3 Ways Affiliate Marketing and PR Can Grow Your CBD And Hemp Business

It’s no doubt that cannabidiol is more popular today than it ever was. However, seeing this opportunity, many brands have entered the market. Moreover, previously established companies are also diving into the CBD industry, making it difficult for newcomers to make a mark. 

In a competition like this, how do you ensure the success of your new CBD venture? A Green Entrepreneur article offers some helpful insight into the CBD industry and how affiliate marketing can help you grow. 

When coupled with public relations, affiliate marketing can easily become a powerful tool to promote your brand to a wide customer pool. So, what is affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is a helpful way for influencers, affiliate publishers, and partners to make money without investing anything financially. Plus, they don’t need any technical expertise for the job. 

As PR consultants, the people at Green Entrepreneur found that the cannabis brands that use PR and affiliate marketing tend to see significant growth in their sales. 

Here are three things you must know about affiliate marketing before you hop on the trend.

  1. CBD Makes Good Copy

    First and foremost, anything related to legal cannabis makes a good copy. 

    Millions of people worldwide are using CBD for anxiety and pain relief. Furthermore, media articles also hail the cannabinoid as an intervention for anxiety and depression. 

    In a 2019 Gallup survey, it was reported that 14% of Americans use CBD products. Of these, 20% use it for anxiety, 40% take it for pain, while 11% utilize it for sleeping better. As evident from these results, people from all walks of life use CBD products for a wide range of benefits. 

    With the Covid-19 pandemic, a wave of depression epidemic has also swept over the world. Although it’s not being discussed at a larger level, due to the pandemic taking all the attention, it’s still felt by the individuals. 

    Like front liners, first respondents, and people with severe illnesses, people who’re at a high risk of stress and anxiety are likely to search for articles about CBD and anxiety. 

    While writing about CBD’s benefits against anxiety, many influencers and publishers mention affiliate brands. Thus, they help generate revenue for these companies. 

    Since times are unprecedented, and people are desperate to look for a solution that works, affiliate marketing can help CBD brands grow today.

  2. PR Helps Amplify the Affiliate Strategy

    Affiliate marketing alone isn’t as effective. Instead, if you combine it with PR, you’ll see better results. 

    Public relations professionals are skilled in relationship building. Therefore, they know how to stay in touch with writers and commerce editors. 

    They’re better equipped to find affiliate publishers who will be suitable for a brand. 

    Moreover, they create story ideas for a brand, making it seem like an attractive option for publishers, editors, and writers. Additionally, they form press assets to help the brand out. 

    Their job doesn’t end with finding the right affiliate publishers for the campaign. Instead, they also monitor the program, expanding it by reaching out to new publishers and strengthening relationships with the existing ones. 

    When you’ve got PR with affiliate marketing, there are more campaigns, better pitch ideas, more press, and an overall streamlined approach. 

    For instance, influencers are always working on holiday gift guides for Christmas, Black Friday, and other festive days of the year. 

    Since these holidays are important and everyone is out shopping, it’s an excellent time for CBD brands to make their way into gift guides. With PR, this becomes much easier because the pros already know which publishers or influencers are curating gift guides for the occasion.

  3. Extensive Research

    With the market bigger than ever, there are many affiliate programs that CBD brands can be a part of. Thus, they should utilize their time efficiently and research the affiliate marketing world. Then, they must choose the programs that are well suited for their brands and business goals. 

    If you have a CBD brand, you’ll have to determine a commission payout for the influencer or the publisher. The more handsome your commission percentage is, the more likely it is for your brand to be featured in the popular media. 

    Therefore, you should know how to put an attractive deal on the table. Plus, look at the competition and learn how you can always be a step ahead. 

    Most importantly, work with a PR professional or agency because they can better understand media relationships and logistics. With their help and some brainstorming, you can run a successful affiliate marketing campaign to bring your business to the customers’ attention.

Marketing Tips for the CBD Industry

As a new CBD brand, you need to keep a few things in mind. You may want to go all heads in, but here are a few tips to consider. 

Firstly, don’t make any definitive statements about your products. In 2019, the FDA sent out warning letters to 15 brands selling CBD-infused products. These brands were using suggestive language that claimed CBD to be a cure for physical ailments and mental disorders. 

Instead of making similar claims – that have not been approved by the FDA – opt for qualities that you can prove with lab results. For instance, you can prove that your products are THC-free and made using US hemp. 

Secondly, double down on your email marketing. On average, the ROI for each dollar you spend on email marketing is $42. That’s very impressive as compared to other means of marketing. 

If you have a customer’s email address, you can target them at the later stages with holiday discounts and bundle offers. Moreover, once you learn a customer’s purchasing habits, you can leverage the email to send them the right offer at the right time. 

Thirdly, use YouTubers and social media influencers to promote your products. While some of them may advertise your brand in exchange for free products, others might charge a commission. 

In any case, this investment will go a long way because these people have a following that listens to them. To conclude, if you want to be a prominent CBD brand in the ever-growing industry, you need to step up your marketing and PR game.

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