The ‘12-3-30’ Routine is Crazy-Popular on TikTok, but Does it Actually Work?

If you use the TikTok application in your free time, you have probably already come across the viral ’12-3-30’ workout routine trend. But do you know what it means? Does the TikTok fitness routine actually work?

Undoubtedly, treadmills are dreadful for working out. Most often, the treadmill just collects dust in your storage room and is left forgotten by its owners. However, thanks to TikTok, that’s not the case anymore. 

Surprisingly, the TikTok trend has motivated people to take out their treadmills and incorporate a simple yet ingenious fitness routine into their life. 

If you are one of those people who need a little push to clean their treadmills, keep reading the article to learn more about the 12-3-30 routine. Does it even deserve the millions of likes and views of TikTok, or is it just another scam?

What is the TikTok 12-3-30 Fitness Routine?

The viral 12-3-30 routine is the brainchild of the TikTok influencer, Lauren Giraldo, from back in November. While she first introduced the fitness program on YouTube in 2019, it blew up on TikTok right at the end of 2020.

In the 37-second TikTok video, Lauren explains how she lost 30-pounds without dieting with just her workout routine. So what are these magic numbers for losing weight?

Well, the 12-3-30 numbers are, in fact, settings on your treadmill. You have to set the incline at 12, the speed at 3 miles per hour, and just walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill.

This fitness routine is especially for all those who dislike running but want to engage in more vigorous and high-impact activities. Although walking is one of many low-impact exercises, the high incline is a complete game-changer. 

Is the 12-3-30 Routine a Good Workout?

Now that you understand how the TikTok fitness routine works, you might be thinking if the workout is worth the hype. Is there something special behind this routine that can help you lose weight?

Well, a matter of fact is that walking at a brisk pace has tons of health benefits. According to a study in the Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry, walking effectively targets belly fat in many obese women. Moreover, it also boosts the response of our body to insulin. 

Besides this, walking is linked to improved balance and coordination and managing medical conditions, like heart disease, diabetes mellitus, and high blood pressure. 

While walking is a low-impact exercise, the 12-3-30 routine combines walking on a steep incline to make the fitness routine more vigorous. According to an exercise physiologist, walking briskly at an incline provides more gravity resistance than walking on a flat surface. 

Hence, your buttock and leg muscles have to work even harder to resist the gravitational force. Overall, the 12-3-30 workout ends up becoming a cardio routine by increasing your heart rate. 

So is the 12-3-30 TikTok fitness routine effective? Yes, it is. But it does not mean that it will reduce your weight or make you fit magically. As Lauren mentioned in her TikTok video, you need to follow the routine at least five times a week to see any results.

Moreover, you might not see any results at all without incorporating dieting into your routine as well. 

Healthy weight loss is a complicated process that requires a deficit between calories consumed and used during the day. This is only possible if you burn calories with exercises and keep your intake low with dieting. 

It is also important to mention that you can use any workout routine in your weight loss journey. While 12-3-30 is effective, it is only possible to lose weight if you exercise more than 300 minutes a week

Are There Any Risks of the 12-3-30 Workout?

Although the 12-3-30 TikTok fitness routine is quite beneficial for keeping you fit, it is not something magical. 

On the other hand, we cannot deny that the viral trend has motivated people to use their treadmills when they cannot visit the gym during the pandemic. 

But is the 12-3-30 workout the only routine that can help you lose weight? No, not at all. What’s more, the fitness routine carries some potential risks with it too. 

Since you are walking briskly at a steep 12-degree incline, you put a lot of pressure on your lower back. As a result, you can end up straining your back muscles and developing a chronic backache.

Besides this, people suffering from knee problems, like osteoarthritis, cannot handle the incline for a long time. Instead, the exercise can exacerbate their joint stiffness and pain. 

If all this was not enough, walking on an inclined plane can tense your hamstrings and calves if you do not warm-up or stretch your body. 

Many scientists have also advised to include other workouts in the 12-3-30 routine to stretch and use different muscles in your body. Since the TikTok workout only focuses on a specific group of muscles, it can lead to muscle injury over time. 

How Can I Safely Perform the 12-3-30 TikTok Fitness Routine?

If you do not exercise regularly, it can get dangerous to jump into the vigorous 12-3-30 workout routine directly. Hence, it is better to start with low-impact exercises.

Instead of walking at the 12-degree incline on a treadmill, it is much better to walk for half an hour on flat surfaces to build your stamina and stretch your muscle. Next, continue this routine for a couple of weeks before gradually increasing the incline on your treadmill. 

The safest way to exercise is to increase the intensity of your workout by 10% every week. However, if you start to feel sore at any time during the fitness routine, lower the intensity of the exercise and give your muscles time to rest. 

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While the 12-3-30 TikTok viral trend is all the hype these days, it is not something extra special that can help you lose weight. Instead, you can pick similar exercise routines and gain the same benefits as this fitness routine. 

Moreover, the routine might not suit everyone’s taste too. But if you genuinely enjoy it and the trend motivates you to use your old treadmill, you should always start slowly and safely to gain maximum benefits in the future. 

Keep in mind that the key to staying healthy and fit is consistency. Whatever exercise you may choose, you just have to perform it regularly.

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