Improve your Productivity Level by Changing Morning Routine

Nowadays, people are so concerned about how to stay fit and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although most of them know that having a good night’s sleep and a healthy start to a day will help to attain a healthy life, very few apply the theory. 

A morning routine is critical for a good day, but most people are least bothered about it. Besides, the mistakes they usually make at the beginning of a day end up causing physical and mental health issues.

Entrepreneur talks about the impacts of a morning routine on your productivity throughout the day.

It Matters How you Start Your Day

To stay fit and mentally satisfied, you need to start your day productively, as the experts suggest. Whereas what most people do is just the opposite of that.

First, you snooze your alarm and stay in bed until it rings again. Coming out of bed when you have to rush for office or college leaves no time for a morning routine. Moreover, the late-night movies and other activities cost you sleep. 

It is said that a good morning adds the most potential benefits to your health and overall productivity. It is the best and most favorable time to create and think. 

A study published in the Thinking and Research Journal says that the best time to think and create is morning time, yet it is the least used one. People do not perceive it, which is regretful. 

The researchers of the journal studied the problem-solving performance of people at different times of the day. The results show that the ability to solve a problem lowers by the end of a day. 

The optimal time for this ability is morning time.

So in the light of these results, it’s better to consider a healthy morning routine. You may have a lot to plan for your life, family, business, new art piece, a new lecture, your game plan, or maybe a vacation. 

So, with a proper morning routine, you won’t need to take time out of your busy schedule.

Mistakes that Lead to Lesser Productivity

Let’s highlight the morning mistakes that cost you productivity and peace.

1- Sleeping in Late

A study published in a sleep health journal says that poor sleep quality, late bedtime, or waking up before usual time affects your cognitive ability. People who wake up between 8:00 am to 12 noon are late risers. Their alertness and attentiveness are lesser than the early risers.

Furthermore, this late-rising routine affects the performance and affection of a person. Another study, Amerisleep, claims that people having this habit have lower salaries and less productive levels that may affect their lifestyle.  

2- Leaving Your Bed as soon as Possible

If you keep snoozing your alarm or set your alarm according to a possible delay to your work, it will leave you no time to relax and think in bed. Usually, people rush to the bathroom or their wardrobe as soon as they open their eyes. Hence you lose your mind and body connection for a brief moment.

3- Checking Phone

Since mobile phones have become a basic necessity these days, you cannot stay away from them for a long time. But checking your phone immediately after leaving your bed is dangerous. 

Some people do not even bother to leave the bed. They keep their mobile phone in their reach and check it with half-opened eyes.

But researchers say that your brain and body have different settings. They do not respond positively to such behaviors and movements. Hence, it leaves an overall negative effect on your mind and health.

Ways to Avoid these Consequences

Here are some guidelines that will help you change your routine and make you more productive and happier.

1- Become an Early Riser

By waking up early, you can make the most of your mornings. It is studied that the people who wake up at the crack of dawn, that is, 4 am, are highly productive. 

Waking up by 6 am can improve your productivity. You can get your things done in a time that can improve your performance.

It is not the only blessing of early rising. Moreover, the early risers earn more salary than the late risers, as a study shows. There is around $15,000 of salary difference between the early risers and late risers, based upon their performances.

2- Take Several Minutes to Leave Your Bed

To get things done quickly and improve your time management, it sounds good to leave your bed as soon as you wake up. 

Yet this practice is not suitable for your health, both physically and mentally. It would help if you took a few moments to stretch your muscles and make your mind for further actions. 

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3- Exercise

It would help if you did some exercise before leaving for your work. Search for some postures that you can perform while brushing your teeth or taking a shower, or even while making coffee or breakfast. 

Exercise increases the mobility in your muscles and stimulates blood circulation. Hence it gives a pleasant feeling to become more productive.

4- Your Phone Can Wait

Avoid checking your emails, messages, etc., immediately after waking up because it harms your mind. After leaving your bed, set your goals first. Synchronize your body and brain with the surrounding. Perform your daily routine. 

Glen Lundy, the founder of the #TheRiseandGrind podcast, says that a fresh mind can respond better towards a situation, whether good or bad. Prepare yourself for any circumstances before checking your phone. 

Bottom Line

Being productive yet peaceful is everybody’s wish. People are so overwhelmed by the blessings of technology these days. Everybody is in a rush, whereas the benefits of nature are forgotten. There are 100s of artificial methods and supplements available to improve human efficiency. 

Rather than that, people should adopt healthy habits and utilize natural resources to stay healthy. Morning is a time that can contribute to improving productivity. You can become happier and peaceful if you become an early riser.

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