CBD Oil for Senior Dogs

The anti-inflammatory and non-psychoactive nature of CBD is a significant reason dog owners are willing to try CBD oil. 

As the word goes around and supportive research keeps piling up, the popularity of CBD oil for dogs also increases. Many pet owners have shared their experience of benefiting from CBD oil, encouraging others to try it. 

If you think that CBD derived from marijuana is toxic for the dog, there’s no need to worry. Hemp is a much safer relative of marijuana. Hemp-derived CBD oil for dogs contains less than 0.3% THC, which makes it non-toxic for your canine friend. 

So you may have heard about the wonders CBD has been doing for pets, but you might still wonder if it works as well for the senior dogs too. Let’s look into it.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Aging isn’t a problem among humans only, but dogs also become weak as they age. You might find your pooch getting more anxious or less active as they age. CBD can be their solution!

Lowers Anxiety

As they grow in age, dogs can become more prone to anxiety and stress. The tension could stem from environmental as well as behavioral changes. 

CBD oil for dogs connects with the endocannabinoid system, which works to maintain the balance of emotions. It can help alleviate the feelings of anxiety and replace them with calmness.

Manages Pain

Pain management is an essential part of offering your senior dog a quality life. Whether it’s pain from surgery, arthritis, or anything else, CBD has proven effective in managing chronic pain in dogs.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help reduce inflammation in all parts of the body. Additionally, CBD contains much less severe side effects than many of your approved NSAID drugs. 

CBD Oil for Dogs with Cancer

Does it work for dogs with cancer? It’s not an all-cure, but it indeed does work well to support a designed cancer-treatment plan.

We have already mentioned that CBD oil for dogs aids in pain management and alleviating stress. Moreover, it also has tumor-shrinking properties

Therefore, while CBD cannot cure cancer on its own, it can definitely lessen cancer treatment’s side effects and play a role in helping you overcome the illness.

CBD for Dogs with Arthritis

Arthritis is a common sign of aging among humans as well as pets. As your pet ages, their joints might begin aching more. Lazing around can increase anxiety levels in the little animal and make it gain significant weight.

While there’s no FDA-approved drug for dogs with arthritis, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties and minimal side effects make it a great candidate for dogs with arthritis. 

You should consult your vet to choose the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis.

Fights Nausea

Losing appetite is a massive problem among senior dogs. Whether it’s due to an illness, or a general decrease in hunger over time, it could ruin the pet’s quality of life. They might feel weak or nauseous at times due to a lack of strength in their body.

Dogs need food to live their lives actively. CBD oil for dogs boosts appetite and helps fight off nausea, ultimately helping them maintain a healthy life.

Controls Seizures

If your dog suffers from epileptic seizures, its cure could lie in the CBD.

CBD oil has shown encouraging results in managing seizures among dogs. The side effects are also fewer than prescribed medicines.

A small study conducted by Dr. Stephanie McGrath showed that 89% of dogs who were given a CBD dosage had less frequent seizures than those who weren’t.

It Lets Your Pet Sleep Better

An anxious or pained dog might have trouble sleeping. But, as CBD oil calms your dog and alleviates his pain, it ultimately improves their sleep quality as well. 

A good night’s rest isn’t only beneficial for humans, but it does wonders for dogs too. It increases appetite and improves the overall mood of your pooch, bringing back more of its active self.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

There’s no specified dosage for CBD, but always remember that less is more. You can decide upon the dosage keeping your dog’s health and body requirements in mind. 

One way to determine a dosage is by using the measurement of 0.2 mg per pound weight of your dog. The dosage will also depend on the illness your pet is dealing with; a more severe problem will require a larger dose too.

Sometimes the CBD oil manufacturers might send a dosage instruction letter as well, helping you decide how much oil you should give your dog.

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Which CBD Product Is the Best for Senior Dogs?

CBD oil for dogs is readily available in the market, unprescribed, and unregulated. As the popularity grows, so does the number of CBD product manufacturers.  So, conduct thorough research before choosing any CBD product. 

Full-spectrum CBD extracts are considered most therapeutically effective. The presence of other cannabinoids along with CBD creates a combined effect to revive your dog’s energy and relieve pain.

Opt for brands you can fully trust or the ones recommended by your vet. You can also choose products designed specifically for senior dogs.

Final Words

Let us not forget that most research available is anecdotal. CBD prescription for pets is still illegal, so before administering any dosage to your aging dog, make sure you understand their health requirements. Even though he may not be able to prescribe, we suggest talking to your vet before choosing any CBD oil for dogs for a professional opinion.

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