Federal Officials And State Marijuana Regulators Discuss Cannabis Legislation

From across the country, state marijuana regulators met with federal officials from several agencies. Also, they met with members of Congress to discuss national legalization. Its potential impact and how other cannabis policy changes could affect the local programs they oversee.

This past week the Cannabis Regulators Association (CANNRA) organized a meeting. The group itself does not support legalization. However, it consists of members that belong to states which have ended prohibition. Also, by any federal marijuana actions, they would be affected.

Reps. Earl Blumenauer and Dave Joyce are the Co-chairs of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus. Both of them spoke to the state regulators. Moreover, they also talked to staffers from other congressional offices.

At the meeting, delegates from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Food and Drug Administration were present. Also, there were people from both the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

GreenEntrepreneur talks about cannabis legislation between state marijuana regulators and Feds.

Talks About Marijuana Legalization

Cannabis Plant.

In an interview, Andrew Brisbo spoke on the matter. He is the executive director of Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency. Brisbo said that during the conversation, federal officials were very receptive.

Furthermore, they acknowledged the state regulators positively. According to the officials, they are good partners in their ongoing conversations. At least they are willing to be good.

The federal policymakers are engaged in conversations. Also, they are thoughtfully contemplating how to approach federal policy reform.

A Better Outlook

Brisbo stated that the state regulators must have a seat at the table. They would be able to share our perspectives. That is the primary thing that we wanted to get across, he added.

Furthermore, he said that our experiences could help us with what has worked in state regulatory environments. We all know that. Also, it helps understand what hasn’t worked and, we want to lend that perspective.

Some of the concerns addressed included testing, product labeling, and improving social and economic equity.

Things To Know

The Pennsylvania Senate blocked an amendment on a party-line vote. It would have allowed medical cannabis patients to grow marijuana at home.

According to a new poll, nine in ten Texas voters support the legalization of marijuana in some form. Around 60 percent of those supporters are backing legal cannabis for any purpose. Also, 13 percent are against it. They want to continue criminalization across the board.

A new report came out to educate lawmakers about the growing U.S. market for hemp and CBD products. The Congressional Research Service published it. It includes textiles, foods, dietary supplements, and cosmetics.

The Next Step

The legislation will protect banks that help and work with state-legal marijuana businesses. The conversation between the feds and state regulators highlighted this point.

The federal regulators would not be able to punish these banks. This potential bill would save them.

Furthermore, Brisbo said that when it comes to cannabis legislation, CANNRA is not taking a position. The legislation is moving through Congress, and it is one critical issue. It is essential to discuss this problem because it is a big concern.

In the meeting, regulators from Colorado, California, Illinois, Hawaii, Minnesota, and Massachusetts were active. Additionally, regulators from Utah, Oregon, and Nevada also took part in the meeting.

Specific Frameworks

Additionally, Brisbo stated that there is one particular thing we want to ensure. There should be a consideration for the current frameworks of the state.

In various states, there’s been a lot of investment, time, and engagement with stakeholders. They have legalized cannabis in their specific frameworks. Moreover, some differences occurred, and those things are not necessarily accidents.

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Setting Priorities

When it comes to honoring the will of people in those states, there are some deliberate measures. Also, on the state level, there are steps to establish structures, he continued.

Furthermore, the federal policy approach does not overrun progress that the states have made and successful things in those individual states. We want to ensure this, Brisbo added.

CANNRA sent a letter to congressional leaders at the beginning of 2021. It outlines the cannabis policy priorities. Also, it offers assistance. The lawmakers consider that in this session, several reform proposals are all set to advance.

Final Thoughts

In some form, the priorities issues related to protecting states have legalized marijuana. To state-legal cannabis businesses, they provide banking access as well as promote marijuana research.

Furthermore, they ensure social and economic equity in legal markets. Also, they provide support to public health initiatives.

Sponsors of a Senate bill in Congress want to provide cannabis banking protections. They are now publicly urging a key Chairman to put the legislation to a vote.

Federal Leaders

Meanwhile, legalization bill drafting is in the process. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR), Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) are working on it. It will be released very soon.

Jerrold Nadler has refiled his marijuana legalization bill. Nadler is a House Judiciary Committee Chairman.


Marijuana plants growing.

The refiled proposal is known as Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement Act. On the measure, supporters are pushing for a vote this month. Moreover, they are hoping for a list of changes that would improve its social equity components.

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Cannabis legalization is receiving more public support than ever before. According to the polls, more than half the country is in favor of legalizing cannabis.

The state marijuana regulators met with federal officials and members of Congress to discuss legalization. They want to see the impact of cannabis policy changes on local programs.

The federal officials acknowledged the state regulators positively. Also, they were very receptive during the meeting.

The state regulators need to have a seat at the table. They would be able to share different perspectives.

The conversation between the feds and state regulators highlighted that the legislation would protect banks that help and work with state-legal marijuana businesses.

In various states, there’s been a lot of investment, time, and engagement with stakeholders. They have legalized cannabis in their specific frameworks.

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