Best Possible Ways to Improve Weed Effects

Weed gives a sensational feeling instantly whenever it is consumed. People use it for various purposes. For some people, weed is helpful to fall asleep. While for some, it is pleasing and makes them energetic.

A wide range of weed products is available in the market. People nowadays have various options to satisfy their needs. Some popular weed products available in the market are;

Some of them are used for relaxation. However, a wide range of medicinal weed products is also available to facilitate people with injuries and chronic pain.

Some People Don’t Feel the Effect

Some people who consume weed complain about simply no change in their mood and feelings. However, it is nearly impossible for a normal human.

Since cannabis has proved to be effective on almost everyone who consumes it in the right way

Woman with a bong laying down.

Those who miss the hit after consuming weed might consume it in the wrong way.

Perhaps, it can happen once in a while when someone fails to experience that pleasant feeling associated with weed consumption. If you lack that feeling every time you consume weed, you must recheck your way of consuming it.

Reasons Behind Ineffectiveness of Weed Upon You

Experts explain some factors that you might be ignoring while consuming weed. They are as follows:

1. Inappropriate Way of Inhaling

Smoking is the process of exhaling and inhaling certain types of plant products. It sounds easy to smoke but the reality is not the same for everyone.

Inhaling is a quite difficult process, especially for those who haven’t smoked before. Inhaling properly and effectively becomes possible after a few tries. Only then you will be able to take cannabis to your blood.

Once it starts circulating with your blood, it will start affecting your mood and developing a sensational feeling.

If you want to make smoking effective, you should inhale deeply from your mouth until your belly expands. Do not hold the smoke for a long time. However, some people believe that holding smoke longer generates a stronger effect.

Rather than holding it, you must exhale it slowly. While exhaling slowly, you can avoid the lack of oxygen in different organs of your body. Besides, you can avoid the possibility of coughing caused due to lack of oxygen.

2. You Might be Doing it for the First Time

Usually, those who consume cannabis for the first time, experience strange feelings. Many of the first-timers have no idea about those feelings.

Like smoking, eating and drinking cannabis also need practice. Beginners must learn how to get high. Besides, they must know how to handle that hit.

Sometimes, people do not recognize that they are feeling high. One must know how it feels. According to the experts, there is a sensitization period that is associated with initial cannabis consumption.

During this period, the consumers experience no change in their mood and feelings. Because your body needs time to synchronize itself with cannabis consumption. It needs to develop cannabinoid receptors that are important while exposing to CBD and THC.

3. Your Method of Consuming Weed is not Effective for You

The method of consuming weed plays a vital role in getting the whole out of it. Either you must specify the way of consuming weed and stick to it whenever you need to have weed.

Or else, you must have a grip on various methods of consumption to get the hit from weed. Because whenever you switch to a method other than your specific method of consumption, you have to go through a sensitization period.

It means you’ll have to wait till your body develops new receptors every time you switch the method of consumption.       

Inhaling or smoking weed and edible weed are two entirely different things. Their methods of consumption are way too different. Besides, the ingredients of smoking products vary from edible products.

However, your body’s tolerance levels differ for unlike products. Therefore, the body reacts differently with every product. That might be the reason for not getting high every time you consume a certain type of product.

4. Tolerance Levels

Tolerance levels have significant importance in cannabis consumption. Tolerance levels vary from person to person. Besides, there is no specific scale for tolerance levels for cannabis.

Many factors affect the tolerance level of a human while using cannabis.

Trending Tips on CBD Products


You cannot ignore the environmental effect on your body while taking weed. Your comfort level matters a lot to get high after using cannabis. Therefore, you must prepare yourself mentally and physically before consuming weed. That’s how you can enjoy the best possible high associated with weed.


Dose or quantity is another leading factor that affects the results of weed consumption. It is essential to start with a smaller quantity and move further.

However, too little amount may not affect you high. While too much quantity is not safe either. More than a normal dose can negatively impact the weed effects in the future.


Concerning the effectiveness of weed on the human body, age is a major factor that affects the tolerance level. Besides, those who enjoyed weed in their youth, can not tolerate it at an older age. It means age plays a vital role in enjoying weed high.

Body Chemistry

Body chemistry is another essential factor that affects tolerance levels. Every individual is different from inside and outside. Besides, the way to resist certain types of chemicals and the production of hormones in response to weed consumption differ from person to person.

Frequency of Consumption

Woman smoking cannabis.

It matters how much and how frequently you consume weed. Besides, the tolerance level of a frequent user is necessarily higher than a first-timer or the one who occasionally consumes weed. The frequency of consumption lessens the impact of weed over time.

5. Genetic Factors

Genetic factors affect your cannabis high. Statistics show that the changes in genetic sequence experience anxiety and paranoia while ingesting weed. Naturally, endocannabinoid people experience a comparatively stronger high, quicker than the usual ones.

Bottom Line

These factors show that there is no possible and foreseeable way of achieving the best possible impacts of weed. You should keep trying new products and methods to see what is the best option for you.

By learning about your tolerance levels, you will be able to choose a suitable type of weed and a method that probably works for you. Adding more, this may help to get relief, medicinal benefits, imagination, satisfaction, or whatever benefits you want from weed.

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