Cannabis Doesn’t Make You Lazy – Here is the Proof

Quite often, you hear people relating Cannabis to laziness. Generally, these people have never tried Cannabis, so they believe every cannabis user is always tired and hopeless. But that’s not true.

While Cannabis has proven its medical benefits, especially when it comes to mental disorders and psychological well-being, some recent studies have also demonstrated how Cannabis does not induce laziness or lack of motivation in its users.

So, if you have been nagging your cannabis-loving friend about how they will never reach their goals in life with Cannabis, think again. Scientific researchers have made some exciting discoveries that should excite Cannabis users. So, if you’re a cannabis user, get ready to brag about some more amazing benefits of Cannabis.

Green Entrepreneur discusses the details of the recent study on Cannabis about its impacts on human behavior.

Cannabis Study Set to Break Several Stereotypes Held for Decades

A cannabis technology company named Dutchie surveyed Cannabis users from the United States and Canada. Calling the results surprising will be quite an understatement because it will break some long-held myths about Cannabis and its impacts on the users.

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Around 5000 participants took the survey, and it was time to update the Cannabis stories related to lack of motivation and laziness, etc. The study suggests that a modern-day cannabis consumer leads a happy life. He is health-conscious, employed, and successful in most areas of life.

Surprised? Well, it’s not your fault if you feel that cannabis users are mostly demotivated and have no purpose in life. Unfortunately, this is what most people thought, given that there was very little understanding of Cannabis and its positive impacts. However, things are about to change with this research.

Survey Shows a Good Percentage of Cannabis Users Contributing to the Society

The numbers from the research are undoubtedly eye-opening and will force cannabis opposers to think again. It turns out that the majority of the participants were full-time workers, and most of them sourced their Cannabis through legal means.

Cannabis User Full Time Workers in Majority

According to the details, nearly 54% of participants were working in well-reputed organizations as full-time workers. On the other hand, there are only 32% of full-time employee participants who never tried Cannabis.   

The other surprising aspect of the report suggested that cannabis users preferred legal and safe sources for their cannabis products. They chose dispensaries, online stores, and other secure options which were convenient for them. 

Statistically, 55% of users bought their Cannabis from dispensaries, while nearly 25% of users shopped for Cannabis online.

Lazy Cannabis Users is a Myth

Contrary to common belief, Cannabis users are no couch potatoes. The survey suggests that 58% of cannabis users lead an active and healthy lifestyle. They are fond of sports and recreational activities like hiking, etc. 

That’s not a weed user’s trait, is it? Well, if you thought the same way, it’s time to rethink.

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Most Weed Users are Health Conscious

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about weed users was their indifferent attitude towards health conditions. It turns out it’s just something made up possibly for diverting people from using Cannabis. The survey suggests that 57% of users care about their health like any other health-conscious person.

These users also mentioned how they believed Cannabis was a preferable and safer choice compared to tobacco and alcohol. Given that these preferences were solely based on health, there is no doubt that cannabis users are as careful about their health as anyone else.

Survey Suggests Middle-Aged as the Most Common Cannabis Users

Here is a fun fact: If you thought Cannabis was a thing for the millennials and high school is where it all starts, here is something that should blow your mind. Stats suggest that the most common cannabis users are no teenagers. They’re not even those in their twenties.

Stats suggest that the most common male cannabis users were middle-aged men between 35 and 44 years old. Moreover, the most common female users’ age group ranged from 45 to 54 years old. 

More importantly, most users are female, proving how women use Cannabis to relieve their menstrual pain and stress.

Cannabis Experts Believe that the Survey Could be a Myth Breaker

A man smoking weed from a bong.

Cannabis commentators have duly taken note of the recent survey. This study will help break several stereotypes related to Cannabis and present a more friendly picture of weed to the general audience.

It can help normalize Cannabis and clear the taboos making it easier to grow, distribute and purchase the plant for medical and recreational purposes.

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Studies like the one from Dutchie seem to be the need of the hour as far as the cannabis industry is concerned. Not only does it help break myths about weed, but it also shows the positive side of the plant and how its users are normal human beings and contributors to society.

It presents a more precise picture to the potential cannabis users who are reluctant to try the plant just because they have heard so many fallacies about the plant. More research and public surveys like these will help clear the air and make Cannabis more acceptable and beneficial for society.

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