Here’s Exactly How to Massage Tight or Sore Muscles with CBD

While some people experience joint pain because of their hectic jobs, others might have pulled a muscle during cardio. Whatever the reason may be, using CBD oil for sore muscles can be helpful against the pain. 

Besides relaxing achy muscles, CBD oil also reduces tension, improving your mobility. Although you can ingest or smoke it, topical application of CBD oil is widely preferred for muscle and joint pain. 

But even if you’ve bought the best oil for spasticity, how can you ensure reaping its full potential? To do that, you must know how to use CBD oil for muscle spasms, pain, and soreness. Keep reading to learn the right massaging methods for muscle pain. 

CBD Massage for Foot Pain

During a HIIT session, it’s common to experience foot pain. Or, you may have achy feet because of sitting on a work desk for nine hours a day. According to Emily Camp, a massage therapist, you can use CBD oil for sore muscles in the following way. 

Sit on a comfortable chair and put one foot on the opposite thigh (only if you’re flexible enough to do so) in a way that you can see the underside of the foot. 

In doing so, you’ll have a convenient angle to apply the CBD muscle pain oil. 

Now, apply a generous amount of CBD oil, balm, or ointment, like the cbdMD Relieve with 3000mg of CBD, on your foot. After applying the topical, use your knuckles to massage the foot from the toes to the arch. 

Make sure you’re applying pressure while doing so. When you get to the heels, position your fingers in a way that it seems as if you’re moving the topical from the outside to the inside of the foot. 

If you’re using a scented topical, you can benefit from its relaxing scent too. While massaging your feet, inhale deeply and let the botanical aroma calm your insides. 

Post-Workout CBD Massage 

Research reports that a short 10-minute massage following a workout can be helpful in quick recovery and mitochondrial production. What better way to put this theory to test than using CBD oil for muscle pain? 

Regardless of the CBD oil muscle relaxant, you’re using, make sure that you apply a generous amount. The cbdMD Freeze Roller, besides being easy to use, has 1500mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract to ease all your sore muscles and joints. 

Even better, this CBD muscle recovery formula contains menthol, which cools the site of pain, and aloe vera for preventing the formation of dry patches on the skin. 

Since it comes as a roller, you can simply roll it over your shoulders, back, legs, or any other body parts that are sore after a workout. 

CBD Oil For Tense Shoulders 

Tense shoulders are an outcome of being hunched on your work desk all day long. Since we hold excessive tension in our shoulders, it’s essential to let go of it to experience full-body relaxation. 

The cbdMD Revive contains 300mg of superior broad-spectrum hemp extract with essential oils, aloe vera, and shea butter to ease muscle pain while nourishing your skin. 

According to Camp, when using CBD oil for pain relief in the shoulders, you also have to target other parts of the body. 

As surprising as it may sound, it also makes sense, considering the shoulders are associated with the neck and back too. 

She suggests applying the topical oil to the chest, upper back, and neck. When using the product on the chest, find the pressure spot by moving your fingers under the clavicles. 

Once you locate the indent of the ribs, press down gently, moving your fingers from the chest to the shoulders. When you notice the chest tension lessening, you can go up and focus on the shoulders. 

Move your fingers from the shoulders up to the neck, making sure to squeeze the area gently. In some cases, the region may be tender, indicating that there’s a tension build-up here. 

Apply the CBD formulation here and massage it thoroughly until it has fully absorbed into the skin. 

CBD Oil For Tight Jaws 

If your job involves talking a lot, you’d surely be a victim of soreness in the jaws. Fortunately, you can use CBD for muscle relaxation by massaging the jaws. Here’s what Camp suggests. 

Apply the CBD product of your choice onto the site of pain. Then, use your thumbs to press the part of your face underneath the templates gently. Bring your fingers down from the temples to the jawline while holding the pressure. 

If it’s tender, there’s no need to worry, as it may be a trigger point. When you come across this part of the face, press gently onto it to release the pressure. 

The best way to do this is by moving your thumb in a circling motion. 

The cbdMD body balm, with sunflower seed oil, castor seed oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter, is an excellent product for relaxing your jaws. Since it comes with a stick applicator, you can target the exact region on your face that’s sore. Plus, the 300mg of CBD offers immediate relief. 

Camp also recommends using a nighttime CBD lotion and massaging it into your jaws to double the benefits – skincare plus pain relief. 


Even after doing extensive research on the best CBD oil for muscle cramps and relaxation, most people cannot fully benefit from the cannabinoid as they don’t know how to massage it on the site of pain. 

Here’s what we deduced from Emily Camp’s tips on using CBD oil for sore muscles. First, you should always apply a substantial amount of CBD muscle pain relief product since only a small fraction of the product is bioavailable. 

Second, you should massage the oil or ointment gently until the body has fully absorbed the product.

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