CBD For Pain, Top 5 Ways to Conquer Your Pain with CBD

As R.E.M. once said, “Everybody Hurts,” and recent data from the National Institute of Health (NIH) seems to back that up. 

According to an NIH study, roughly 20 percent of Americans suffered from chronic pain in 2016. And those who have lived heavily active lives, or work in physically demanding fields like athletes, veterans, or physical laborers, were found to be at the highest risk.

And these alarming statistics are the reason why people are desperate for pain relief. They are resorting to taking high amounts of over-the-counter and prescription painkillers in hopes they can lead a semi-normal life.

However, this has led to a drastic increase in opioid use. And the rates of addiction and overdose have skyrocketed in recent years, leading some people to search for different ways to handle both chronic and acute pain.

This hunt has caused people to practice things like yoga, meditation, and massage therapy and has also encouraged people to seek out all-natural remedies like CBD.

CBD drink for pain.

In fact, CBD – short for cannabidiol – has become so popular over the past year that it’s one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. And it’s all because of the wide variety of benefits it has the potential to provide.

These benefits include things like improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and other medicinal effects associated with hemp. But because CBD lacks THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, it won’t get you high.

There’s also an expanding body of evidence that CBD can help to relieve both acute and chronic pain, which is great news. But with so much information on the internet, it can be overwhelming combing through it, searching for the most relevant information.

That’s why we’re sharing relevant information on CBD, pain and explaining the top three ways you can conquer it with CBD oil products.

CBD For Pain, Can CBD Help You Manage Pain?

When it comes to how the body manages pain, recent studies have illustrated how important the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is at regulating the body’s pain response. Cannabinoids like CBD work with the ECS to improve things like digestive, immune, and nervous system function are starting to get a lot of attention.

As a result of this attention, more conducted research paints CBD in a favorable light. It shows CBD as a potential way to deal with things like pain, inflammation, and the anxiety that often goes along with injuries and chronic pain.

These studies have led to CBD becoming a widely-used, natural option for pain management and relief with everyone from average joes to professional athletes to retirees.

And because there’s such a wide variety of CBD options, it’s easy to choose the one that best suits your own unique needs.

But that also leads to some confusion when it comes to which products are best for pain, which is why we’re counting down the three best CBD options for pain relief.

1. CBD Transdermal Patches

CBD transdermal patches are a discreet and easy-to-use option for powerful, long-lasting pain relief, and they’re a great way to receive the most out of your CBD experience.

That’s because they allow CBD to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the stomach and liver. This method means that if there’s 20 mg of CBD in a patch, all 20 mg will enter your bloodstream.

CBD gummies.

In contrast, when you ingest CBD, some percentage is removed by the liver before it enters the bloodstream. So if there were 20 mg of CBD in your gummy, only 15 mg of that or maybe even less would get absorbed.

Unlike ingestible CBD, which can take up to an hour to take effect, you’ll feel the benefits roughly 20 minutes after applying the patch. The response time makes it one of the quickest options available.

Lastly, CBD transdermal patches offer the longest-lasting and most consistent CBD effects because of their innovative design and CBD being released directly into the bloodstream. In comparison, other methods follow a typical “peak and valley” timeline, which means that once the CBD begins to take effect, it “peaks” before slowly fading away. 

Transdermal patches allow for a steady stream of CBD, meaning no ups and downs – just all-day relief.

Because they are so comfortable, lightweight, and discreet, you won’t even notice it’s there. And it provides you with six to eight hours of high-quality CBD.

So if you’re searching for the perfect way to get all the benefits CBD has to offer in one convenient and easy-to-use option, look no further. CBD transdermal patches are the answer.

2. Topical CBD

CBD-infused topical creams aren’t just for keeping your skin healthy; they’re also an effective way to bring targeted relief to wherever you feel the most pain.

Whether you’ve got sore muscles or stiff and swollen joints, topical CBD products are a great solution.

Most topical products work by mixing CBD and other beneficial compounds to create a powerful blend of pain-fighting ingredients.

Things like menthol, arnica, B-vitamins, and aloe vera join forces with CBD, attacking pain, inflammation, and dehydrated skin to allow your body to feel like new in no time.

But unlike vaping CBD, topical creams aren’t able to enter your bloodstream since they only permeate the first few layers of skin. 

This shallow absorption means they can’t offer any other full-body benefits like anxiety relief and improved sleep.

Because of this, if you want to get both the fast-acting, full-body benefits of vapes and the soothing sensation of topical CBD, you’ve got two options.

You can take them both for a powerful yet expensive combination of pain and anxiety relief, or you can try the number one CBD product for pain relief for a method that’ll blow you away.

3. CBD Vapes

One of the fastest ways to keep pain and inflammation at bay is through regularly vaping CBD.

When vaped, the benefits of CBD take effect almost immediately, which makes CBD vapes a great addition to your morning, evening, or post-workout routines for quick and effective help with many common ailments.

Vaping also provides full-body benefits like anxiety relief and improved sleep because the more you take CBD, the more it builds up in your ECS – keeping things well-balanced and running smoothly.

Because of this, vaping is a great way to deal with both chronic and acute pain, provided that you use it consistently.

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CBD for pain can provide a multitude of benefits for those suffering from chronic or acute pain. There are several different types of CBD products that can help with the variety of pain one may feel. The top 3 ways to conquer your pain with CBD are CBD transdermal patches, topical CBD, and CBD vapes.

4. CBD Oil

Coming from the Hemp plant, CBD Oil has gained popularity over the years as an alternative therapy for treating pain and several other conditions.

Low amounts of Cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are also present in it. They usually impart the “High” effects in the CBD products.

However, people consuming CBD oil for various medical purposes report almost no hallucinogenic effects.

With its exceptional remedial properties, CBD Oil has wide applications in curing;

  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammatory skin conditions
  • Epilepsy
  • Lack of sleep
  • arthritis

CBD Oil offers an effective alternative for “non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs” (NSAID) without any side-effects in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Treatment.

CTS is a condition in which the soft tissues surrounding the median nerve in the wrist get swollen, causing extreme pains.

CBD Oil is a more natural treatment as compared to any other drug for keeping pain at bay. When introduced in the body, it activates the endocannabinoid 2-AG and anandamide secretion. These, in turn, reduce inflammation and pain.   

You can use CBD Oil at your discretion. They are available in different concentrations and flavors.

By and large, people like to introduce it in their bodies by placing it under the tongue. It is the fastest and most effective way of passing CBD directly into your bloodstream.

5. CBD Pills and Capsules

Although CBD in every form is in demand today, CBD capsules are still most preferred by the users for their convenient usage and effective pain relief.

These capsules are available in two forms, full-spectrum or THC-free, subject to the content. The main difference between the two is that THC-free capsules are purely CBD, while the former has a combination of both CBD and THC.

CBD capsules have the edge over CBD oils and tinctures. How? 

Well, they save you the hassle of calculating and measuring the right amount of dose. It already has a standard dose of cannabidiol which may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Another upside to Capsules is that they are subjected to be broken down in your digestive tract, thereby, decrease their potency.

Moreover, ingestion makes the substance a bit lazy in its action, making it easier for you to make it a part of your daily routine.

As far as the dosage of CBD for pain relief is concerned, there is still a debate among medical professionals regarding it. 

However, it is recommended to take an amount after considering certain factors such as

  • Certain characteristics of the user
  • Severity of pain
  • Weight of user

If you are a beginner, start by taking one capsule of a maximum of 10mg per day to see its effects on you. You can adjust the dose after a few weeks if pain and other symptoms begin to reduce.

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