10 Things Every Pet Parent Knows

It’s not hard to spot a pet parent. While some of them have their pets as their phone wallpapers, others are constantly telling everyone stories about that one cute thing their pet did. 

As a pet owner, you’ll have certain quirks and habits that others have a hard time comprehending. You can only understand these things if you’re a pet parent, whether it’s being smitten by your pet’s adorable behavior or constantly worrying about their health. 

Here are ten things only pet parents do and understand that other people have a hard time making sense of. 

1.There’s Hair Everywhere 

Whether you’re a dog parent or a cat person, your clothes – filled with hair – would give it away. After years of living with a pet, you make peace with the idea that you can never be fully hair-free. 

It’s not just your clothes that are covered with hair. The sofas, chairs, and every other upholstery item in your house will also have traces of your pets. 

When buying a vacuum cleaner, your only requirement is that it should have a pet attachment. Plus, it’s likely that you have a lint roller in every room of the house. 

2. Coming Home Is Always a Delight 

Coming home after a long day is a fun thought for everyone. But pet owners get a delightful welcome every time they come home. 

As you walk in the door, your pup wags his tail and gives you sloppy kisses. What could be better than this? 

Cats are a bit indifferent compared to dogs, but it’s still a sight for sore eyes seeing them wait for you at the front door or perched on the couch. 

3. You’re Used to Pee Stains

When living with pets, you have to be prepared for your pup or kitty doing their business on your favorite cushion or the center of the carpet (yeah, they don’t like being discreet). 

It’s likely that you have a ton of stain-removal tips and tricks up your sleeve that you’re ready to share with everyone at house gatherings. 

4. Staying Angry Is a No-No

Even after the pee attacks and the constant chewing on your favorite shoes, you can’t stay mad at your pets for a long time. Seeing them releases all the happy chemicals in your mind, and that makes you forget all about your anger. 

Also, you cannot stand the idea of people being mean to their pets. 

5. You Always Have a Listener 

Pet parents know that there’s always someone they can talk to even if they don’t get an answer in return – cuddles can suffice. 

Whether you’re going through a breakup and want to rant about the way your favorite Netflix series ended, your dog or cat is always there to listen. 

Although pets can’t talk, they’re there to offer emotional support. Sometimes, a paw on your lap or a tight hug can help you let go of all your problems. 

6. You Feed Them Better Than You Eat Yourself 

When it comes to yourself, you’d pick up any processed food off the grocery store aisles for dinner. But God forbid, you’d never do the same for your dogs. 

They get non-GMO, all-natural, and gluten-free foods produced by the most reliable companies sourcing their ingredients from the best farms in the US. It’s likely that you’ve researched for hours, reading hundreds of customer reviews, to find the best food for your pets. 

7. You’re All For Positive Reinforcement 

Once you start training your dogs, you learn that positive reinforcement is a great way to teach them things. You just have to find the best motivation that works for your pup. 

While some dogs would do anything you tell them to in return for a treat, others just want to hear praise and a pat on the back. 

It’s up to you to find the best reinforcement for your pet. 

If you apply this to real life, the same can be said about humans too. As a pet parent, you know how to thank people and return their favors as soon as possible. 

8. You’ve Wondered About Their Human Voice 

Admit it; you’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time wondering how your pet sounds. We’ve all watched enough dog movies to associate doggy voices with human ones. However, when it comes to our own pets, it’s hard to imagine what they would sound like. 

Does your dog even speak English? What if he’s bilingual? Is his voice high-pitched or flat? The possibilities are endless and intriguing, to say the least. 

9. You’ve Given Up On Tidiness 

You can be the most organized person on the planet, but a messy pet will make you give up your habits. 

Even if you clean thrice a day, something will be out of its place because your pet decided to play with it. 

It’s not just your home that will be untidy – personal cleanliness is also at stake. Hearing the word ‘bath’ can make your pet scurry away to the other corner of the house. 

Even worse, as soon as you’ve forced them into a bath and cleaned them despite their evident struggle, they want to go out and roll in mud or play with dirt. It’s like a never-ending battle against cleanliness. 

10. Going Out Is a Must  

You could be a hardcore homebody, but once you become a pet parent, you’ll realize how important it is to spend time outside with nature. 

Whether it’s taking your dog out for a walk or playing with your kitty outside, you have to get off the couch at some point in the day. 

You Love Them Despite Everything 

They could be the messiest and the most annoying little things, but you still love them with all your heart. 

While other people are talking about their babies and how they just took their first steps, you love to brag about your pet responding to commands and how cute their snout looks. 

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