10 Alternative Therapies for Back Pain

Are you suffering from pain in your back that is affecting your daily life? If you said yes to the question above, you are not alone!

Back pain is a common disability in the US, making it a nuisance for many sufferers to do something as simple as walking up a slope. Moreover, back pain also sometimes spreads to other body regions, including the hips and the legs. 

The American Pain Foundation reports that over 26 million adults in the US suffer from back pain. This makes it one of the leading reasons for people going to the doctor. Although you may consider it a common ache like any other pain, it can be quite debilitating. 

That’s why you must know how to stop back pain. Luckily, in this article, we will talk about everything you need to know to get rid of back pain. 

These are natural remedies and different back pain therapies that are an alternative to medication. 

How To Stop Back Pain? 10 Alternative Methods 

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While medication is the first thing that comes to mind when treating back pain, there are some other useful methods too. 

1. Spinal Manipulation

This method is highly popular among people who are searching for completely natural back pain relief.

Spinal manipulation refers to the usage of hands to adjust the spine by stimulating it. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, spinal manipulation might help to treat lower back pain. 

However, it is to note that you should not opt for this alternative therapy if you have arthritis or osteoporosis, as the treatment may be harmful to you. 

Also, make sure you’re going to a licensed practitioner for spinal manipulation. Here are some people you can go to for your back pain therapy:

  • Osteopathic doctors
  • Physical therapist
  • Licensed chiropractors 

2. Weight Loss 

Although not exactly a back pain therapy, weight loss can help reduce the instances of lower back pain. The reason behind this is that your body has a hard time supporting you if you are obese.

The joints, bones, and muscles must work harder to give you posture. As a result, this might put a strain on the back, causing pain. 

According to a study, obesity is linked to the risk of back pain in men. Weight loss could help prevent back pain by lowering the stress on your body. 

Therefore, try reducing your store meals, processed sugars, and fast food intake. Also, try working out daily as it helps in reducing weight. 

This is why many try losing a few pounds after experiencing back pain because weight loss is the best and most healthy back pain relief method. 

3. Physical Therapy 

Wondering how to stop back pain by making your body stronger? Then, you should try physical therapy.

As shocking as it may sound, physical therapy can also help alleviate back pain. 

However, it would help if you only do it under your physical therapist’s guidance. This is because it is likely that a particular exercise might not work for you. Thus, it is important to have professional advice. 

Here are some exercises you can do for back pain:

Aerobic Exercises

If you are looking for a perfect blend of back pain relief while also staying in shape, doing aerobic exercises is for you. However, you shouldn’t try these if you suffer from acute injuries.

Stretching Exercises

Whether it is because of their age or health, many people do not like it when their heartbeat rises after working out. 

If you are one of those individuals, stretching exercises are the perfect back pain relief method that you need. 

They not only calm you but also reduce muscle tension in your spine which usually causes back pain.

Posture Retraining

Having good posture is ideal back pain therapy. Whether standing or sitting, having a great posture will reduce strain from your muscles and spine by providing extra support. 

However, this back pain relief is more than just pulling your shoulders back. Thus, you need to consult with a doctor before trying posture retraining by yourself.

Core Strengthening Workouts

Workouts such as crunches or sit-ups are meant to increase muscle contraction. Therefore, many experts recommend such core strengthening workouts as an alternative to back pain therapy.

Flexibility Exercises 

Flexibility exercises such as pilates and yoga are really popular when it comes to back pain relief. 

The reason behind this is that they involve movements that are only low-impact which stretch your stiff muscles and joints. 

They also make your muscles more flexible which helps in reducing muscle strain.

4. Meditation

You’d be surprised at how many things meditation can help you with. For example, John Hopkins lists it as one of the methods for treating back pain.

Along with affecting your physical health, back pain also takes a toll on your emotional and mental wellness. That’s why meditating every day can help against back pain. 

Since how you perceive pain depends entirely on your brain, meditation can affect the intensity of pain signals from your back. As a result, meditation improves your focus and diverts your attention away from back pain. 

You can also try tai chi to relax your mind and body. 

5. Acupuncture 

In traditional Chinese practice, acupuncture refers to the therapy in which a licensed professional pricks small needles into particular places on your body. 

Acupuncture can help with a lot of conditions. For example, it is a highly popular back pain relief method. According to a review, acupuncture can restore body function and reduce pain in people suffering from chronic back pain.

In addition, a 2018 study which was published in The Journal of Pain found that acupuncture alleviates back pain. 

6. Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Sometimes, bringing a change into what you eat can help with back pain relief. Make sure you’re not consuming inflammation-causing foods in excess as they can lead to pain. Not only this, but they also aggravate the existing pain. 

According to experts, some foods might worsen inflammation. These include processed meals and sugar-rich foods. Therefore, if you are wondering how to stop back pain, you should start by eating an anti-inflammatory diet rich in the following items:

  • Fish 
  • Nuts
  • Fruits
  • Whole grain
  • Vegetables

7. Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic therapy is performed by a licensed chiropractor. Most people think that chiropractors only crack the patient’s backs, but they actually offer many soft tissue treatments too. 

This might come as a shock to you, but chiropractic treatment is another way of getting back pain therapy. Especially if your pain has spread to the legs and the back, chiropractic therapy can help reduce the pain, making you fit enough to resume your daily activities. 

Chiropractor giving a woman an adjustment.

They borrow certain physical therapy techniques such as heat and ultrasound to break muscle spasms cycles. Moreover, they also try to trigger points that are the real cause behind chronic pains.

8. Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation

It might sound complicated, but Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation or TENS is a simple technique that involves electrical impulse transmission into your body. It does so to interrupt pain signals. 

Basically, you put electrode patches on the site of pain – your back, in this case. When you turn on the device, it will send electrical impulses into the body via the electrodes. These impulses interrupt the pain signaling pathway. 

According to a study, just 15 minutes of TENS is the ideal lower back pain relief method. You can get a device online or consult your doctor about it. 

9. CBD Oil

Research recently has shown us many benefits of CBD, especially against pain and inflammation. 

Applying CBD oil to your back is a popular back pain therapy since cannabinoids affect the pain pathway similarly to TENS. 

Several studies show that CBD could significantly reduce pain. For instance, research published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology volume found that using CBD for chronic back pain is highly effective. 

You can easily find CBD oil online for oral administration. If you don’t like taking it orally, you can also buy CBD creams to combat pain. 

Don’t be fooled by rumors about CBD making you high because THC is responsible for such effects. 

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10. Proper Footwear 

If you don’t wear proper footwear, you’re susceptible to back pain. Wearing the wrong kind of shoes ends up misaligning your hips, back, and legs, causing pain. 

Don’t wear high heels every day as they can also put a strain on your back. Plus, make sure your shoes are not too tight. 

According to a study, people who used custom orthotics for six weeks experienced a decrease in their back pain

You should speak to a relevant healthcare professional, such as a foot specialist, to determine if orthotics might help you. 


Knowing the natural remedies for back pain relief is essential because chronic pain can lead to stress, affecting your mental health as well. You can learn how to deal with back pain from this guide and opt for one of these methods whether you suffer from chronic back pain or get an ache occasionally.

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