How to Talk to Your Veterinarian About CBD Oil

Are you a responsible dog owner who wants to get the best possible treatment for your dog? Have you heard about CBD for dogs, but you aren’t sure whether it’ll suit your canine? Are you unsure regarding how to approach your vet about this situation?

If so, do not worry! CBD oil for dogs has become quite popular over the past few years. The likelihood of your vet talking about it themselves is significant. However, there is no harm in asking them about it yourself.

So, how to talk to your veterinarian about CBD oil? Well, you need to be as straightforward as possible when communicating with a healthcare professional.

Talking to Your Vet About CBD Oil for Dogs

Talking to your vet about CBD can be challenging for you. Many people consider CBD as some questionable herb, and they are reluctant to talk about it. 

CBD is a natural compound with numerous therapeutic benefits. Several studies have proved its potential in treating several conditions in canines.

For that reason, it is wise to consult your vet about the type, dosage, and frequency of administration instead of giving it to your pet yourself. Here’s what you must be aware of before giving your dog its first dose of cannabidiol.

Stuff You Must Ask Your Vet!

AKC Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Jerry Klein elicited in an interview that dog owners must get complete information from their vets about CBD oil. There are a lot of variables involved when it comes to giving dogs a herb.

Therefore, you must get the expert advice of a vet so that your beloved doesn’t have to face any harmful drawbacks. With that said, Dr. Jerry also highlighted three questions that you must ask your vet regarding CBD oil.

They are:

Is it Safe for My Dog?

Perhaps the most crucial question you need to ask your vet is whether cannabidiol is safe for your canine or not. Studies have shown that CBD is totally harmless for a vast majority of dogs. In fact, it produces positive outcomes in your dog’s body.

Research has indicated that giving a proper dosage of CBD to dogs can help reduce their anxiety and calm their nerves. However, not every dog’s system can handle CBD. Not every dog is alike. Just like there are exceptions among humans for certain drugs, so is the case with pets.

Therefore, you must contact your vet and enquire whether your dog can take CBD oil or not.

Will it Cause any Side Effects?

Side reactions can be menacing for your dog. Often you see that doctors ask you questions regarding your past ailments, genetic disorders, and whether you are allergic to something.

These queries help them prescribe a medication that will not produce any side effects in your body. Similarly, your dog has a unique system. And you need to talk to a vet to be sure that CBD oil will not produce any side effects like fever, nausea, and an upset stomach.

How Will I Know if it Works For My Dog?

The only way to know whether your dog will sustain CBD without side reactions is by consulting a veterinarian. Being a professional, they will take the history and do some tests to ensure the outcomes.

However, if you give your dog cannabidiol without knowing what the response would be, there could be some drastic results. Despite CBD being essentially harmless, some dogs can still be intolerant of it.

Can Vets Legally Prescribe CBD Oil For Dogs?

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, vets do not have the legal right to prescribe cannabis or items derived from cannabis. As CBD is an extract we get from the Cannabis sativa plant, vets cannot prescribe it to animals.

In fact, even for humans, only two CBD-based medicines for epilepsy are under legal prescription. The American Veterinary Medical Association has set these restrictions for the greater good.

As studies on CBD are in their initial stages, scientists are waiting to get further evidence on its therapeutic potential. Until then, the authorities shouldn’t commercialize CBD oil for dogs.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that CBD for dogs is not beneficial. Thousands of pet owners worldwide give their canines CBD, and they see nothing but promising outcomes.

Hence, talking to a vet and getting an unofficial recommendation regarding your dog and CBD is the best option.

How to Approach Your Vet With The CBD Topic – A Vet’s Recommendation

The question of the hour is: How do I approach my vet and ask them about the use of CBD oil for dogs without making the conversation? Perhaps the best person to answer this question is your vet himself.

In that regard, Dr. Klein suggests that you should be open to your vet and ask them for information without any hesitation. Being a vet himself, he said that he likes it when people come up to him and are willing to learn more about their dogs’ wellbeing.

So, if you are unsure of giving your dog CBD, immediately talk to your vet about it. Tell them why you want to give CBD oil to your dog and ask them all the questions you want.

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CBD is indeed a truly remarkable herb. It has numerous benefits and tremendous therapeutic potential for both humans and canines.

Several potent products are available in the market that can prove beneficial for your dog, but more research is required to unearth more facts.

Besides, it is ideal for taking an expert’s, a vet’s opinion before administering CBD.

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