Get Paid $1,500 to Sleep on the Job

No, you do not need to rub your eyes… you did read the headline right!

A recent article published on Fox 23 News claims a mattress company by the name of Eachnight is willing to pay people to sleep on their mattresses. 

Could there be an easier way to earn money? I mean, getting money just to sleep is like a dream come true. And that too for a whopping $1500!

If you’re interested in this latest job, here are the details.

Who is Eachnight?

Eachnight is more than just a mattress company. It consists of a team of writers and sleep experts who work to publish comprehensive guides about sleep health. The goal is to provide information you may need to get better sleep each night.

The company is planning to do another study.

Their latest research will test the theories behind the pros and cons of napping. This will help people understand how napping can improve overall health, even though naps may differ in length.

The research aims to determine how a midday nap can help enhance your memory, motivation, and productivity.

Thinking About Becoming a Professional Napper?

Eachnight is looking for a professional napper. They know that different nap lengths can offer various benefits. So they decided to put this theory to the test.  

And they need your help!

You can become a valuable asset to the company and help generate new insights about how to sleep better.

According to the company’s website, Eachnight will pay anyone willing to nap on their mattresses for 30 days. Each participant will be paid $1,500.

However, there are a couple of rules. 

The person must sleep alone during the testing period. This will ensure that they are not disturbed while napping. Once they wake, they must write reviews about the nap and answer a questionnaire.

It seems like a reasonably simple job. 

For Anyone Wanting to Apply for the Study

So if you are interested in earning a handsome side income, consider applying for the research. According to guidelines mentioned on the company’s website, all applicants must:

  • Be over the age of 18 
  • Have strong English writing skills. This is essential because applicants need to provide accurate reviews about their naps. Moreover, they must be able to follow any further instructions correctly. 
  • Commit to napping midday every day for 30 days
  • Sleep by themselves for the duration of the research

If you are planning to apply for the position of Nap Reviewer, you need to hurry up. The last date the company will accept applications is on May 31, 2021. More importantly, Eachnight will only select five people to participate in their study. 

Will Participants be Required to Do Anything More?

The selected nappers will have to take part in a variety of experiments. These experiments will help test the company’s theories.

Experts will be able to deduce results from the information that the participants offer. One of the important things they plan to highlight is the best duration for napping that allows an individual to feel refreshed.

A few of the criteria the study plans to shed light on is to determine the effects of napping on the following:

  • The level of fatigue
  • Memory
  • Motivation
  • Productivity 

Furthermore, the participants will need to partake in a video call before and after each experiment. This ensures that all the candidates understand their tasks completely. Moreover, they will be able to explain their experiences and results in detail. 

Now, doesn’t this seem like a simple way to earn $1500 at the end of the month? 

But you don’t have to participate in the study to get a good midday snooze.

Read on to find out the secret to good napping.

Tips for Good Napping

Sometimes eight hours of sleep isn’t enough. You can feel groggy and tired, preventing you from performing your level best. 

There is abundant information proving the benefits of a good nap. If you think that napping is only for children or burnt-out med school students, you couldn’t be more wrong. 

People of all ages can enjoy a daytime snooze. An increasing number of working adults are now finding naps rather helpful. So when done correctly, you gain multiple benefits from your rest as well. Here’s some general advice to help you get the most out of even the shortest midday shut-eye. 

Set an Alarm

People often set alarms to wake up in the morning. But you can do the same for your nap. This can help prevent accidentally oversleeping, especially if you plan on taking a short 10-minute shut-eye. This will let you wake up feeling refreshed and avoid experiencing sleep inertia.

Find a Quiet Spot

A quiet, dark room at a comfortable temperature will help you get the most out of your nap. Sleeping in an area with no distractions will help you relax and fall asleep a lot quicker.

Don’t Nap Late in the Day 

Napping later in the day will make it harder for you to fall asleep at night. Any disruption in your sleep cycle can have a domino effect the next day. If this happens more than once, it can make it harder to get back on track. 

As a general rule, do not schedule a nap within seven hours of your bedtime.

Don’t Jump Out of Bed

Make sure to give yourself ample time to wake up before resuming the remainder of your day. This will ensure that you’re well-rested and more alert when you leave your bed. Waking up too quickly can make you potentially more tired and less attentive, possibly impairing your performance.

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Over to You

Whether you decide to sign for the research headed by Eachnight and earn $1500 is totally up to you.

For me, all this talking about mattresses and napping has got me tired. So I’m going to call it a day and catch some much-needed mid-day zzzzz.

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