Study Suggests to Prevent Liver Disease by Drinking Coffee

A recent study suggests drinking coffee to reduce the risk of liver disease. The study comprises data from nearly half a million people.

Either it is ground coffee or instant coffee, caffeinated or decaffeinated. The benefits of coffee do not depend on its type or form.

Adding more, the study suggests having not less than 3 cups of coffee a day to attain the best of it. Perhaps, 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day can save you from getting sick due to liver disease.

Coffee and Its Benefits

Coffee is the favorite beverage of many people. It is a necessary part of their daily routine. However, there are benefits as well as disadvantages of coffee according to the studies.

Coffee can protect from type 2 diabetes. More than 5 cups of coffee a day may protect from type 2 diabetes according to the experts.

Adding more, caffeine present in the coffee prevents the onset of Parkinson’s disease.

Coffee in a coffee mixer.

Moderate consumption of coffee can protect from heart failure according to the research.

Amazingly, coffee can help to reduce the chances of liver disease and death due to liver failure. A fatty liver disease which can lead to death is also preventable by using coffee,

A study conducted on a huge population concludes that 3 to 4 cups of coffee help to prevent chronic liver diseases including liver cancer. Caffeinated or decaffeinated, both are fruitful for liver health.

However, coffee from grounds is pretty more effective than instant coffee.

The BMC Public Health journal has published this study. The researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh and Southampton UK have conducted the research.

The Study is Giving a Hope to Liver Patients

 Unfortunately, the death rate due to liver disease comprises 2 million people annually worldwide. Nearly half of the estimated population dies because of the complication of cirrhosis.

The rest of the patients die due to hepatocellular carcinoma and viral hepatitis. The figures are quite alarming for the health authorities.

According to the research, mostly the people of the Sub Saharan desert become the victims of these chronic diseases. However, eastern Europe, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia share the affected population.

The major risk factors that promote the development of liver problems are;

Dr. Talal Adhami is a transplant hepatologist in the Cleveland clinic. While sharing his reviews with Medical News Today, he claimed that this current study is absolutely amazing. Because of the scope, It is providing for the cure and prevention of liver disease.

He said that the link between coffee and the prevention of liver disease has already been discovered in previous research. But those studies were conducted on a smaller scale.

This new study is performed on a larger scale. Therefore, it is providing an insight into the disease and its prevention with the help of coffee to a much bigger level.

The Researchers Observed 500,000 people for 10.7 Years

Initially, the researchers collected health data of nearly 500,000 people from the UK biobank. They followed them for around 10.7 years to observe the development of the disease.

Nearly 400,000 were regular coffee consumers while more than 100.000 were non-coffee drinkers. It was a control group study. The experts did not bound the drinkers to have a particular form of coffee. They drank caffeinated, decaffeinated, instant, or ground coffee according to their habit.


3600 diagnoses of chronic liver diseases were observed during the study. While around 5,500 were diagnosed with fatty liver disease. Nearly 185 cases were reported for hepatocellular carcinoma. Around 300 people died due to chronic liver disease during the study.

Interestingly, the risk of chronic liver disease among coffee drinkers was 21% lower as compared to the participants who did not drink tea.

Their risk of developing fatty liver disease and chronic liver disease reduced up to 20% in those who regularly drank coffee. The risk of hepatocellular carcinoma reduced to 21% in them. Adding more, those participants were up to 50% less risky to die with long-lasting liver disease.

Even more, the coffee from ground beans was more effective than the rest of the types. The people who drank coffee from ground beans reduced the risk of developing chronic liver disease and fatty liver disease by 35%. Besides, their risk of the onset of hepatocellular carcinoma lowered up to 35%. Their risk of dying from chronic liver disease reduced to 60%.

According to Dr. Adhami, coffee is more effective at earlier stages of liver disease. Because, in response to pathogens, the liver is in flames.

He said that coffee also benefits the damaged tissues to heal. In cirrhosis patients or patients having severely damaged tissues, the risk of developing cancer is at its peak.

Amazingly, coffee can also benefit at this level according to Dr. Adhami.

The Response Towards the Study

The data for the study comprises the samples of white people. Those people were socially and economically well established. Therefore, applying the findings worldwide is quite impossible.

Prof. Nathan Davies, a biochemist from University Colleges London stated that the study is not satisfying. Because it doesn’t prove coffee as a superfood for live disease prevention. He mentioned that some other studies proved opposite results.

A coffee cup with coffee in it.

Prof. Davies said that the study lacks the long-term effects, either beneficial or risky. The study indicates 4 out of 1000 coffee drinkers prevented liver disease comparing to 5 out of 1000 non-coffee drinkers. The numbers are not significant to prove that coffee is the cause of difference among these two groups.  

Sharing his review with Medical News Today, Davies said that some other factors might have caused a difference.

However, the remedies and cures for liver disease are hardly available. At this point, a widely consumed and easily approachable drink is a pretty feasible option according to Dr. Adhami. He is hopeful for further developments in this domain.

He said that study does not answer how is it done by using coffee. It just proves the potential benefit of coffee for liver health.

Further research and controlled clinical trials may help to understand the reaction of coffee molecules on the liver. This may prove to scientifically use coffee for the prevention of chronic liver disease that may eventually lead to death.

Bottom Line

Coffee is an easily accessible drink. Besides, people worldwide love to drink coffee. Either they know the health benefits and risks belong to it or not.

A recent study proves the potential benefits of coffee for chronic liver disease. If the scientists find these prove sufficient enough to be implemented on the common public, it will be a huge success. Specifically for low-income people, coffee will be an affordable option to prevent liver disease.

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