Best Natural Treats For Pets, Flavors and Potencies

What if we ask you to throw away all your pet’s synthetic medications and replace them with an all-natural remedy instead?

We understand how possessive you are about your pets. So, we are merely suggesting what is best for them. 

It won’t be wrong to say that enjoying a healthy, wholesome diet packed with nutrients is essential for all living beings- especially our innocent pets. 

Pets are more than a family to us. They are our best companions. Our love. Our life. And our lap warmers. As such, they too deserve the best attention and affection.

But how to treat them the best?

Let us quench your curiosity. That god-gifted healer is none other than CBD treats for pets.

We bet most of you didn’t know it.

Is CBD Safe For Pets?

Medical Research has established that CBD is beneficial for dogs, just like humans, with practically no adverse reactions. 

Most of the studies surrounding CBD are conducted on animal models. Consequently, several health-conscious pet parents are increasingly switching to CBD for the wellbeing of their furry friends.

It is now understandable why many famous CBD brands are also coming forward to manufacture an impressive, pet-friendly line of CBD chewables. 

Honestly, raw CBD oil might not be the best option. The potent flavors must be pretty off-putting for the pets (unless you mix it in their foods).

However, the CBD industry advancements have led to a more appealing and tongue-pleasing CBD dog treat. They are outright delicious and delectable munchies. 

Premium quality chewable CBD treats for pets are a great addition to their daily health regimen. Anecdotal evidence and the latest research support the notion that CBD is beneficial for pets. 

It provides that extra comfort when your pet needs it the most. It also essentially cures all the homeostatic imbalances triggered by today’s medication. 

Plus, the infusion of CBD changes the entire game. It adds a touch of care and comfort to boost their health and wellness.

According to a 2017 report by the World Health Organisation, organic CBD is the safest and well-tolerated by animals.

So, is there any better way to shower pets with your affection than keeping them in the best of health and mood? Certainly no.

How To Choose The Best CBD Treats For Pets?

Selecting good food for our pups is just as important as choosing the proper nutrients for ourselves. 

Considering the variety of cannabidiol treats available today, the following are some parameters to select the right product: 

1. The Hemp Source 

A good quality CBD pet product must essentially originate from a reputable source. The safest option is to use domestically grown hemp. This way, you can be sure that your lovable pet is not getting anything harmful.

2. Healing Powers and Potency

This is a crucial aspect to consider before buying your pup food online according to their medical needs and preferences. It is important to remember that higher potency does not guarantee higher quality.

3. The Price Tag 

Despite the quality, a renowned brand will always uphold a fair pricing structure. While you should not opt for a very cheap one, knowing what you are paying for is essential.

So, it’s definitely not worth wasting thick wads for a so-called “brand” selling low-grade products with fake claims. 

4. Brand Reputation and Reviews

The fan following and the number of loyal customers are crystal-clear evidence to make the right decision.

After all, genuine reviews reflect first-hand customer experiences and give a quick sneak peek into the brand as a whole. 

5. Lab Testing 

An authentic seller will have its products verified from an independent state-of-the-art testing facility for safety, quality, consistency, and accuracy. 

No matter what you choose, a complete set of lab reports should always accompany all products. 

6. Product Portfolio

Hunt for vendors that tend to stand by a commitment to store something for everyone. A trustworthy brand always offers a diverse portfolio comprising various varieties, potencies, and flavors to meet their customer’s bespoke needs.

7. CBD Qualified Vendor

An authentic seller will be endorsed by all the major CBD Organizations and Associations such as the National Hemp Association and the National Cannabis Industry Association. 

So, don’t forget to double-check the brand’s qualifications before you place an order.

8. Integrity And Transparency

This is the key to win customer’s confidence and long-lasting brand loyalty. A company must strictly abide by and freely display all testing, sustainable farming practices, eco-friendly manufacturing, and international-standard packaging. 

Any company which is hesitant to share such information puts doubt in the buyer’s mind.

9. Customer Care Perks

This is what outshines a company from its competitors. An eminent brand adheres to a customer-centric approach to render an exceptional user experience. 

They go the extra mile to offer services such as warranties, return-back guarantees, discreet packaging, free shipping, and secure payment procedure. 

Moreover, they also have a 24/7 Support Team to cater to mishandlings and complaints aptly.

Hopefully, the above factors will help you evaluate a brand and make more informed buying choices- by sorting out the best from the rest.

How Is CBD Beneficial For Pets?

The advantages of CBD for pets are becoming more and more common these days. Research demonstrates the effects of CBD on stress relief and other ailments in pets.

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Here are some of the ways CBD is suitable for your pets:

1. Stress Management  

Similar to humans, animals also have an overactive nervous system which can make them anxious in no time. 

Dogs can experience a bout of stress and anxiety even from fireworks and thunderstorms.

Luckily, CBD is there to save the day for them. CBD keeps the dog under control by interacting with receptors in the brain.

Overall, CBD promotes calming sensation and reduces anxiety in pets.

2. Pain Alleviation

It is known that dogs are proficient in hiding their pain. Sometimes it is already too late when pet-parents eventually get to see the situation.

However, with its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can effectively reduce pain. Besides, it also promotes healthy cellular activity and boosts muscle healing.

3. Mobility

With an increase in age, pets experience drastic mobility changes too. Older pets are not as enthusiastic in their daily activities as the young ones are.

Difficulty to move is the specific reason why many pet-parents turn towards CBD treats for pets.

CBD greatly helps pet’s movement by supporting joints. Moreover, it also relieves bone stiffness and makes them healthy. 

Top 7 Chewable CBD Treats For Pets

A variety of CBD Treats for Pets products are hitting the market today. So, it is difficult for anyone to sift through the many choices and discern the best one.

The following list will make it easier for you to choose the right brand, product, and flavor for your pet’s wellness.


Fab CBD is a Tampa-based brand founded in 2017. It came with a determination to disrupt the existing CBD industry with its outstanding product range and affordable pricing structure. 

Today, they have become an empire of sorts, encompassing everything from CBD tinctures and oils to beauty products. Their organic hemp is sourced all the way from Colorado with care. 

Perhaps what steals the highlight is the company’s non-allergic pet product line-up that is absolutely free from soy, wheat, corn, or coconut ingredients. 

Therefore, it is an excellent choice for your pets, particularly those belonging to the small and medium breeds. 

The best part is, the chews come in three exciting flavors:

  1. Active Immune Flavor (Chicken): Made from chicken, it is the best remedy to cure seasonal diseases, minor infections, or injuries.
  2. Skin and Coat (Salmon): It works wonders for your pet’s daily skin-care regimen and is made from high-quality Salmon. 
  3. Calm and Cool (Peanut Butter and Apple): As the name reflects, these relaxing and sedating treats with touches of peanut butter and apple are fantastic for fighting anxiety and depression.

Each pack is priced at $34 and consists of 50 treats with a 3mg/treat potency. The premium quantity with a low price is a testament to Fab CBD’s commitment to work to serve our four-foot friends tirelessly. 

Moreover, with the fab quality they provide, just like their name, the offer is seriously worth its weight in gold.

All in all, Fab CBD is hands-down the best brand for your canine mates. It promises that your dog will be growing healthier and brighter.

2. Holista Pet

One can rightly call Holista Pet the ‘IT’ brand for pet CBD, offering the most premium quality CBD oil dog treats out there. 

The company’s foundations were laid by a group of health-conscious pet owners with over 25 years of combined experience in the organic food industry. It is the reason why the brand has successfully garnered an impressively high rating and reviews in no time.

Testimonial: In the words of Ruby, who rated ten-on-ten: “Awesome! My dachshund and golden retriever get so excited every time I open the cabinet that we keep the treats in. This was my second time purchasing, and I will definitely continue to spoil my pups with these.” 

Holista Pet works in close coordination with some of the top-notch hemp farms in Colorado. 

With 2 mg CBD per treat, your lucky pup can enjoy three very crunchy and tasty flavors:

  1. Green Apple and Peanut Butter for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Involving chamomile and 1-theanine as the base ingredients, these biscuits are what your pup needs when undergoing mental stress, trauma, or pain.

  1. Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon for Joint and Mobility Care

This CBD dog treat is the ultimate all-natural treatment for your aging pets. It helps them cope with their frequent muscular and joint pains by strengthening their skeletal system, making them more active, lively, and cheery. 

  1. Blueberry and Sweet Potato Flavor for Heart and Immune Care

This exquisite flavor is the answer to all your pup’s cravings. It is a magical energy booster whenever they are feeling down, weak and slow.

100% free from THC, this CBD dog treat is dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and suits almost all breeds. 

The cherry on top is that customers get to enjoy free shipping in any corner of the world. 

3. Pet Hemp Company

This California-based, family-owned start-up Pet Hemp Company was born in the living memory of their family’s dog, Woody. However, his legacy is living with each pet that benefits from the product. 

Within a short span of its inception, the brand has made its mark firmly with its unrivaled honesty, quality, and transparency.

Their 100% pure and potent CBD dog treats are manufactured using all-natural and organic hemp sourced from Colorado’s finest regions. Certified third-party lab-testings also back their products. 

Similar to Holista Pet, each chewable treat incorporates 5 mg CBD and is available in three great flavors:

  1. Green Apple and Peanut Butter for Stress and Anxiety Relief
  2. Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon for Joint and Mobility Care
  3. Blueberry and Sweet Potato for Heart and Immune Care

Could it get any better?

The treats are excitingly adored by pups across the globe, each boasting a distinct set of health benefits. 

So, one can choose the best fit, depending on the puppy’s physical and mental health. 

Most importantly, these can be purchased at an unbeatable price of $0.20 per mg. Also, keep an eye on their attractive deals and special discounts all around the year.

4. Joy Organics

Is your pet a BIG-time beef addict? Joy Organics is the Messiah with its easy-to-chew, easy-to-satisfy snacks. 

The company took birth from Joy’s personal and life-changing experience with CBD. Inspired by this hidden treasure, she embarked on her journey from a small retail shop in Colorado.

Today, Joy Organics is America’s most-used and most-favored CBD brand serving both humans and pets alike. 

It offers their signature Beef flavored, 2 mg of CBD per treat, with 30 treats in each jar for $34.95. The organic quality and unique flavor definitely undermine the expensive price tag.

Do you know that Joy Organics is Kosher-certified? It speaks volumes of its supremeness.

The chews contain glycerin, water, sodium alginate, beef liver powder, and flaxseed oil. It also has an incredible mix of cannabinoids and terpenes. In short, everything you need to make your doggy grow smarter. 

So grab a jar now. And put an end to your bub’s late-night cravings.

5. Paw CBD By cbdMD

Your furry darling is going to love you for this one. It comes as no surprise that Paw CBD is the go-to brand for most dog owners around you.

Powered by cbdMD, the company is “committed to providing natural options for the animals in your life.” They take pride in their 100% THC-free, veterinarian-formulated dog food sourced and manufactured from the lush farmlands of the USA. 

The gluten-free CBD Dog Treats come in three unique flavors:

  1. Chicken and Bacon in Soft Chew Treat
  2. Baked Cheese in Hard Chew Treats 
  3. Peanut Butter in Hard Chews

Consumers enjoy the option to choose from three different size packs of 150mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg. 

Regardless of the potency, you are guaranteed to get consistent and accurate CBD oil concentration. Rest assured, with their product testing executed in ISO-certified labs, your canine partners are safe.

Hold on, the best part is yet to come. Their efficient customer service is available round-the-clock to answer all your queries. Customers are eligible for free shipping on all orders over $79.99. 

Besides, their products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Customers can also enjoy a full refund if they are not satisfied with the order (which is highly unlikely). Now is there anything else you need?

6. Honest Paws

Triumphant of the “2020 Industry Recognition Award” by Pet business, Honest Paws offers various CBD dog treats. Each package is loaded with natural full-spectrum CBD oil grown in Colorado with all organic ingredients.

Besides being pure, its treats come in both crunchy and chewy forms. Therefore, you can choose whatever option your pet loves the most.

Excitingly, these treats contain less than 0.3% THC and come in 5 mg potency. Hence, if you give your pet a minimum dose, this product is bespoke for you.

Some of the pet-friendly products of Honest Paws include:

  • Mobility Soft Chews

These are poultry flavored treats that help with relaxation, increase joint flexibility, supplement healthy inflammatory response, and even support a dog’s immune system.

  • Calm Bites

These treats help relax temper maintenance, manage stress, and support long-term health by promoting calm. They come in a peanut butter flavor and are crunchy.

  • Wellness Bites

They are creamy coconut treats with a crunchy nature. Wellness bites aid stress management and help keep your dog calm by strengthening its immune system and inflammatory response.

To manufacture high-quality CBD treats for pets, Wellness Bites maintains a stern process. You can find testing reports of every batch on their website.

7. King Kalm Crunch CBD Dog Treats

King Kanine is a leading manufacturer of CBD products exclusively designed for pets. Widely known for its fruity and delicious dog treats, it makes breed-specific CBD oil products.

“King Kalm Crunch CBD treats” is a proud product of these manufacturers too. Each cookie contains an organic CBD source with other natural ingredients such as apple, honey, and turmeric.

These treats are gluten-free but are loaded with vitamins, omega-3, and micronutrients. Moreover, they also lack any trace of THC. 

The phytocannabinoids present in these cookies have a significant role in decreasing stress and fighting inflammation in pets.

The King Kalm crunch treats are available in 3 distinct flavors:

  • Blueberry Crunch

It contains gluten-free oat flour, diced apples, cinnamon, sweet potato, eggs, blueberries, and flax seeds.

  • Apple Crunch

It is made with gluten-free oat flour, pure apple, cinnamon, turmeric, and black pepper.

  • Honey Oats Crunch

These treats are made with gluten-free oat flour, honey, eggs, turmeric, almonds, black pepper.

Final Thoughts

Feeling stuck or lost on where to start? This guide is a good starting point. You can trust the brands mentioned herein with your eyes closed. They won’t disappoint. 

However, we cannot stress enough the significance of doing your homework before giving them any CBD Pet Treat — just like when introducing any new food or activity.

While selecting a brand, one must probe further into the THC content, the ingredients added, and thoroughly inspect their third-party lab reports and Certificates of Analysis.

For more questions or concerns, it’s best to visit your pet’s veterinarian. He can guide you best about the dose and other aspects. 

In any case, begin with a small amount and increase it gradually while closely monitoring the reaction.

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