredients undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure that they are fresh and up to the standards.

The brand offers a vast product range that includes treats for puppies, senior dogs, adults, and large and small breed dogs. Furthermore, it also has a special dog diet such as gluten-free or weight-loss food. Hence, no matter how picky your dog is, Orijen’s wide product range has everything it’ll ever need or want.

Wellness Pet Food

Wellness is a leading name in the pet food business that’s fully committed to providing healthy and happy meals to dogs. It uses all-natural and high-quality ingredients packed with essential vitamins, proteins, and minerals in its products.

The brand manufactures multiple dog recipes, including balanced and complete formulas, grain-free, and slow-baked recipes. Moreover, it also has single ingredient treats that your canine partner would love, such as dried beef.

Typically, their products are ideal for small dog breed as they are smaller and easy to chew. 

Wellness sells both dry and wet dog foods. If you want your child-like dog to have the best of both quality and taste, Wellness can make it happen.

Factors You Should Consider While Buying Dog Food

If you’re a new dog parent, you might find buying the ideal food for your dog daunting at first. To help you choose the best dog food, here are some things you should always consider.

Your Dog’s Age and Physical Features

Similar to humans, dogs have different nutritional needs and metabolism depending on their age. Therefore, dogs of certain age groups need food suitable for their age.

For instance, younger puppies have more protein and calorie demands than adult and senior canines. Similarly, lactating mothers also need high calories intake to fulfill their nutritional demands.

Some companies make breed-specific recipes, i.e., for large breed dogs and smaller ones. Hence, it is ideal to buy food depending on your dog’s age and other physical characteristics.

Read the Label

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The label of a product mentions its nutritional value, ingredients, and other components. Since not all kinds of dog food are suitable for your pet, you should never skip this step.

Ideally, you must buy a product with fewer ingredients, more water intake, and is processed better. In addition, look for a nutritional adequacy statement that states “provides complete and balanced nutrition for the maintenance of adult dogs or all life stages.”

See Reviews About the Brand

Once you have selected a brand, do some research about it to make sure you’re making the right decision. You can find plenty of reviews on the brand’s website or other online platforms.

In addition, see where the ingredients are sourced from and what measures the brand takes to ensure quality control.

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Bottom Line

Your furry buddy surely deserves the best. If their nutritional demands aren’t fulfilled, their health will deter, and the lively pooch will become dull.

As mentioned above, large and small breed dogs have different physical characteristics. Therefore, you should put in extra effort to buy ideal treats for them both in terms of diet value and taste. 

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