Study Finds Dog Arthritis Can Benefit From This Natural Remedy

With arthritic research rapidly growing across the globe, we see some exciting findings every day. Whether it’s treating addiction-related disorders or providing energy boosts to athletes, weed pops up everywhere these days.

Testing weed on animals is another exciting area for Cannabis. Recently, several studies have gone in to find out how weed fares with animals. So, it helps in understanding the impact of CBD in the field of veterinary medicine.

The CBD Insider discusses the dog arthritis treatment with CBD. Interestingly, some eye-opening findings showed positive results of CBD applications in the suffering animals.

We discuss the major takeaways from the findings and some more CBD updates here today.

What’s the News?

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Here is a quick round-up of what’s on offer in our post:

  • White House to review CBD and Marijuana research
  • Permanent removal of CBD products from Narcotics Schedule in South Africa
  • How arthritic dogs are dealing with CBD treatment
  • Some of the best CBD products to treat arthritis in dogs

White House Serious About Marijuana Research

Considering the sympathy for marijuana in most parts of the world, the White House has also started feeling the legality issues related to marijuana research. In the recent news, the House is thinking of a federal plan to devise a policy for weed growth for research purposes.

The Food and Drug Administration’s plan has taken a step forward as it appears before the White House Office of Management and Budget. 

The document titled “Cannabis and Cannabis-Derived Compounds: Quality Considerations for Clinical Research” may have valuable mysteries still unknown to the public.

FDA May Allow Cannabis for Research

FDA believes that we are close to announcing the use of Cannabis for research purposes. Eventually, companies could acquire the license to sell and market marijuana products. However, these products will be strictly food items and diet supplements.

The FDA mentioned how it understands the public sentiment about marijuana and its derivatives. Therefore, it aims to provide more awareness to pave the way for easier public access to recreational CBD.

However, the FDA believes there is still some distance to travel before we are entirely sure of the product’s safety, quality, and effectiveness.

The statement comes as a pleasant surprise to Cannabis-related companies. With a license on offer, companies will expand on their businesses under FDA-approved frameworks.

South Africa Removes Some CBD Products from the Narcotics Schedule

Some groundbreaking amendments made their way through the South African constitution allowing some CBD products for over-the-counter sales. The amendment to the Medicines and Related Substances Act of 1965 got a permanent status.  

According to the ruling, some CBD products will be publicly available for people. However, these products will be strictly for medical purposes only.

Health Minister Aaron Mostoaledi led the move to allow CBD for medical use. The amendment will enable products with a daily dose of 20mg or a 600mg dose CBD concentration per pack.

Surprisingly, these products won’t require any prescriptions anymore. Moreover, there are no further restrictions on ingestible CBD products containing raw biomass or a concentration of less than 0.0075 percent.

Can CBD Treat Dog Arthritis? 

Fortunately, yes. Turns out, CBD oil is an effective dog arthritis treatment. 

A study conducted at the Baylor College of Medicine published the fantastic effects of CBD on arthritic dogs. The lesson is invaluable in understanding the effects of CBD for arthritic humans and can open new doors for arthritis research globally.

According to the research, there was less inflammatory molecule production in arthritic dogs. Moreover, it also indicated how CBD was quicker to take effect when consumed through capsules.  

A research partner, Dr. Matthew Halpert, claimed that their experimental study highlights that the CBD effects were prominent in pet dogs. Furthermore, he believes that the models can closely match the human arthritic models, which is a good sign.

Safe for Testing

Since there is a close resemblance with human models, it gives way to CBD research on human arthritic patients. Halpert suggests that the Medterra CBD oil seems effective and safe for arthritis treatment.

According to Halpert, there were no changes to the blood markers, which indicates that the study parameters are safe for further research.

CBD For Dogs

If your furry friend doesn’t have arthritis by birth, he may suffer from the disease in their senior days. As such, their old age poses challenges for them and you as well. 

Your dog may become reluctant to move; they may yelp on being touched and might also experience throbbing, severe pain in his joints. 

Luckily, CBD not only plummets the other symptoms but also provides dog arthritis pain relief. Below are some of the best CBD products for your canine friend. 

Trending Tips on CBD Products

Honest Paws Chews

Formulated with the US-grown, premium quality hemp, Honest Paws brings you full-spectrum chews for your dog. Also, if your older dog’s teeth are not in good condition, know that these chews are pretty soft. 

There are 30 chews per container, each containing 50mg of CBD. 

What’s good? The product mainly contains glucosamine which is a popular compound for promoting joint health. 

As such, the chews won’t only soothe his swollen, achy joints but also nourish them back to health. 

For dog arthritis pain relief, make sure that you give an appropriate dosage of chews to your pet. For instance, if your dog weighs 5-25 pounds, give him one chew daily. If it weighs 26-50 pounds, feed them two chews per day. However, if it weighs more than 50 pounds, three chews a day will do. 

Simple Wag CBD Oil 

As a dog lover, only the name of this company is enough to catch your attention. So, just imagine what they have in store for dog arthritis treatment. 

This 100% organic, lab-tested CBD oil will perhaps be a relief for your dog’s older days. Also, it is available in three varying potencies: 300mg, 600mg, and 900mg. 

Packed with Vitamin B, D, Omega-3 and nutritional antioxidants, this oil will maintain your pet’s healthy joints while promoting digestion. Additionally, it is THC-free, so your dog won’t get high. 

Typically, animals do not like the taste of CBD oil. However, there are alternative ways to give the oil to your pet. 

You can mix CBD oil with your dog’s food. For instance, you can add a few drops of CBD oil to the steak or chicken you feed your pet. The oil will perhaps blend in and won’t taste much like hemp. 

Holista Pet Treats

Holista pets bring you all-natural CBD dog treats. Coconut oil, Turmeric root, Boswellia, and premium quality CBD oil are its active ingredients. 

A dog laying on the ground.

Also, this broad-spectrum formula is THC-free and tested by a third-party lab. Here’s how this magic treat helps with dog arthritis treatment. 

  • Turmeric reduces pain, swelling, and tenderness associated with arthritis
  • Boswellia promotes tissue health and repairs the previously damaged tissue 
  • Coconut Oil reduces swelling and inflammatory markers

Your dog will perhaps adore this flavored treat as he won’t be able to taste raw hemp. Also, remember to feed one treat per 10 pounds of body weight. 

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CBD is quickly making its way through the research circles, and there is some fantastic news waiting for those interested. 

Although there is still more to discover regarding safety, effectiveness, and legality issues, the signs suggest we are not too far from getting more comfortable access to weed.

Although there will always be legal bindings to ensure recreational and research work, weed companies are starting to feel confident about investing and moving forward with innovation and analysis on the mysterious plant.

Studies such as the one at Baylor College also hint at the launch of Cannabis research programs for animals.

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