Top 10 Dog Subscription Boxes


Dogs are man’s best friends, and all our friends deserve to be treated every once in a while. If you want to pamper your furry buddy, subscription boxes are a great way to do so. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the best subscription boxes to make your pet squeal in delight every time they hear the mailman approaching.

  1. Bark Box
    Bark box is a theme-based monthly subscription box that will excite you and your pet, both. Since it’s an affordable option, it’s quite popular among dog owners. Each box contains two toys, a chew, and two treats according to the month’s theme. To subscribe, you’ll have to answer a few questions about your pup. These include weight specifications, allergies, age, etc. The best part about Bark Box is that their shipping is free in the US. Also, there are plenty of themes, so your pet will not get bored. Depending on your dogs’ playing habits, you can select the box that’s best for him. For example, if your little friend chews toys, you should subscribe to Super Chewer. You can sign up for a monthly, yearly, or bi-yearly subscription plan.
  2. Pup Box
    Like Bark Box, Pup Box also sends your pet toys according to their size and age. Each box contains about five to seven products for your dog. Besides, the company also has a development guide for the pups to help you understand what’s going on with them. Also, the training guide lets you spend quality time with your pets while helping them get better at fun activities. The Pup Box costs $39 per month, but if you subscribe for the whole year, you’ll get each box for $29. Plus, the company offers a discount on your first order.
  3. Pooch Perks
    Pooch Perks has a lot of different subscription boxes for pups of all ages and sizes. You can either get it for your pet or give it as a customized gift to a friend who has just gotten a pooch. The most popular box from the company has one chew, two US-made treat bags, and two to three toys.However, if you want to pamper your pet more, consider going for the Pampered Box. It has three to four toys, three treat bags, one poop bag roll, one accessory, and a chew. As for the prices, they start from as low as $19 per month.
  4. Pup Joy
    Pup Joy is an eco-friendly dog subscription box with goodies worth $65 at a much lesser price. Each box comes with two grass-fed bully sticks, four treats, and two toys. In total, your pet gets eight items each month. You can choose your delivery schedule as per your routine or preference. The available options are monthly, quarterly, and bi-monthly. Besides getting new toys every month, you’ll also discover new brands to shop from. All products in the Pup Joy subscription box are safe for the planet and your puppy.
  5. Pet Treater
    The Pet Treater subscription box is a great option for dogs who aren’t allowed to eat certain treats due to medical reasons. Pet Treater has a toy-only plan in which you’ll only get toys for your little friend. The cost for each box is around $15, and it comes with about four toys. Moreover, your pup will have new things like stuffed animals and rope pulls to play with. If your pup is a bit high-maintenance, you can get them the Deluxe Box, which contains up to eight toys and treats.
  6. The Farmer’s Dog
    The Farmer’s Dog is a subscription service for people who only want to feed healthy stuff to their dogs. Each meal in the box is frozen and human-grade. The company pre-portions the packets, making it easier for you to store them. Meanwhile, the price range is comparable to that of dog food you get from the market. Most importantly, the food does not contain preservatives or brown pellets. Also, it has been put together by vets, exceeding the regular industry standards.
  7. Greenwell Pet Box
    If your puppy suffers from anxiety or has been in pain lately, you can help them with the Greenwell Pet Box. The subscription box contains CBD products, including shampoos, dog treats, oils, and chews.Moreover, your pet will get environment-friendly toys in the box to interact better with you and other pups. If you don’t know anything about CBD administration in pets, don’t worry. The box also contains information about each product and how it will benefit your pet.
  8. Rescue Box
    If your pet is a rescue, this is the right box for the little one. The box contains accessories, toys, and treats for your dog. With every purchase of the Rescue Box, the company donates food to animal shelters. Apart from this good deed, you’ll also be doing your pet a favor because Rescue Box has fun and exciting themes for every occasion. If you’re not satisfied or your pet has outgrown the products, you can cancel your subscription at any time.
  9. Bully Make
    The super chewer dogs can tear any toy to shreds in minutes. However, the Bully Make subscription box is specifically designed for such dogs.It contains toys that your puppy won’t be able to destroy. Besides, the company lives up to its claims and will provide a replacement if you send them a picture of the shredded item. Each box contains two to three toys and about four treats. You can get a per month, three-month, six-month, or 12-month plan.
  10. Bark Bright
    Bark Bright is another subscription box from the same company that makes Bark Box. However, this particular box contains products suitable for your dog’s dental hygiene. For example, it has a triple-enzyme toothpaste to remove the odor-causing debris in your pet’s mouth and chicken dental scrubs for your dog to chew on.


Dog subscription boxes are a remarkable way to surprise yourself and your pup.

Since you’ll get new products and toys every month, it’s a much better alternative to getting the same stuff for your pet every month. Plus, you’ll discover new brands for canine health, hygiene, entertainment, and diet. 

Hopefully, this guide would have helped you pick the best subscription box for your pooch’s entertainment.

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