This Streaming Service Helps Keep Your Dog Chill So You Can Focus on Work

Do you want some timeout from your dog? That’s natural, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it.

However, dogs are sensitive and can get hurt if you push them away. They want constant attention, and that’s one thing you may find the hardest to give. No matter how much you love your dog, sometimes you need your own time too.

Be it for a work trip or because you want to binge-watch your favorite show, you cannot keep your dog along everywhere. We understand that, but your dog might not. The misunderstanding can lead to anxiety and hyperactive behavior in your pup.

So, how to keep your dog calm throughout the day? Maybe try a streaming service for dogs! Let’s explore different options to keep your dog busy and happy.

Streaming Service for Dogs

Did you know dogs enjoy binge-watching too? 

Since you cannot give your dog the attention he wants, let this streaming service for dogs do your job. 

Relax My Dog offers a great variety of TV and music content played on loop to keep your dog busy. Whether you’re home or not, you can leave the service on and do whatever you want to without any guilt. 

The app, created after six years of research, has great reviews for helping dogs stay calm throughout the day. Additionally, it comes with a DIY and advice section to help you get started without any trouble.

Your Dog Might Get Bored

You can get bored of your favorite hobby if you spend too much time on it. Change is necessary for everyone, even dogs. 

Relax My Dog is an excellent activity for your dog. But, he can likely lose interest after a while, bringing you back to square one.

Don’t worry! We have a few additional tips to help you out.

How to Calm an Anxious Dog?

The first step towards calming an anxious dog is understanding why your dog might be anxious.

Is he anxious because he is bored? Or is he anxious because of fear or sickness?

Here are some ways you can calm your anxious dog.

Give Him Attention

Don’t forget to shower your dog with love, care, and attention. He may get upset if you’re not around much to play with him. 

Your dog will get cranky if he’s missing you!  He may even feel abandoned if you’re away for too long. This could be a trigger for his anxiety. 

Give him the attention he wants, and he will get back to normal soon.

Assign Him Tasks

Dogs are obedient pets. If you teach them something, they’ll learn it quickly. 

An intelligent way to keep your dog happy and occupied is to assign him tasks. Ask him to fetch the ball, close the doors, pick up the trash, or even sit still. Assign him simple tasks that he can easily carry out.

Additionally, teaching some basic commands to your dog can also help modify his behavior.

Tire Him Out

Long streaming hours can bore your dog. Try Indulging him in physical activity to tire him out.

Play sports with your dog, take him on a walk, or do some exercise together. Keep in mind that dogs don’t enjoy being couch potatoes. The busier the dog, the calmer he is.

If you’re too busy to walk with him, hire a dog walker.

Massage Your Dog

How about a massage session for your dog?

Your dog might be craving a physical touch. Give him a nice massage, starting from the neck and moving downwards gradually, to calm him down. The physical touch also helps you bond better with your pet.

Give Your Dog A Stuffed Toy

One of the things many dogs enjoy is digging a stuffed toy.

If you have to be away from your dog for long hours, stuff a toy with anything that he enjoys – peanut butter, for instance. Your dog will be busy taking the peanut butter out, giving you ample time to get your work done.

Leave Him Alone

Did we tell you to give him attention? Well, sometimes, the opposite might work better.

If your dog clings to you too much, ignoring him might do the trick. Much like children, if you keep entertaining all of your dogs’ behaviors, he won’t stop repeating them.

For instance, let’s suppose you’re working, and your dog is constantly nibbling at your leg to get your attention. If you respond in any way, he might think you’re playing with him.

The better idea is to ignore him. No matter how much he nibbles or barks, don’t respond back. Once he stops, you can give him a pet to tell him ‘good job’. 

You might have to repeat this a few times, but this shall teach your dog not to get too clingy.

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Give Aromatherapy a Try

If the scent of chamomile can calm humans down, who says it can not do the same for dogs? 

Aromatherapy uses the application of essential oils to calm your pooch. The scent of various essential oils can have a calming effect on dogs. 

So, consult your vet and give aromatherapy a try to regulate your dog’s behavior.

Don’t Forget to Consult Your Vet

Your dog could be anxious due to an underlying medical condition as well. Consult your vet to get a better idea of your dog’s mental and physical condition and how you can help him.

Final Words

Your dog wants you the most. Shower him with attention and love when you can. But when you cannot, let the streaming service for dogs and other activities take your place.

So, how to calm an anxious dog? Show him you care.

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