China Bans Cannabis Cosmetics

Hefty Cannabis Production in China but It’s Missing Out on Invaluable Business Thanks to the Ban on Cannabis Cosmetics 

China Bans Cannabis Cosmetics

The Chinese Cannabis market is quite different from the US in many ways. While there may be many reasons for it, a ban on hemp seeds since 1985 remains the most significant reason China never goes down well with marijuana businesses.

However, China is also the biggest producer of marijuana, and that is nothing less than a shock. For a country where marijuana is a narcotic substance, and its possession makes you a criminal, it’s astonishing to know the hefty amount of marijuana produced in the country. 

Like all CBD products, skincare products are also banned in China, which might upset Chinese millennials.  

According to a post from Style, China may miss out on some fantastic business opportunities, mainly because of the current bans on Cannabis products, especially cosmetics. 

China to Propose New Prohibition Measures on Cannabis Products

The National Institute for Food and Drug Control in China announced that the Chinese government aims to establish new legislation to control Cannabis use. One of the objectives is to ban the use of cannabis extracts for cosmetic purposes. 

It includes cannabis extracts like Sativa leaves, kernel fruit, and Sativa seed oils. Moreover, it also aims to ban CBD, one of the most highly sought plant extracts for research in the modern age. 

Such measures are likely to raise a few eyebrows globally as CBD research has shown several health benefits, and countries are moving towards legalization.

China’s Prohibition Measures Maybe Too Complicated

Compared to the West, China seems to be heading in the opposite direction regarding CBD legalization. Countries like the US continue to simplify complicated marijuana laws. On the other hand, there are cold restrictions on marijuana growth and distribution in China and many other Asian countries.  

Measures like these induce marijuana criminalization.

CBD Prohibitions in Contrast with Marijuana Growth in China

Even though China continues to restrict hemp products, it cannot deny that it has been a significant plant producer for centuries. Generally, Chinese people use hemp products for traditional medicine and clothing. 

Astonishingly, China produces nearly half of the entire world’s hemp. Therefore, there is a general belief that the government has a dual policy on the matter. One one hand, it doesn’t reduce growth but criminalizes possession of marijuana. 

Todays Trending Topics

Cosmetic Industry and Hemp

Cosmetic Industry and Hemp

George Deckner is a personal care and cosmetic industry expert at UL Prospector. The company is a globally independent initiative. George believes that Cannabis byproducts are probably the most popular subject and ingredient in the cosmetic industry. 

According to Deckner, Cannabis-based skincare products are a popular modern trend. Moreover, their steady growth presents several opportunities for aspiring professionals. 

It’s especially true in a country like China, where there is a higher demand for organic and natural skincare products. 

According to a survey in 2019, nearly 90 percent of Chinese respondents suggested that they would want clean and healthy skin care products. Moreover, countries like Germany, France, China, UK, and the US showed common interests in organic skincare products.


CBD is a significant hit in most parts of the world. However, China’s attempt to ban cosmetic products creates confusion and disappointment among the local businesses. In a way, the country is missing out on significant business opportunities. 

Moreover, it adds more obstacles to the research and development sector with very few possibilities for innovation.

Also, China has an abundant workforce and resources. Therefore, simplified regulations and some leniency can help improve the country’s position on Cannabis at the global level.

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