5 Weight Loss Tricks That Help With Holiday Weight Gain

5 weight loss tricks that help with Holiday weight gain

During the holidays, most people spend time stuffing themselves with pies, drinks, desserts, and cookies. At the time, it does not seem like a problem. However, you start feeling worried later when you can’t fit in your jeans. 

Worry not, though. We’ve got some tips to deal with holiday weight gain. You can still enjoy the Christmas casserole or indulge in desserts while opening gifts. 

However, once all that time is over, come back to these tricks to get rid of the extra pound or two you’ve put on during the holidays.

How to Lose Holiday Weight Gain?

During the holidays, your body goes into relaxation mode. Most people stop working out altogether and spend most of their time on the couch watching Christmas movies. 

Likewise, the holiday season is a time of festivity. Thus, there’s a lot of food involved. 

One minute you’re munching on a gingerbread cookie, and the next moment, you’re digging into an apple pie a family member brought over. 

Due to this, weight gain is often inevitable. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to live with the holiday weight gain for the rest of the year. 

Here are some weight loss tricks that will help you get back to your pre-holiday body.

1. Adopt Good Eating Habits

Regardless of what your eating routine was during the holidays, you need to get back on track after New Year’s Eve. 

In the holiday season, you may have developed a habit of snacking unnecessarily. Since there’s so much food around, you always have something to munch on. 

However, once the holidays are over, you need to curb your snacking habits. Don’t simply eat something just because it’s available. Instead, only eat when you’re hungry. 

If you have a habit of snacking during work, replace the chips and cookies with lettuce and apples. Alternatively, you can also eat nuts as snacks. 

Secondly, watch the portion size of all your meals. Whether it’s Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas Day, you’ll most likely overfill your plate. 

However, you shouldn’t continue the same habit throughout the new year. 

You can also manage your portion size by reading the labels on all ingredients. But if you can’t possibly find each ingredient’s calorie count, use your judgment to determine the right portion size for your fill.

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Hydration should be your mantra after the holidays because nothing helps flush away excess weight like water. Most of the holiday weight gain is just bloating. 

So, it’s easier to get rid of this weight since it’s not tough fat. The earlier you deal with the issue, the sooner you can go back to your original weight. 

For that, you should make a habit of drinking water throughout the day. Keep a water bottle on your work desk and take a sip every few minutes. 

Moreover, don’t wait for your whole meal to finish before drinking water. Instead, take a gulp every few bites. Along with helping digestion, water also dilutes harmful chemicals in the body. 

Additionally, if you drink a lot of water, you won’t get false hunger cues. These are the ‘hunger pangs’ that your brain sends to your stomach when it feels that you’re hungry. 

If you develop a habit of eating out of schedule – such as during the holidays – your brain will start sending the hunger signals more frequently. Keeping your stomach filled with water can prevent this from happening.

3. Eat Mindfully

Mindful eating is an actual practice that can help you avoid holiday weight gain. Even if you’ve put on weight during December, you can shed off the extra pounds by eating mindfully in the new year.

Besides being filled with fun and merriment, the holiday season is also quite hectic. If you look around, a lot is going on. In a rush to get all the gifts and make last-minute arrangements for Christmas, you’ll most probably be distracted while eating. 

Research shows that when you’re not paying attention to your food, you’re likely to overeat. That’s because you’re not acknowledging the fullness signals your body is sending. Thus, you keep on eating even after your brain tells you that the body is full. 

You can prevent this by concentrating on your food. 

Many people like to watch TV while they’re eating, but the next episode of your favorite TV series can wait. Focus on your plate first. 

Also, don’t use your phone while eating. Even if you’re eating out, take that perfect picture for Instagram and then put your phone away. If you’re distracted by a screen for the duration, you’ll end up eating more. 

Moreover, chew your food slowly. A study shows that when you take smaller bites and chew food mindfully, you end up eating lesser calories.

4. Drink Clean

Sure, Christmas is the season for eggnog and pumpkin spice lattes. But you need to remind yourself that these fancy coffees are filled with sugar. 

Your Starbucks order is most likely the reason you can’t fit in your favorite pair of jeans. 

Once the holiday season is over, keep your drinks clean. Substitute coffee with a hot cup of green tea in the morning. Even if you prefer sweet tea, lower your sugar usage.

Plus, go easy on the booze. Cutting alcohol from your diet will help you lose a ton of calories.

5. Eat More Fiber

Most holiday foods are rich in fats and carbs. Since you’re not getting an adequate fiber supply during the holidays, it’s essential to make up for it later. 

Make fibers an integral part of your post-holiday detox diet. Eat fruits, legumes, nuts, whole grains, and vegetables abundantly. 

Let go of the idea that the greens are just for salads. Instead, make more recipes using veggies and lentils to get sufficient fiber. 

Along with making you feel fuller, fiber also helps improve digestion.


We all have holiday weight gain stories that almost always end up in people wishing they’d been more careful during the merry season. 

However, it’s never too late to shed off those extra pounds. In this guide, we’ve discussed some holiday weight loss tips to help you get rid of the holiday weight gain before the end of January.

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