Can You Have a Puppy And Nice Furniture?

Have you finally got a puppy? Puppies are the most adorable creatures, and they always grow up to become your best friends. 

However, have you considered the impact of having a puppy in your house with expensive furniture sitting around?

Puppies and furniture share a love-hate relationship. One minute you may find them resting on your couch peacefully,  and the other minute, you may see them scratching your chairs. 

But just because you love your furniture, you shouldn’t skip the idea of having a lovely companion. While house training puppy may take some time, what is it that can make you happy with having both of them together?

10 Tips to Keep Your Furniture Safe from a Puppy

It is not always easy to collect your pup’s hair from your sofas. The same goes for cleaning your dirty carpet now and then.

With a puppy at home, you may spot drool on your sofa covers or scratch marks on your new dining table.  

You can’t spend your weekends, and sometimes weekdays, cleaning and fixing the house. But what you can do is follow these tips to keep your furniture safe from your puppy. 

  • Use Covers to Protect Your Furniture

It is the easiest and quickest tip to save your furniture from your puppy. We aren’t asking you to use plastic sheets as covers. That would look horrible. 

Use stylish throws and washable blankets to form a barrier between your furniture and pet. 

Your dog might already have found his favorite spot on the couch, so make sure you cover that spot perfectly. Besides, when you choose a cover, make sure it is washable and dries quickly. 

If you want to add colors to your coverings, choose slipcovers instead. They come in various patterns and colors. Having a washable cover is far better than running a vacuum over your sofa to collect hair. 

  • Avoid Wooden Furniture

If you do not have bare wooden pieces of furniture, we recommend avoiding them until your dog becomes a house trained puppy. However, if you already have wooden furniture, take action to save it. 

A majority of puppies find wood irresistible. As a result, you may always catch them chewing on chair legs. To save your furniture, especially when you are away, get a bitter spray. 

Use this product to spray it on furniture legs and keep your dog’s mouth away. Furthermore, start your dog’s crate training, if possible. 

In case of already destroyed wood furniture, send it for repair before it gets worse. 

  • Invest in a Dog Proof Couch

If your puppy sleeps and rests on your couch, get a pet proof couch as soon as you can. Your puppy might resist sleeping on a dog proof couch for the first few days, but don’t lose hope and keep trying. 

Having a pet proof couch means all the hair, drool, and odor stays away from your furniture. Moreover, a pet proof couch is far easier to clean than an oversized human couch. 

There are a variety of dog proof couches available in the market today. An orthopedic pet proof couch suits all puppies, and it is also quite comfortable.

  • Use Tape Roller to Trap All Furs

If you are tired of looking at your pet’s furs all over your sofas, try this hack. Run a tape over your tables, sofas, and chairs. 

The furs stick on the tape quite easily. Once you are done, discard the tape. 

  • Regular Grooming May Reduce Shedding

Nothing stops excess shedding than a regular grooming session. Bath your dog at least thrice a week. Make it a habit to brush your puppy’s hair every other day. 

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If you haven’t invested in excellent quality dog hair products, do it now. A reduction in shedding will save you from unnecessary cleaning. 

Trim your puppy’s nails every other week. This routine will save your furniture from getting scratched. 

  • Use Covers to Match Your Dog’s Hair

Dogs shed, and you can’t run away from this fact. To accept it and find a solution is the best approach. 

To prevent your dog’s hair from standing-out, buy covers with colors and patterns that match your dog’s skin. For instance, if you have a black puppy, a black cover will do the job. 

  • Buy Sofa With Removable Seats

If you are planning to buy a new sofa, buy one with removable seats. Removable seats quickly come off and conveniently clean within minutes. 

  • Buy Dog Friendly Furniture

When it comes to buying new furniture with a pet at home, choose materials that are dog friendly. For instance, leather works great with pets. It’s easier to clean and maintain. 

Moreover, leather doesn’t attract as much dog hair as other materials do. However, leather is scratchable. If you allow your dog on a new leather couch, make sure its nails are properly trimmed. 

Microfiber is another highly durable material. It doesn’t stain easily and is also super easy to clean. 

  • Close Rooms With Expensive Pieces

It is always right to restrict your puppy’s entry into rooms with expensive furniture. We are sure your dog won’t mind.

If you can’t lock a space, get baby gates to keep your puppy contained in a furniture-less area. If you spend most of the time away, this tip works perfectly for your home-alone pet. 

  • Start With House Training Puppy

Do not delay your dog’s training. For your own and your pet’s good, start his training from today. If you fail, get a trainer’s help or enroll him in a program. 

Training will sort most of your problems, and you will never have to hide things from your puppy. 


Having a puppy is a blessing. There is always someone to come back to after a tiring day at work. However, a pet comes with its fair share of fur, drool, and smell often found around your furniture. 

While a dog proof couch may end most of your worries, don’t forget to follow the rest of the tips to save your furniture. May the new puppy find harmony with your furniture!

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