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Cannabidiol or CBD has a lot of medical benefits and uses. For example, it can help reduce anxiety, improve your appetite, and treat insomnia. What’s more, CBD is a very powerful anti-inflammatory chemical compound that can even help with chronic pain. 

Since its increase in popularity, many CBD products have come out specifically for pain relief. For instance, CBD topical creams can be applied directly to the target areas for instant relief. 

A CBD cream for pain contains a concentrated dosage of CBD and menthol to ease pain and keep it from coming back. If you want to learn more about this natural remedy, read on. 

Does CBD Cream Help With Pain?

We have already mentioned how CBD creams help alleviate your pain, but how do these creams actually function?

We have many chemical receptors which are triggered by a particular stimulus in our body. 

So, how does CBD for pain work?

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The endocannabinoid system consists of cannabinoid receptors that are present in your nervous system and skin. They receive chemical stimulation from cannabinoids like CBD and THC. 

As a result, the CBD in topical creams and capsules activates the receptors all over our bodies. These receptors modify our pain perception, reduce inflammation, and help relieve sore joints and muscles. 

Besides this, clinical studies have highlighted the therapeutic role of CBD in many pain-related conditions. It is quite beneficial in treating chronic pain, arthritis pain, and even peripheral neuropathy

According to a 2020 study, almost 20% of OPD palliative care patients used CBD to relieve their symptoms. What’s more, a majority of people were using CBD topical creams for pain relief. 

Furthermore, it is also vital to mention how CBD has a variety of other medical benefits. For example, several scientists have found a link between CBD and the treatment of mental disorders like anxiety and depression. 

CBD Creams vs Oils

CBD creams are beneficial for reducing inflammation and pain in different body parts. CBD from the cream can stay in your system for 2 to 5 days on average. It keeps inflammation down and the pain at bay. 

But how do the creams work in the first place, and how are they different from CBD oils? 

CBD creams are applied directly to the affected area and are usually paired with cooling or warming agents to ease the pain faster. 

If you are using CBD lotion for back pain, take a small amount and rub the lotion on the painful area. Then, simply wait a few minutes for quick pain relief. 

You can also use CBD oil for relief. The oil can be applied directly to the affected area without the help of other ingredients. But, the benefits will take longer to appear. It’s better to take it orally for full-body relief. 

CBD creams are more effective at providing relief to specific affected parts of the body. 

With ingredients like menthol and warming agents, the pain will likely reduce as CBD is absorbed into the skin. Once all CBD is absorbed, the pain goes away entirely because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Since there are several CBD creams and oils for pain relief, it would be best to do your own research to find the right one.

Plus, each person suffers from a different type of pain that requires a particular pain relief cream for treatment, so there’s no one solution for all. 

How to Find the Best CBD Cream for Pain?

Before purchasing a CBD cream for pain, it is crucial to understand what you are looking for. With various CBD creams available in the market, it can be challenging to find one that will treat your condition better. 

The following section highlights all the crucial factors to look for in your CBD topical creams. 

  • Always check the ingredient list to find which chemical will alleviate your pain. This is especially crucial if you are allergic to any chemical or even essential oils.
  • The product’s quality is a clear indicator of the effectiveness and any possible side effects. So go for brands that make their products from US-grown authentic hemp.
  • Check for third-party lab testing for quality assurance. Since the FDA does not regulate CBD products, look for products with up-to-date COA. 
  • There are different types of CBD available in the market, including isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum products. While isolates do not contain any THC, full-spectrum CBD products include a wide range of cannabinoids.
  • Opt for CO2 and ethanol-extraction methods in your CBD-based topical creams.
  • Research about the brand reputation before purchasing any product. While older brands might seem more trustworthy, new brands are also offering the best quality products.  

Trending Tips on CBD Products

Chronic Pain 

CBD cream is excellent for providing targeted relief to your sore body muscles and joints. However, we cannot say the same for chronic pain conditions. 

While it works exceptionally well for muscle strains, aches, and joint stiffness, it does not provide the same treatment results as migraines and arthritis. 

However, you can still use the cream for temporary relief. Just keep in mind that the results will fade faster, and you will need to increase the dosage over the long term.

Side Effects

Like all other medications, CBD creams for pain also come with a few side effects along with their benefits. Fortunately, these side effects are mild and not very common. 

What’s more, the side effects vary from person to person depending on the dosage, period of use, and even the manufacturer. 

Some of the common adverse effects include nausea, changes in appetite, dry mouth, and anxiety. 

While most CBD research is in its nascent stages, up till now, there haven’t been any reported outward side effects of using a CBD relief cream.

Best CBD Creams for Pain

Now that we’ve discussed all the possible benefits and side effects let’s look at some CBD creams for pain that you can try at home.

CBD Recover Squeeze

If you’re feeling minor aches or pains, you can try the CBD Recover Squeeze cream. Not only does it help with pain, but this warming cream is also great for moisturizing dry skin.

It combines histamine dihydrochloride with CBD to give you pain relief. Moreover, this product uses Superior Broad Spectrum CBD extracted from high-quality US hemp. 

It contains shea butter along with other essential oils that help soothe the pain. In addition, this product is THC-free, meaning you get all the benefits of CBD without the high.

You can get this product in four different concentrations: 300 mg, 750 mg, 1500 mg, and 3000 mg. You can also choose between a tub or a squeeze tube.  

Before applying the cream, wash and dry the affected area. Then, apply a generous amount of pain relief to the targeted area. Keep in mind that you can only apply this cream up to four times a day, not more!

CBD Freeze Squeeze

If you’re experiencing backaches, sore muscles, or joint pain, the CBD Freeze Squeeze cream can help you. This product combines Superior Broad Spectrum hemp that includes CBD, CBN, CBG, and other terpenes to provide you with instant pain relief.

In addition, it also includes soothing qualities of menthol, aloe vera, and other similar ingredients. 

If you dislike greasy creams, then you’ll be pleased to find that this product has a non-greasy formula and can easily absorb into your skin.

Moreover, it’s free from THC and is third-party tested. You can get this product in three different concentrations: 300 mg, 750 mg, 1500 mg, and 3000 mg. 

It’s best if you apply this product to the target area for instant relief. However, if you wish for something that provides optimal results overall, you may want to try an oil tincture or capsule.

CBD Topical

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Lastly, CBD Topical is another great product to help with the pain. It brings together the anesthetic benefits of lidocaine and Superior Broad Spectrum hemp compounds like CBD, CBG, and CBN to take away any discomfort you may be feeling.

Lidocaine is an anesthetic that intertwines with the signals of the nerve cells in your body. This prevents your nerve receptors from feeling pain. High concentrations of lidocaine can cause numbness, while lower concentrations can temporarily take away discomfort and irritation.

This pain reliever can be applied as a roll-on or as a spray over the affected area. This product is available in three concentrations: 500 mg, 1500 mg, and 3000 mg. 

You should be able to feel the impact of this product almost immediately after application. To get the most of this product, it’s best to incorporate it into your daily routine.

Talk to Your Doctor

Regardless of the benefits, we’ve talked about, it is best to speak with your doctor before using a CBD cream for pain. Also, since everyone has a different body and different reactions to the products, it’s best to get the doctor’s advice.

This will not only help you find a suitable topical ointment, but they can also recommend some of the best-reputed brands for you to check out.

Besides this, your healthcare provider can help calculate the correct dosage to make sure that you do not suffer from any adverse reaction.

But, still, to be on the safe side, always start with a low dosage, even with the relief creams, and work your way up to higher dosages.

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CBD creams are a great way to reduce pain in target areas. The cream comes with menthol and other ingredients to relieve pain and reduce inflammation in the desired area. 

Plus, CBD relief creams benefit non-chronic pain conditions like muscle strains and aches.

Just make sure to start with a low dosage or as prescribed by the doctor to get the maximum gains. We hope this article helped give you a perspective about what CBD creams are and how they can help you with pain relief.

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