CBD And The Rise of The Wellness Café

The CBD industry is ever-growing as the market is expected to reach a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.2% from 2021 to 2028. 

Several market analysts consider this the outcome of increased CBD awareness and the wide range of CBD products developed within the past few years.

Previously, people only knew about CBD oils and capsules. Today, CBD is present literally everywhere, from cosmetic products to vapes.

Another emerging CBD business sector is the food industry, where CBD has a lot of potential for growth. While CBD offers multiple therapeutic benefits, it also satisfies the palate of the users in different ways.

The food industry is already a lucrative option for most investors, as people are always looking for a cool place to eat.

Now that CBD is also in the picture, how can you make money running a CBD café without breaking the law? 

You might find lots of articles on the internet giving you advice on utilizing the CBD benefits in making money; in reality, it’s not that easy. You have to be more cautious and aware of the business dynamics in the food and CBD industries.

In this article, we have tried to make it easier for you to understand the rise of ‘Wellness Cafe’ and how you can turn CBD benefits into your financial stability.

CBD Benefits: What Makes CBD So Special?

Before jumping directly on the business-related discussion, let’s get to know a little about CBD’s potential and benefits. 

You may wonder, ‘why is this compound so popular? And ‘what makes it so special?”. Well, actually, it’s the instant therapeutic effects of CBD that give it an edge over other compounds found in Cannabis sativa plants.

You may have heard about another compound along with CBD, i.e., the THC, which didn’t get enough attention from people due to its psychoactive effects.  

Marijuana on a scale.

THC can get you high, and that’s why its use has been declared illegal by the FDA. However, they have allowed CBD products to have 0.3% or less THC content in them, as this amount doesn’t make you high or addictive.

Simply, CBD is the safest and the most beneficial non-psychoactive compound that works with your body’s endocannabinoid system to heal and treat various health-related issues. 

The good news is that multiple research studies have confirmed that CBD doesn’t have any severe side effects. You might feel a little nauseous or dizzy, but that’s it. 

Moreover, if you don’t like strong smells and tastes, CBD now comes in delicious forms, like gummies and CBD-infused drinks and icecreams, as well.

However, keep in mind to not overdose on CBD; start with a little dose and then increase it gradually. 

CBD is proving to be an excellent natural product, with each passing day by relieving your pains and treating your acne.

But how can it affect the food industry? If you’ve been keeping your eyes on this topic, let’s get the answer to this question now.

CBD and the Wellness Cafe

Currently, CBD products with less than 0.3% THC are legal in almost all states of the US. However, some state laws do not allow hemp-infused food to be sold or served. 

The states in which you can legally produce, sell, and eat CBD-infused foods include California, Colorado, Maine, Nevada, Michigan, Alaska, Illinois, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia. 

In other states, the laws are more restrictive when it comes to CBD foods and drinks. However, the states where CBD-infused foods are legal to have seen a rise in CBD cafes. Investors are leveraging this opportunity to make money in the CBD hospitality market. 

The first CBD cafe in the US, named GrönCafe, was opened in Oregon. This is quite apt, considering the state is a hub of modern CBD. At the time, the cafe sold CBD-infused chocolate and had a few CBD drinks on the menu too. 

One of the major reasons for the cafe’s popularity is the presence of a tasting room. Here, customers can taste a wide range of products and find one they would like to buy repeatedly. 

The tasting room is a massive hit because finding your favorite CBD edible is an individual experience. It’s not like the lasagna place down the street that the whole neighborhood loves. Instead, people choose their favorite CBD products depending on the reason they want to use them. 

Thus, letting people try different products to select their favorites is a great way to drive sales by targeting individual audiences.

Benefits of a CBD Food Business

Today, the awareness around CBD is more than it ever was. People understand and realize the cannabinoid’s potential in terms of pain and stress relief. As the CBD news is gaining momentum, everything around it is becoming more lucrative. 

People are more likely to head over to a CBD café now than they were about five years ago. 

The real question is – with a wide range of CBD oils and topicals available on the market, why would someone go for CBD-infused meals? Well, the first reason could be the delicious taste of the food. 

CBD-infused lunches and dinners can treat your taste buds and heal your pain side by side.

Another reason for CBD food being a hit is that they offer an enjoyment option. When you administer a CBD oil at home, you may take it as a routine chore or a therapeutic essential. 

On the other hand, when you dig into a CBD-infused brownie, coffee, or margarita at a cafe, you feel very different. It seems like you’re having a fancy dinner with hidden therapeutic benefits. 

Moreover, you can also socialize with people and discover new foods while getting the CBD benefits at a café.

As more people have learned about CBD benefits and usage, the CBD food industry is bound to get bigger. Therefore, the customer reach is rapidly increasing for culinary businesses. 

Keeping that in mind, it’s easy to say that the market is expected to earn more money than it has in the past decade. Furthermore, food businesses that are already up and running can easily incorporate cannabidiol into their menu. 

By doing so, they will increase their sales and attract more customers. At the same time, they can keep up with the latest standards in the culinary world. 

Trending Tips on CBD Products

CBD in the Current Food Industry

The demand for CBD is expected to increase in the coming years. Thus, it’s evident that the CBD food market will definitely benefit from it. As per Grandview Research, the CBD industry will increase by an impressive annual growth rate from 2021-2028. 

Even today, we can see the impact of CBD in the current food industry. 

The National Restaurant Association conducted a survey in 2019 to examine CBD’s impact. Surprisingly, all members of the American Culinary Federation, including 650 chefs, declared CBD-infused foods and drinks as a unique approach for business.

In fact, 77% of the participants considered CBD-infused drinks the hottest trend, while 76% called CBD-infused food the second most popular trend back in 2019.

Apart from that, the renowned pharmacist-formulated CBD brand – Green Roads – also came up with a CBD-infused chocolate idea. They started selling a crumble chocolate bar with their CBD products during the holiday season, and it got sold out in a very short time. 

Containing 180mg of CBD, the chocolate bar offered buyers a delicious way to relax during the holiday chaos and family drama. 

Likewise, Diamond Chill is currently selling assorted K-cups to make your morning coffee in the Keurig. 

By offering a CBD-infused coffee product, the company provides people a one-way method to get their caffeine boost while reaping the benefits of CBD. 

Diamond CBD also has CBD-infused honey with different concentrations of CBD in each tub. It provides an easy way for you to attain CBD benefits without having to bear the marijuana taste. 

Plus, you can add honey to your favorite food and drinks to make your own CBD-infused meals. 

So whether you want to expand your current food business or start a new one with CBD products on the menu, today is the right time to do it. 

CBD Subscription Boxes Business

Brownies with chocolate chips and frosting.

Another potentially beneficial CBD food business is subscription boxes. While these boxes give the consumers exposure to a wide variety of CBD products, it’s even more fruitful to the sellers and buyers.

Many sellers think of them as recurring revenue as buyers usually get a box every month. 

With monthly subscription boxes, you can explore a whole new world of different CBD products and CBD-infused food as a consumer as well as a business owner.

Moreover, this method allows the companies to estimate their revenue for the month and manage the cash flow accordingly.

While the investment for these projects isn’t as high, the gains and profits are substantial.

CBD’s Culinary Future

While all these claims and expectations sound great, making them a reality isn’t exactly straightforward. 

Businesses have to acquire a food license, which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the state and the size of the company. 

Apart from that, there are additional costs of running a bank account, registration fees, insurance, etc. However, any seller with the finances to cover these costs will find themselves earning aplenty through CBD in the coming years.

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